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CMPTXT is a file comparison program that  generates  correction
set files in either SOUPE or CAM/FED formats.

The general format of a command string is:


The output switches available are:

     1.  /SOUPE Generates SOUPE format correction files.

     2.  /CAM Generates CAM/FED format correction files.

     3.  /EDIT Specifies the edit  name  for  SOUPE  correction

The input switches avaiable are:

     1.  /DECK Specifies the deck in a SOUPE library file.

     2.  /EDLEVEL Specifies the edit level to use the  deck  in
         the library at.

     3.  /FILSIZE Gives the maximum file size  to  be  compared
         against (in lines).

     4.  /EXTRACT the specified edit  from  the  library  file.
         This  switch must be given with a /EDLEVEL and a /DECK
         switch.  When this switch is used there can be only  1
         input file.

Other switches that are supported:

     1.  /EXIT Drop to the monitor  (used  when  a  RUN  CMPTXT
         command was given).

     2.  /HELP Types this text.