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!;PPN - Returns user's PPN in "[P,PN]" format in register 0!

[1		!;Save original Q1!
-1,2^GU0	!;Get the user's PPN into register 0!

.U1 [1		!;Save original position!
ZU1		!; and save end of buffer position!
ZJ		!;Go to end of file to insert!
I[		!;Begin to make [P,PN]!
Q0/262144\\	!;Put in project number!
		!;   262144 = ^O1000000!
I,		!; and comma!
Q0&^o777777\\$	!; and programmer number!
I]		!; and close with bracket!

Q1,ZX0		!;Now save string in Q-register 0!
Q1,ZK		!; and clean up what you inserted!
]1 Q1J		!;Go back to original position!
]1		!;Restore orignal Q-register 1!