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There is a new FILDDT in loadtest.  The $U command has been changed
to be in the format x$nU or x$$nU, where n is one of the following
function codes:

	0 or none	Map addresses through EPT at page x.
	1		Map addresses through UPT at page x
			(same as function 0 with KL paging).
	2		Map addresses through section table
			or index block at page x.
	3		If x is zero, show real locations 0-17;
			If x is non-zero, show internal copy of ACs.

The x$nU form of the command assumes that its argument x is a page
number, and the x$$nU form assumes that x is an SPT index.  In addition,
$U by itself clears all mapping.

	KIEPT=114000	114$U		;Set up to look at all sections
					;of the monitor (usual for dumps).

	35$$2U   0$3U			;Set up to look at file whose OFN
					;is 35.  0$3U to see first 20 locs
					;of file instead of BUGACS.

For more information, type HELP to FILDDT, or see DDT41.MAN.