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                     Computation Center
                       Austin, Texas

Dear TECO user:

     Thank you for your recent inquiry concerning TECO 124A.
The  enclosed  tape  should  have three save sets of all the
software you requested.  Please  refer  to  TECO.COM  for  a
detailed  description  of  the  files.   If  there  are  any
problems with the tape, send it back and we'll try again.

     Since several sites will  wish  to  install  their  own
modifications   to   TECO,   I  have  included  all  of  the
documentation source files as well as the version of  RUNOFF
in use here at U.T.  It contains at least one patch (dealing
with the "variant"  feature)  necessary  for  producing  the
documentation as distributed.

     Note that some new standards for  writing  TECO  macros
have  been  developed.   The  idea  is to prepare .TCO files
which are then "compiled" into .TEC files.  The advantage of
.TCO  files is that they can be easily formatted using tabs,
and they contain no  control  characters  or  escapes  which
makes  them  easy  to  edit.   For more information, see the
TECro compiler, MAKTEC.TCO.  Unfortunately not  all  of  the
TECros have been converted to the new standard yet.

     Please feel free  to  join  the  many  sites  who  have
contributed  both to TECO itself as well as the TED: library
by sending in bug reports, modifications,  general  comments
and  suggestions.   Alas,  due  to  lack of time for work on
TECO, many more contributions arrive than we've been able to
take advantage of.  Bug reports have top priority of course;
please send them to me or Robert McQueen at Stevens Inst.

                              Sincerly yours, 

                              Clive B. Dawson