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ITECO is designed to implement an immediate mode TECO, where most
single letter commands are executed as they are typed, and the screen
updated.  Since the commands "I" and "S" require arguments
a special mode is entered, terminated by <ESC>, to immediately insert,
or search for the specified characters.  These special modes support
a limited set of editting characters, most notably "^W".

Additional pseudo commands have been implemented to support commonly
needed functions.

   TECO "commands"			Comments

	I	- Enter immediate mode insert, terminate with $.
	C	- Enter immediate "change" mode, terminate with $.
		  Also supports:
		 	^B	- Back character
			^D	- Down line
			^H	- Delete character
			^U	- Line kill
			^W	- Word delete
			^R	- Quote character
			^X^X	- Toggle between insert/change
			^XO	- Open line

	S	- Enter immediate search mode, terminate with $.
		  Also supports: 
			^B,^H	- Delete char, and backup search
			^G	- Kill this search, and try again
			^U	- Line kill, and backup search
			^W	- Delete search word, and backup search

Other "pseudo" commands:

^R	- Backup one word
#	- Change between split/unsplit screen
|	- Change between top/bottom of screen
"	- Move pointer up to next screen full
'	- Move pointer down to next screen full
^E	- Go to end of current line
^X^E	- Go to end of sentence
~	- Twiddle characters.
&	- Twiddle 2 lines
^A	- Append this line into Q-register A
^K	- Kill this line, append copy into Q-reg K
B^V	- Adjust screen, so point is at top
.^V	- "	"	"	"	middle
Z^V	- "	"	"	"	bottom
B^J	- Move pointer to top of screen
.^J	- "	"	to middle
Z^J	- "	"	to end
^XC	- Upper case initial letter, lower case rest of word
^XL	- Lower case word
^XU	- Upper case word