Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - steco_19840320_1er_E35 - 10,5676/teco/macros/maktec.exe
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:ER.tco"U'13I 10I HXf HKEEmaktec"?" for help.!START!Qf= File: HK I:ER .U1!GETCH!UtQt-77 "E 
Type the file name of the TECO program file that you want
that you want converted to a .TEC file.  End with a <CR>. OSTART '
Qt-10 "E Q1-."E OSTART '   :10,1 -D OGETCH ' Qt-177"E Q1-."E OSTART ' .-1,.T          -D OGETCH ' Qt-25 "E  :15,1 :12,1          OSTART ' Qt-22 "E    :15,1 :12,1 Q1,.T    OGETCH ' Qt-15 "N QtI OGETCH '  IHXt Mt"F File not found. OSTART ' 
HK GfEW.tec EIted:haJ <S``;-2D 0I>J <Sf!;; .-2U1   S!   :.,.+2Sf"S Q1,.K'   2R>J <S`!;; -2D FD!;:.,.+2Sf"S .-2,.K' R>J <S`^;   1A-100"G 1AU1 -DD      Q1-96"G Q1-32U1'      Q1-100U1      Q1I    '
  R >
J <S`<44>; -D I R>J <S`<11>; -D R>J <FS`;>J <FS<0>`;>J 2DHP EF `j`?EICLEAR2@HI HXf HKEEmakt