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EMACS ^R-Command Chart (with TVLIB loaded):

Non-Control Non-Meta Characters:

Tab       ^R Indent According to Mode
Linefeed  ^R Indent New Line
Return    ^R CRLF
Altmode   ^R Prefix Meta
Rubout    deletes characters backwards.

Control Characters:

^;    ..   ^R Indent for Comment
^@    ..   ^R Set/Pop Mark
^A    ..   ^R Backward Sentence
^B    ..   moves back one character (or several).
^D    ..   ^R Backward Kill Word
^E    ..   ^R Forward Sentence
^F    ..   moves forward one character (or several).
^G    ..   quits execution of any command.
^I    ..   (tab) ^R Indent According to Mode
^J    ..   (linefeed) ^R Indent New Line
^K    ..   ^R Kill Line
^L    ..   ^R Next Screen
^N    ..   ^R Down Comment Line
^O    ..   inserts one CRLF (or several) after point.
^P    ..   ^R Up Real Line
^Q    ..   ^R Insert Controlified
^R    ..   ^R Reverse Search
^S    ..   ^R Incremental Search
^T    ..   ^R Display Load Average
^U    ..   ^R Universal Argument
^V    ..   ^R Next Screen
^W    ..   ^R Backward Kill Word
^X    ..   is a prefix character.  See below.
^Y    ..   ^R Un-kill
^Z    ..   ^R Prefix Control-Meta
^\    ..   ^R Half Window Up
^]    ..   ^R Half Window Down
^^    ..   ^R Prefix Control
Meta Characters:

mTab       ^R End of Real Line
mLinefeed  ^R Down Real Line
mReturn    moves to the beginning of the next line.
mAltmode   ^R Prefix Control-Meta
mSpace     moves forward one character (or several).
m#    ..   ^R Change Font Word
m%    ..   ^R Query Replace
m'    ..   ^R Upcase Digit
m(    ..   ^R Backward Word
m)    ..   ^R Forward Word
m,    ..   ^R Kill Region
m-    ..   is part of the next command's argument.
m.    ..   ^R Copy Region
m/    ..   ^R Describe
m;    ..   ^R Indent for Comment
m<    ..   moves back one character (or several).
m=    ..   ^R Where Am I
m>    ..   moves forward one character (or several).
m?    ..   ^R Describe
m@    ..   ^R Mark Word
mA    ..   ^R Repeat Skip/Zap
mB    ..   ^R Reverse Skip
mC    ..   ^R Uppercase Initial
mD    ..   ^R Kill Word
mE    ..   ^R Forward Sentence
mF    ..   ^R Forward Word
mG    ..   ^R Nth Page
mH    ..   ^R Home
mJ    ..   ^R Indent New Comment Line
mK    ..   deletes one character (or several) forward.
mL    ..   ^R Lowercase Word
mM    ..   ^R Mark Paragraph
mN    ..   ^R Refresh Line
mO    ..   ^R Other Window
mP    ..   ^R Nth Page
mQ    ..   ^R Fill Paragraph
mR    ..   ^R Move to Screen Edge
mS    ..   ^R Skip to Character
mT    ..   ^R Exchange Words
mU    ..   ^R Uppercase Word
mV    ..   ^R Previous Screen
mW    ..   ^R Next Window
mX    ..   ^R Execute Completed MM Command
mY    ..   ^R Un-kill Pop
mZ    ..   ^R Zap to Character
m[    ..   ^R Backward Paragraph
m\    ..   ^R Delete Horizontal Space
m]    ..   ^R Forward Paragraph
m^    ..   ^R Up Real Line
m_    ..   ^R Indent Rigidly
m{    ..   ^R Goto Beginning
m}    ..   ^R Goto End
mRubout    moves back one character (or several).
Control-Meta Characters:

cm(    ..   ^R Beginning of Real Line
cm)    ..   ^R End of Real Line
cm;    ..   ^R Kill Comment
cm<    ..   ^R Beginning of Real Line
cm=    ..   ^R Indicate Page/line
cm>    ..   ^R End of Real Line
cm?    ..   ^R Documentation
cm@    ..   ^R Set/Pop Mark
cmA    ..   ^R Backward Kill Sentence
cmB    ..   ^R Backward Sexp
cmC    ..   exits from ^R mode.
cmD    ..   ^R Kill Sentence
cmE    ..   ^R End of DEFUN
cmF    ..   ^R Return to Superior
cmG    ..   ^R Format Code
cmH    ..   ^R Mark Defun
cmI    ..   ^R Indent for LISP
cmJ    ..   ^R Down Real Line
cmK    ..   ^R Kill Line
cmL    ..   ^R Beginning of Real Line
cmM    ..   ^R Mark Sentence
cmN    ..   ^R New Window
cmO    ..   ^R Split Line
cmP    ..   ^R Backward List
cmQ    ..   ^R Fill Region
cmR    ..   ^R Reposition Window
cmS    ..   ^R Center Line
cmT    ..   ^R Exchange Sexps
cmU    ..   ^R Backward Up List
cmV    ..   ^R Scroll Other Window
cmW    ..   ^R Scroll Other Window
cmX    ..   ^R Execute Minibuffer
cmY    ..   ^R Append Next Kill
cmZ    ..   exits from ^R mode.
cm[    ..   ^R Beginning of DEFUN
cm\    ..   ^R Bottom of Screen
cm]    ..   ^R End of DEFUN
cm^    ..   ^R Top of Screen
cmRubout    ^R Backward Kill Sexp
Control-X is an escape prefix command with these subcommands:

^X ^B     List Buffers
^X ^D     ^R Directory Display
^X ^F     ^R Find File
^X Tab    Overwrite Mode
^X ^L     ^R Lowercase Region
^X ^N     ^R Set Goal Column
^X ^O     ^R Delete Blank Lines
^X ^P     ^R Mark Page
^X ^Q     ^R Do Not Write File
^X ^R     ^R Read File
^X ^S     ^R Save File
^X ^U     ^R Uppercase Region
^X ^V     ^R Visit File
^X ^W     Write File
^X ^X     ^R Exchange Point and Mark
^X ^Z     ^R TV Return to Superior
^X Altmode ^R Re-execute Minibuffer
^X #      ^R Change Font Region
^X (      ^R Define Keyboard Macro
^X .      ^R Set Fill Prefix
^X 1      ^R One Window
^X 2      ^R Two Windows
^X 3      ^R View Two Windows
^X 4      ^R Modified Two Windows
^X :      ^R Set Column
^X ;      ^R Set Comment Column
^X =      ^R Where Am I
^X A      ^R Append to Buffer
^X B      Select Buffer
^X D      ^R Dired
^X F      ^R Set Fill Column
^X G      ^R Get Q-reg
^X H      ^R Mark Whole Buffer
^X I      Overwrite Mode
^X K      Kill Buffer
^X L      ^R Count Lines Page
^X M      Mail
^X N      ^R Set Bounds Region
^X O      ^R Other Window
^X P      ^R Set Bounds Page
^X R      ^R RMAIL
^X W      ^R Set Bounds Full
^X X      ^R Put Q-reg
^X [      ^R Previous Page
^X ]      ^R Next Page
^X ^      ^R Grow Window
^X _      ^R Underline Region
^X {      ^R Mark Beginning
^X }      ^R Mark End
^X ~      ^R Not Modified
^X Rubout ^R Backward Kill Sentence