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LIBARY -- Editor for creating, maintaining,
		and listing COBOL library files

Command String Format:



If listfil is not specified, no listing is produced.

If inputfil is omitted, it is assumed that there is no input library.
In this case only insertions can be done.

If the device-name is omitted from any field, "DSK:"
is assumed.

If the extension is omitted from the output file or the input file
specification, ".LIB" is assumed.

If the extension of the listing file is omitted, ".LST"
is assumed.

If the input file and the output file have the same filename and
extension, and both are on disk, the extension of the input file
is changed to ".BAK" at the end of the run.


/D	Directory - list program names
/L	List the entire libary
/S	Sequenced (card image format)
/W	Rewind (magtape only)
/Z	Clear output device directory (for DECtape only)