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DM is a macro library meant for people who don't want to go so far
as to completely reorganize the keyboard. This is useful if you are
planning to use EMACS at some other site.  If you use adaptations
of EMACS which reorganize all the commands, you won't know what anything
does when you try to use the standard EMACS at another site. DM keeps
the flavor of vanilla EMACS but allows activation of the right-hand
keypad on the Datamedias. If you want to utilize this library, put
the following lines in your EMACS.INIT file:

	m(m.m load)emacs;dm
	eremacs;emacs init @y :m(hfx*)

The dollar signs are <ESC>'s. These two lines tell EMACS to load
the DM library every time you start EMACS. That way, you'll always
have the right-hand keypad activated. They also tell EMACS to run
the default EMACS.INIT in the EMACS directory each time so that you
get the normal definitions.

Commands in DM:

	Since the control key on Datamedias is somewhat unfortunately
placed, this package makes more use of the META (or EDIT) key. By
prefixing the keys on the right-hand keypad with META utilizing this
package, you can almost completely eliminate having to type CONTROLS
for normal cursor movement. The commands are:

	M->	forward char
	M-<	back char
	M-SPACE	forward char
	M-DEL	delete last word
	M-)	forward word
	M-(	back word
	M-]	goto end of paragraph
	M-[	goto begin of paragraph
	M-}	goto end of file
	M-{	goto begin of file
	M-^	up line
	M-LF	down line
	M-+	previous screen
	M-\	nextscreen
	M-RET	beginning of next line
	M-~	Count number of lines between point and mark
	M-=	Give current cursor position
	NUL	Place mark
	HOLD	Give help

Note also that the NUL key on the keypad places the mark. The Hold key
invokes HELP and M-= gives you your cursor position, etc. Also, this
package does one other thing. It turns off file defaulting as in when
EMACS defaults to file FOO in your directory.

If you have any problems, contact me, McLure@SRI-KL.