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                    Help file for TCX, version 1(5)


TCX is a RUNOFF-related utility program that is used to help generate  a
two-column index.

To generate input for TCX specify the /BIX switch on the RUNOFF  command
line.   See the description of the /BIX switch that is supplied with the

In order to use this version of TCX, you need the  new  RUNOFF,  version
1(22) or newer.  Other runoffs cannot generate the input needed by TCX.


Use the /BIX switch of RUNOFF  to  generate  a  binary  index  for  your
document.  Then run TCX.  When TCX requests the name of your input file,
respond with the name of your .BIX file.  TCX assumes  a  file  type  of
.BIX,  unless you specify otherwise.  Output is always written to a file
of type .RNX.

For example, suppose you said
                             RUNOFF ABC/BIX
Then the binary index file is called ABC.BIX.  When  TCX  asks  for  the
name  of  your  input specify either just ABC (in which case TCX assumes
.BIX) or you can specify .BIX in  addition.   TCX  will  create  a  file
called ABC.RNX.


TCX allows you to segment your document, RUNOFF each section separately,
and  then  generate a master index later.  To do this, generate the .BIX
files as usual.  Then append the binary index files together in the same
order  in  which  you would arrange the segments of your document.  Then
proceed as if you had just a single .BIX file to process.

3.1  Output Processing

TCX generates a file with file type .RNX which is  to  be  processed  by
RUNOFF.  You can

     1.  Process the .RNX file just like an ordinary .RNO file, in which
         case RUNOFF generates a .MEX file, or

     2.  Use the .REQUIRE command (e.g., .REQUIRE "ABC.RNX") to  include
         the index in your document.


This version of TCX does not have a "standard" command  line.   Further,
there are no command line switches.  And you cannot override the name or
type of the output file generated.


The .RNX file generated includes a .PAGE SIZE 58,70  command.   Further,
it  makes  sure  that  certain  RUNOFF  flag characters are set.  And it
enables recognition of certain flags.  See a generated .RNX file if  you
are concerned about what effects it may have on your document.

Like the new RUNOFF, TCX  generates  a  temporary  file  with  the  name


It is guaranteed that a working version of TCX will be supplied with all
future versions of the new RUNOFF.

It is not guaranteed that this particular version of TCX will work  with
later versions of the new RUNOFF.

For each system on which the new RUNOFF is supported, a copy of TCX will
be supplied.

Eventually the source code for TCX will be supplied.   The  source  code
will serve as a model showing how to generate a two-column index.

Bugs in TCX will be fixed.  But they will be fixed "as  convenient"  and
depending on their severity.

Requests for enhancements to TCX will be evaluated;   but  there  is  no
guarantee that any enhancements will be made.


TCX contains few error messages.  All I/O error messages  cause  TCX  to
terminate.  In addition, the message 'CONFUSED' is output if TCX doesn't
like the looks of your BIX file.  On TOPS-10, you will almost  certainly
get  the  'CONFUSED'  message if you don't use the /B switch of PIP when
you append a bunch of files together to generate a master index.

In addition, if an entry in the first column of your index is  too  wide
for the first column, you will get an error message.

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