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I (JOSHM) have done a lot of  work revitalizing our XINFO nodes.  Please  don't
delete any files  without consulting  me.  Particularly anything  having to  do
with Sail.  You  may want  to check  out the  language sub-tree  here.  I  have
deleted much of the  information about programming systems  we don't have,  and
tried to start to fill in the gaps (I created nodes for some languages, such as
muddle that I know we have but  don't know enough about to document), and  have
started a decent  node about  SCHEME.  I  have done  serious work  on the  Sail
nodes, so PLEASE don't  do anything destructive.  The  old language tree is  in
<INFO>OLD-LANGUAGES.INFO  whereas  the   one  that  I   have  modified  is   in
<INFO>LANGUAGES.INFO.  I believe  everything can  be brought back  to the  it's
former state of chaos  (if someone feels that  would better) by just  switching
the names of the files.  Please don't destroy my work though.
					Thanks, -JOSHM-