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                        TOPS-10 DECmail/MS V11

                              BEWARE File

                               20 Jun 86
   TOPS-10 DECmail/MS V11 BEWARE File -- 20 Jun 86            Page 1


   At this time, we are aware of a few known problems which we  have
   not   yet  solved  prior  to  shipping  the  DECmail/MS  product.
   Depending on your use of the product, these problems may  or  may
   not  impact your use of MS/MX.  Unless otherwise noted, SPRs need
   not  be  sent  in  on  these  problems  as  we  have  a  thorough
   understanding  of  these  problems and will be addressing them in
   updates of DECmail/MS which  will  be  distributed  on  Autopatch

         o  MS/MX V11 has been set up for a system message facility.
            However, there are currently no hooks in the monitor for
            this.  In other words SYSTEM-MAIL can be sent and stored
            in  a  central  location.   However,  the is no means to
            insure that  each  user  gets  notified  of  new  system
            messages.   If this kind of feature is necessary you may
            continue to use SYS:NOTICE.TXT.

         o  MS does not handle more than 511 messages.  Although  MX
            is  quite  happy  to put more than that many in one mail

         o  Using escape in parsing  local  addresses  with  special
            characters in them usually losses.

         o  Anything other than simple aliases do not currently work
            well.   In  the  mean  time you may define address lists
            rather than aliases.

         o  If your site does not run DECNET then you will  need  to
            zero  out  a  few words in NETTAB.MAC for MX.  These are
            words NETD01:  through NVM11:.  This is only required if
            you do not have DECNET.

         o  If you wish to rebuild MX and  your  site  has  a  BLISS
            compiler,  then  relinking  of the BLISS compiler may be
            necessary.  You may have already done this for NML.   To
            relink   the   compiler   you   need   to   change   the
            /SET:.HIGH.:570000 to /SET:.HIGH.:660000.   This  should
            allow  you  to  rebuild  MX without problems.  The BLISS
            link file called SEGCMN.LNK should look like this:

   TOPS-10 DECmail/MS V11 BEWARE File -- 20 Jun 86            Page 2



   If you experience problems with MS or MX  crashing,  crash  dumps
   can   be  obtained,  which  when  sent  to  us,  will  assist  in
   determining the problem.

         o  When MS reports  a  stopcode  it  returns  the  user  to
            monitor level.  At this point the crash may be SAVEd.

         o  Please read the installation doc  file  for  info  about
            obtaining dumps of MX.

   TOPS-10 DECmail/MS V11 BEWARE File -- 20 Jun 86            Page 3


   MS/MX will provide message services between TOPS-10, TOPS-20, and
   VMS  via  DECnet links.  Communication between TOPS-10/20 systems
   are  accomplished  using  SMTP  (Simple  Mail  Transfer  Protocol
   (Arpanet  spec.   RFC822)).  Communication to VMS systems use the
   MAIL-11 protocol.

   3.1  NETMAI

   MS/MX version 11 completely replaces any current  version  of  MS
   and  NETMAI  (an old unsupported DECNET mailer).  MS-10 will only
   send mail via MX.  If you will have any sites running NETMAI  you
   should  know  that  these  sites may have problems recieving mail
   from MX until they upgrade to MX themselves.  If you see  any  of
   these problems let us know.


         o  MS/MX V11 were written  for  TOPS10  version  7.03  with
            GALAXY   5.1   including  ACTDAE.   Currently  both  are
            required.  ACTDAE is essential.

         o  Previous versions of MS relied on a file which  included
            all  mail  users  and  the disk structure for their mail
            file.   This   was   inconvient   because   the   system
            administrator had to maintain both the user database and
            this file,  SYS:USERS.TXT.   MS/MX  V11  relies  on  the
            accounting  system for information concerning addresses.
            Therefore SYS:USERS.TXT no longer needs to exist  or  be

         o  Previous versions of MS wrote local mail directly.  With
            version 11 MX is the only product to deliver mail.  When
            MX delivers mail to a local user it sets its own  search
            list  to  the  default search list of that user.  So, by
            default a users MAIL.TXT  file  will  be  on  the  first
            structure  in  the  users  default search list with disk
            space available for the user.

   TOPS-10 DECmail/MS V11 BEWARE File -- 20 Jun 86            Page 4


   MS contains a few commands which are unsupported and invisible to
   the  user.   These  commands  have been included only for command
   file compatibility with older  versions  of  MS.   Use  of  these
   commands is not advised as the results can be indeterminate.

   The  commands  are:   ANSWER,  BBOARD,  ECHO,  EMACS,   PREVIOUS,