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+0u0 q0"e 60u0'    !Grab possible argument, set default!

!This teco macro insures that there are 60 lines per page	!
!unless specified otherwise by an argument			!
!on a file produced by runoff so that multiple column pages	!
!can be constructed.						!
!Note that the runoff switch /creturn must be used to		!
!create the file.						!

!Written November 22, 1977 by slp -- (Modified by cbd)		!

!Directions:							!
!Do a normal TECO entry						!
!        .TECO filespec						!
!then type							!
!	 nEI dsk:runfil$$					!
!where n is the number of lines per page desired.  It defaults	!
!to 60 if missing.						!

         Q0-1"L  Argument must be greater than zero.
!start!  j 0u1 <s<15><12>;%1>  !count the number of lines on the page!
         0,q1=  lines on this page.

         q0-q1"L  ....more than you want to have.
         q0-q1<13i10i>   !add blank lines as needed!
         "F p ostart ' ex        !all done if end of file!