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The DOSTAP program is used to read and write PDP-11 magtapes
in "DOS" format.  The DOS format can be read and written by RSX-11
and RT-11 FILEX.  Transfers are done in ASCII mode unless the file
has extension .OBJ.  In that case, the formatted binary object file
is written during a WRITE command.

There are only three relevant commands to the DOSTAP program:
	TAPE tapename:		is used to specify the
				magnetic tape device to
				be used; note that a colon must
				follow the tape name

	WRITE filenames		is used to cause the tape
				to be written from the
				named DECsystem-10 files

	READ			is used to read the tape
				onto disk.  The filenames
				are supplied from the magnetic
				tape and will overwrite any
				pre-existing disk files by
				the same name

DOSTAP has many of the features of FUR, the DECsystem-10
file utility.  The filenames argument can include such
"SCAN" switches as /BEFORE, /LENGTH, wildcards, etc.
The DECIDE command will allow a decision before writing
each file (but does not affect reading).  The QUIT command
can be used to exit DOSTAP.

Example of DOSTAP use:

.r dostap

/tape mtb3:
/write hlp:dostap.*

.r dostap

/tape mtb3:
DOSTAP.HLP[2,5]  16-OCT-75