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	A Functional Outline of TECO Commands
	(as of Version 1034 8-Sep-80)

Special Characters: ^G ^Z <esc> <rub>
	Quote- ^Q ^_ ^](see below)
	Modifers- : ^ @
	Logical connectives- & # ^A
	Arithmetic- 0-9 + - * / ( ) F^@ F( F)
	Argument separator- ,
	Insertion- ^]
		Quote- ^A ^Q ^S ^T ^V <esc> "
		Q-reg- ^R 0-9 A-Z
		Indirection- @
		Read string arg- ^X ^Y
	Translation- ^^ F^^ F( F6 FC \

Buffer: . Z H B
	Inserting- I <tab> ^^ VW FI
		Ascii- A ^^ FI VW I
		Upper/lower case- $ F$ FC
	Moving around
		Absolute- J FM
		Character- R C
		Line- L
		Word- FWR FWL
		Mark- ^V
		Absolute- K FX
		Character- D
		Line- K FX
		Word- FWK FWC
		List- FLK FLC

Type out: T V FT FV VW =

Lineprint: @ F@ (^B ^E)

Search: S N _ FB FK FR F^A F^B F^S F= FK F_ F~
	Table- FO
	Special characters- ^O
	Cleanup- ^B
	Substitution- ^F F^E
	List: F^F

Sort: ^P

Justification: FA

Real-time edit: ^R ^T
	^R mode- <esc> ^Q ^]
		Inserting: ^H ^J ^M ^O
		Movement: ^A ^B ^E ^F ^N ^O ^P ^T ^X
		Deleting: ^D ^K ^W <rub> ^<rub>
		Comment mode: ^C ^R
		Searching: ^S
		Argument: ^G ^U ^V

	File directory- ET (^U E^U) (EL EY) (EM EZ)
	Open- E?
		Read: ER EP
		Write: (EI EW)
	Input- Y A P FY
	Output- P PW EE ^O EP (^V ^W)
	Close- EF EE
	Delete- ED
	Copy- E_
	Link- EQ
	Rename- EN
	Dump- EO
	Micro-tape- (EA EU) ES EK

Q-registers: I (U Q) ((X FX FWX FLX) G) % ([ ]) FQ
	Insertion- I U X [
	Retreval- G ]

	Execute- M
	Returning- ^W ^\
	Arguments- ^X ^Y ^@ ^J ^M F^K F^X F^Y F* W
	Iteration- < > ; ^B
	Test and branch- " ' F^K F^^ F"
	Tag- !
	Goto- O

	Trace- ?
	Errors- FE ? FG
	Recovery- ^Y
	Stepping- (^M ^F ^P ^R)

Display and TTYs: ^D ^L ^N  F^R F+ FI FR

Interaction with DDT: ^C ^K FJ EX ^_ ^S ^Z ^_ F?
	Inferior forks: FZ

Programming language:
	Evaluation- ^]
	Errset- :< F; F<
	Quit command execution- ^G
	Pushing/popping I/O- (E[ E]) (E\ E^)
	Pushing/popping- FN F[ F] [ ]
	Flags- FS
	Status- EG
	Random character/number- ^Z
	Terminate command- <esc>
	Variables- F^G FS
		Type: FP