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Saturday, 6 September 1980

The function ^R Pretty Print now replaces the expression
after the cursor with the LISP prettyprinted version of it.
^R Pretty Print is now invoked via C-T C-P.


Saturday, 23 August 1980

A 0 arg for C-T D, E, and Q now means do them all.

C-T A now still prints the arglist, but does not go into another buffer.

C-T U evals everything in the buffer

START.EMACS need not be called at the beginning.  All the
user functions that descend into EMACS start an EMACS fork
if there is not one already in existence.

The variable EMACS.FASTREADFLG, if T, causes CF to move the
definitions of functions from files directly into EMACS
without reading and printing via LISP.  Of course, the file
definition is only used if it is current.  EMACS.FASTREADFLG
defaults to T.  Setting it to NIL is useful if you have
square brackets or fonts in your function definitions on

The interface now works with the TENEX operating system (in
addition to TOPS-20).