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!* -*-TECO-*- *!
!* []DXX:<INFO>INFO.INIT.2, 17-Apr-96 12:38:45, Edit by ALDERSON!
!* Change the name of this file from INFO:EMACS.INIT to INFO:INFO.INIT to!
!* simplify the entire EMACS build process!
!* Change Tops-20 program name for external INFO to EINFO.EXE!
!* SS:<INFO165>EMACS.INIT.79, 16-Jul-85 14:01:05, Edit by B.BRUNO!
!* Make the echo area height 1 line high, and the mode line in reverse video!
!* <SHSU>INFO.INIT.2,  8-Jul-82 16:29:44, Edit by SHSU!
!* added iteration around *Initialization* to fix Twenex CONT bug.!

!* This is the EMACS init for INFO.  It sets up the EMACS/INFO environment!
!* necessary for dumping a new INFO EJ file.!

 :i*INFO m.vEditor Name	    !* Editor Name and ..J must match!
 :i..jINFO			    !* when the initial ^R is entered!
				    !* so that our *Initialization* gets!
				    !* called.!
 :i**INFO*m(m.m Select Buffer)

 1 m.v Echo Area Height	    !* Make the echo area only 1 line!
 1 fs Inv Mod			    !* and the mode line in reverse video!

!* Create startup macro to be run when we're 'd.!

 @:i*|	m(m.mLoad Library)INFO    !* load the INFO library!
	fj :0k hfx1 0fsmodif	    !* Q1 gets JCL, sans CR.  It is the arg to!
				    !* MM INFO Enter!
     | m.vMM & Startup INFO

!* When ^K'd, we do a ^R, thus executing this string and entering INFO.!

 @:i*|< fq1"l :i1'
	qINFO *Initialization* U*Initialization*
	0fsmode mac
	m(m.mInfo Enter)1
	160000. fs exit >
     | m.v*Initialization*
 q*Initialization* m.vINFO *Initialization*

 fs osteco"e
   m(m.aPURIFYDump Environment)EMACS;TSINFO >'
   m(m.aPURIFYDump Environment)EMACS:EINFO.EXE'

 FTINFO Dumped

 160000. fs exit