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FILCOM compares two files in either ASCII mode or binary depending
upon switches or file name extensions. All standard binary extensions
are recognized as binary by default.

*output dev:file.exe [directory] = input dev(1):file.ext [directory],
                                   input dev(2):file.ext [directory]

	output dev:	=  the device on which the differences are to be output.

	input dev:	=  the device on which an input file resides.

Switches are :-
/A compare in ASCII mode
/B allow compare of Blank lines
/C ignore Comments and spacing
/E file is in .EXE format
/S ignore Spacing
/H type this Help text
/#L Lower limit for partial compare
	or number of Lines to be matched
	( # represents an octal number)
/#U Upper limit for partial compare
/Q quick compare only, give error message if files differ
/U compare in ASCII Update mode
/W compare in Word mode but don't expand files
/X expand files before word mode compare