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-*-text-*- Documentation of MIDAS .INSRT libraries.

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.INSRT'able Subroutine Libraries for MIDAS Programs

There now exist several modest libraries of useful subroutines for
Midas programs.  This file tells how to use them and what the existing
libraries do.

* Menu:

Libraries of symbols:

* SYMBOLS::		A very small number of useful GP symbols.
* CHSDEF::		Chaosnet symbols.

Libraries of Macros:

* MACROS::		GP Macros like MOVX, TYPE, FIELD, etc.

Libraries of code:

* COMND::		The foundations of COMmaND parsing.
* PRARG::		Communicating with the EXEC for .LOSE, .LOGOUT, etc.
* NETWRK::		Using the HOSTS2 host tables.