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@Unnumbered(Catalog of Libraries)@Comment(-*-Text-*-)

@HD2(Libraries Used Explicitly)

These are libraries which you must load with M-X Load
Library<libname><cr> to use.  If no cross-reference is given, the
only documentation for the library is the self-documentation contained
in it.  Use M-X List Library<libname><cr> to print a brief
description of each function in the library.  For more detailed
information, load the library and use M-X Describe on individual


ABSTR @\contains commands for making documentation files: wall charts,
and abstracts of libraries.  @INFONote(Name="ABSTR", File="CONV").

BABYL @\is a subsystem for reading, sending and editing mail.
@INFONote(Name="BABYL", File="BABYL").

BACKQ @\provides a feature for Maclisp, similar to automatic display
of matching parentheses: when you insert a comma or atsign, the cursor moves
momentarily to the backquote which dominates it.

@Twenex{ BBNLIB @\contains a few commands that people at BBN like.}

BSHACK @\has functions for operating on lines containing overprinting.

BUGHUNT @\contains commands for putting your name into each comment you edit.
This is to record who changed what.

CACHE @\implements a cache for speeding up EMACS subroutine calls.

CHESS @\implements commands for editing pictures of chess boards.

CLU @\implements CLU mode.  @INFONote(Name="CLU", File="ECLU").}

COBOL @\implements COBOL mode.}

COLUMNS @\implements commands for converting single-column text into
double-column text and vice versa.

COMPLT @\provides completion for buffer names and variable names.

DELIM @\implements commands for moving over balanced groupings of
various kinds of parentheses.  There are a pair of commands for square
brackets, a pair for angle brackets, etc.

DM @\redefines commands to be convenient on Datamedia 2500 terminals.}

DM3025 @\redefines commands to be convenient on Datamedia 3025 terminals.}

DOCLSP @\prints documentation from the MacLisp manual on a specified
Lisp function.

DOCIX @\constructs indexes of Lisp manual files for DOCLSP.}

DOCOND @\is a macro processor and conditionalizer for text files,
useful for maintaining multiple versions of documents with one source.

DOCTOR @\contains DOCTOR mode, a psychiatrist.

DRAW @\offers functions for editing pictures made of characters.
These partially duplicate the facilities of the PICTURE library, but
contain other distinct features.

EAKMACS @\EAK's personal library, useful as an example.}

EFORK @\implements commands for running other programs in separate
forks inferior to EMACS.

FDB @\has functions for examine file descriptor blocks.}

FIXLIB @\has functions for examining and patching EMACS functions.

FORTRAN @\implements FORTRAN mode.  @INFONote(File="EFORTRAN", Name="FORTRAN").}

FTPLIB @\provides commands for finding new EMACS files and copying
them across the Arpanet.  Used for EMACS maintenance on Arpanet sites.}

HAZ1510 @\redefines commands to be convenient on Hazeltine 1510 terminals.

IBM370 @\implements IBM370 mode, for editing 370 assembler code.

INFO @\peruses tree-structured documentation files.

INTER @\is the EMACS side of the EMACS-to-Interlisp interface.
@Infonote(Name="INTER", File="INTER").

INTERLISP-MODE @\is an alternate Interlisp Mode, different from the
default one.}

IVORY @\is EAK and ECC's alternate generator for EMACS libraries,
which uses a slightly nonstandard input format.  The libraries
and WORDAB are generated with IVORY.
@INFONote(Name="IVORY", File="IVORY").

JOURNAL @\implements journal files.  @Note(Node="Journals").

JUSTIFY @\implements an auto-justfy mode similar to auto fill mode.

LABELS @\has functions for arranging a file of addresses for printing mailing labels.

LEDIT @\is the EMACS side of the EMACS-to-MacLisp interface.
@INFONote(Name="LEDIT", File="LEDIT").

LISPT @\is the EMACS side of another EMACS-to-MacLisp interface.
@INFONote(Name="LISPT", File="LISPT").}

LONG-FILENAMES @\provides help in handling files which have long
names (on Twenex).  It implements a different type of filename
completion than the standard GTJFN system call.}

LSPUTL @\contains a couple of useful functions for searching and
manipulating Lisp code.

LUNAR @\is Moon's personal library, which contains some useful commands.

MACCNV @\does part of the work of converting MACRO-10 code to MIDAS code.

MAICHK @\checks for arrival of mail.  If this library is loaded, EMACS
will check frequently and automatically for new mail and notify you
when any arrives.}

MAZLIB @\is a game for solving mazes.  It's fun to play.

MKDUMP @\aids in dumping your own customized environment.
@INFONote(Name="MKDUMP", File="MKDUMP").

MODE2 @\implements a second additional mode line with additional information.

MODLIN @\implements a fancier mode line display.

MOVE @\provides commands specially for copying and moving many pieces
of text from one file to another.

MQREPL @\works with TAGS to perform several Query Replaces on each of
the files in a tag table.

NEWS @\is for reading the latest AP or New York Times news summary.}

NCOLUMNS @\has functions for turning single-column text into many columns,
but not vice-versa.

NOVICE @\implements restricted subsets of EMACS, for beginners.
The beginner can turn commands back on when he feels ready.
@INFONote(Node="Novice", File="CONV").

NVT100 @\defines the arrow keys and numeric keypad of the VT-100
terminal to perform editing functions.

NVT132 @\is like NVT100 but for the VT-132.

NVT52 @\defines the arrow keys and numeric keypad of the VT-52
terminal to perform editing functions.}

OUTLINE @\implements Outline Mode, for editing outlines.

OUTLINE-MODE @\implements a different flavor of Outline Mode.}

PAGE @\defines commands for viewing only one page of the file at a
time.  @Note(Node="PAGE").

PASCAL @\implements PASCAL mode.  @INFONote(Name="PASCAL", File="EPASC").}

PERSONAL @\has functions for keeping notes on your current projects.

PHRASE @\has commands for moving over and killing phrases of text.

PICTURE @\contains Edit Picture, the command for editing text pictures.

@Twenex{ PRINT @\contains the function Print File which formats a file
and sends it to a printer.}

PURIFY @\generates libraries from EMACS source files, and contains
other functions useful for editing the source files.
@INFONote(Name="PURIFY", File="CONV").

QSEND @\sends a message to another logged-in user, like :QSEND.}

RENUM @\renumbers figures, equations, theorems or chapters.

RMAIL @\is for reading, editing and sending mail.
@INFONote(File="RMAIL", Name="RMAIL").}

RUNOFF @\is for text-justified documents divided into separate source
files.  It rejustifies the files which have changed, then runs :@@ to
print only the pages which have changed.}

SAIL @\implements SAIL mode.}

SCHEME @\implements SCHEME mode.}

SCRLIN @\contains alternative definitions of C-N and C-P which move by
screen lines instead of by real lines.

SEND-MAIL @\sends mail to another user.}

SLOWLY @\redefines commands and options to suit slow terminals.

SORT @\implements the sorting commands.

SPLIT @\contains the commands Split File and Unsplit File for breaking
up large files into subfiles small enough to be edited.
@Note(Name="Split", Node="Lossage").

SYSTEM @\implements various commands useful for communicating with the
operating system.

TAGGEN @\updates tag tables.  This serves essentially the same
function as the TAGS program, and may someday replace it.

TALK @\initiates and accepts links with other users.}

TDEBUG @\is a debugger for TECO programs.  It displays the buffer in
one window and the program in the other, while stepping by lines or
setting breakpoints.  @INFONote(Name="TDEBUG", File="TDEBUG").

TEACH-C100 @\has commands to define the programmable function keys of
the Concept-100 terminal.}

TIME @\causes the current time of day to be displayed in the mode line.

TMACS @\contains miscellaneous useful functions

TVLIB @\customizes EMACS to resemble TVEDIT.}

VT100 @\defines the arrow keys and numeric keypad of the VT-100
terminal to move the cursor and supply numeric arguments.

VT52 @\defines the numeric keypad of the VT-52 terminal to supply
numeric arguments.

XLISP @\contains functions for global stylistic transformations of
Lisp code.  @Note(Node="Lisp", IName="XLISP").


@HD2(Automatically Loaded Libraries)

These are libraries which the user need not know about to use.


AUX @\implements several commands described in the manual as part of
the standard EMACS.  Loaded automatically when needed.

BABYLM @\contains the part of Babyl that implements mail sending.

BARE @\contains the definitions of all built-in functions.  These definitions
are not needed for executing the built-in functions, only so that Help
can describe them properly.  Loaded automatically by documentation
commands when needed.  @Note(Name="BARE", Node="MMArcana").

BASIC20 @\implements BASIC20 mode.

BCPL @\implements BCPL mode.

BLISS @\implements BLISS mode.

CLU @\implements CLU mode.  @INFONote(Name="CLU", File="ECLU").}

DIRED @\implements the commands for editing and listing directories.
Loaded automatically when needed.  @Note(Node="DIRED").

EINIT @\is used in building and dumping EMACS.
@INFONote(Name="EINIT", File="CONV").

EMACS @\is the main body of standard EMACS.  Always loaded.

FORTRAN @\implements FORTRAN mode.  @INFONote(File="EFORTRAN", Name="FORTRAN").}

GRIND @\implements C-M-G.  Loaded automatically when needed.

HERMES @\interfaces between EMACS and a superior HERMES fork.  Loaded automatically into an EMACS which is under a HERMES.}

KBDMAC @\implements keyboard macros.  Loaded automatically when needed.
@Note(Name="Keyboard Macros", Node="KBDMAC").

MMAIL @\interfaces between EMACS and a superior MM fork.  Loaded
automatically if needed.}

MUDDLE @\implements Muddle mode.

PASCAL @\implements PASCAL mode.  @INFONote(Name="PASCAL", File="EPASC").

PCL @\implements PCL mode, for editing command files.}

PL1 @\implements PL1 mode.  @INFONote(Name="PL1", File="EPL1").

SAIL @\implements SAIL mode.}

SCRIBE @\implements SCRIBE mode.  @Note(Node="SCRIBE").  Loaded
automatically when needed.

TAGS @\implements the TAGS package.  @XNote(Name="TAGS", File="TAGS",
Node="Top").  Loaded automatically when needed.

TEX @\implements TEX mode.  @INFONote(Name="TEX", File="ETEX").  Loaded
automatically when needed.

TRMTYP @\implements the Set Terminal Type command.  Loaded
automatically when needed.}

TWENEX @\holds commands for the Twenex version of EMACS only.  Always loaded.}

WORDAB @\implements Word Abbrev mode.  Loaded automatically when needed.
@XNote(Name="WORDAB", File="WORDAB", Node="Top").