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                        FIELD MAINTENANCE POLICY

        Field Maintenance Policies and Procedures

        The following maintenance policies and procedures apply  to  the
        use and maintenance of Red Packs for 2020 by DEC Field Service.


        Red is a product built for DEC internal usage and  will  at  all
        times   remain  the  exclusive  property  of  Digital  Equipment
        Corporation.  The SDC (Software Distribution Center) is the sole
        distributor of the Red Pack.

        Ordering Procedure

        The ZT002-RW (RM03 Pack) KS10 Installation Kit or ZT002-RL (RPO6
        Pack)  includes  the  Red  Pack  and  the appropriate Red Tapes,
        currently Red Tape 1 (BB-H214D-RM) and Red Tape 3 (BB-H216D-RM).

        If you wish to order the  tapes  with  no  disk  pack  use  this
        number"ZT002-RM".   You  will  receive Red Tapes 1 and 3 and all
        the appropriate Red Pack documentation.  To order, send a TWX or
        IOF  to  Lisa  Andrellos M/S NR4.  All orders are subject to LCG
        Product Support approval.

        Installation Policy

        It is mandatory that all end-user customer systems installed  by
        Digital  Equipment  be  installed  with  the use of a compatibly
        revisioned Red Pack.  Information relating to  the  use  of  Red
        Pack may be found in the micro-fiche under the headings RED 01 -
        RED 07.  This documentation is also contained on Red.

        Open me first instructions documented in "Getting  Started  with
        Red20"  (<RED>RED20.HLP)  are found in ZT002.  This will provide
        sufficient  step  by  step  information  to  get  the  installer


        The Red Pack is the tool used to demonstrate  to  the  customer,
        the  forty-eight  hour  Hardware  Reliability  portion of System
        Acceptance.  Complete  instructions  for  the  forty-eight  hour
        hardware  reliability  test of the 2020 are found by referencing
        the    "Hardware    Reliability    Test     System"     document
                                                                  Page 2

        Pack and Tape Storage

        If the customer has contracted maintenance to Digital,  the  Red
        Pack  should  be left on site accessable by the operator for use
        during local or remote maintenance.  The backup Red Tapes should
        be  safely  stored  to  provide a backup if the disk pack should
        become faulty.  Also, Red Tape 3 can be used to diagnose  faults
        in  the  event  that  the  pack  cannot  be  used  due to faulty
        hardware.  The Red Pack and Tapes must be removed off  site  and
        returned to DEC if no maintenance contract exists.


        Periodically the Red Master will be updated to reflect  changes,
        corrections  and/or enhancements to the contents of Red.  Update
        status  information  will  be  distributed  via  a  "Good-Stuff"

        Phase-in to Manufacturing will result in  the  updating  of  the
        ZT002-RW  or  RL  KS10  installation  kit  to  ensure the latest
        revision of the Red Tapes.   The  update  information  (patches)
        will  be  delivered  in  the form of cover letters with the kit.
        New tapes can be ordered by an Internal Order Form.

        Refer   to   the   document   "Red   Pack   Revision    Control"
        (<RED>RED20.REV)  for  detailed  revision information.  Refer to
        "Red  Pack  Internals"  (<RED>RED20.MEM)  for  complete   update