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                                                                                Page 2                                        Page 3
          TECO REFERENCE CARD                          is   taking    place;    always               filespec     on      subsequent
                                                       positioned      between     two               "TECO<CR>" commands.  Note that
             March 15, 1979                            characters.                                   the "$"  characters  shown  are
                                                                                                     dollar-signs,    not   escapes.
                 * * *                        Q-registers     Auxiliary  data  storage               Since  real  escapes   on   the
                                                       locations available for storing               command  line  would  cause the
For complete descriptions  and  examples               numbers, character strings, and               command      to       terminate
of  TECO's  commands,  refer to the TECO               TECO commands.                                prematurely,  we  make use of a
manual and DOC:TEC124.DOC.                                                                           "pseudo-escape" character,  the
                                              Filespec dev:filnam.ext<prot>[proj,prog,               dollar    sign.     TECO   will
                 * * *                                 sfd1,sfd2,...]/sw1/sw2...                     substitute real escapes  as  it
                                                                                                     executes the command(s).       
                                                         CREATING AND EDITING A FILE        R TECO<CR>      Run  the   TECO   editor
             SYMBOLS AND DEFINITIONS                                                                 without selecting any files for
                                                       The following monitor  commands               editing.  File  selection  must
^        Designates the following letter               automatically   run   the  TECO               be  made with the TECO commands
         or   character   as  a  control               editor  and  perform   standard               described      under      "File
         character.   In  general,  TECO               file initialization.                          Selection".                    
         will   allow   you  to  type  a                                                                                            
         control   character   in    the      MAKE filespec<CR>                                                                     
         "<up-arrow><character>"   form,               Create a new  file  with  TECO.                      EXITING FROM TECO       
         unless it is  part  of  a  text               Performs      an      automatic                                              
         string   within   a  search  or               EWfilespec$.                         EX       Output  the  remainder  of  the
         insert command.                                                                             input  file,  close  the output
                                              TECO filespec<CR>                                      file,  and  then  exit  to  the
$        Altmode or escape key (^[).                   Edit  an  existing  file   with               monitor.   If  an ED command is
                                                       TECO.   Performs  an  automatic               in effect,  run  the  specified
<CR>     Carriage return key (^M).                     EBfilespec$EY$ sequence.                      program.                       
<LF>     Line feed key (^J).                  TECO<CR> Enter TECO using the file named      EG       Output  the  remainder  of  the
                                                       in the previous edit.                         file, close and then re-execute
<TAB>    Tab key (^I).                                                                               the last compile class  command
                                              MAKE filespec1=filespec2<CR>                           that was typed.                
<FF>     Form feed key (^L).                           Same as "TECO  filespec2",  but                                              
                                                       direct the output to filespec1,      ^C       Exit   immediately    to    the
m or n   Represents  any  number.   Many               and don't create a  .BAK  file.               monitor.   May  also be used to
         TECO  commands accept a numeric               (Performs      an     automatic               abort   an   editing    session
         argument,  which,  if  missing,               EWfilespec1$ ERfilespec2$ EY$                 (leaves  original file intact).
         generally defaults to 1.                      sequence.)   A  "TECO"  command               Typing CONTINUE (perhaps  after
                                                       will always ignore  the  second               performing     some     monitor
i        Represents one of A-Z, 0-9,  or               filespec   if   given,  causing               commands)  will  allow  you  to
         * for Q-register commands.                    filespec1   to    be    editted               resume   your  editing  session
                                                       normally.       This     allows               where  you  left  off.   Typing
Buffer   A block of core  memory  within               "TECO <CR>" commands  following               REENTER   will  cause  TECO  to
         TECO into which text is read or               a  MAKE  command to continue to               abort any command string it may
         inserted, edited, and output.                 edit  the  newly  created  file               have been executing and ask for
                                                       rather   than   read  from  the               the  next  command.   (This  is
Page     The amount of  text  read  into               original one again.                           good   for   stopping  infinite
         the  buffer by an input command                                                             search loops, etc.) ^C  can  be
         or output by an output command.      TECO filespec$command$...$command<CR>                  entered  in  the command string
         Editing  is  performed  in  the               Execute the specified  commands               by typing it as up-arrow C.    
         buffer on a page by page basis.               following      the     filespec                                              
                                                       automatically  after   entering      ^Z       Close the output file and  exit
Buffer Pointer                                         TECO  (works  with  MAKE  too).               to the monitor.  (Simple close;
         Represents the current position               The  command  string  will   be               no files are renamed).         
         within the buffer where editing               remembered   as   part  of  the                                              
                                  Page 4                                        Page 5                                        Page 6
                BUFFER POSITIONS              ^On      Accept  following   number   in                   FILE SELECTION SWITCHES    
                                                       octal  radix.  Must be typed as                                              
B        Beginning of the buffer; 0.                   up-arrow O.                                   These switches may also be used
                                                                                                     with  the MAKE and TECO monitor
.        Current    pointer    position;                                                             commands.                      
         number  of  characters  to  the                       FILE SELECTION                                                       
         left of the pointer.                                                               /READONLY       Used with  TECO  command
                                                       The following commands  may  be               to cause ER instead of EB.     
Z        End of the  buffer;  number  of               used to control file selection.                                              
         characters in the buffer.                                                          /INPLACE Used with EB to cause  file  to
                                              ERfilespec$     Select file for input.                 be  overwritten  with  no  .BAK
m,n      m+1st through nth characters in                                                             file.                          
         the  buffer.   Used with the K,      EWfilespec$     Select file for output.                                               
         P, S, T, and X commands.                                                           /APPEND  Used with MAKE command to cause
                                              EBfilespec$     Select  file  for  input               EA instead of EW.              
H        Entire buffer; B,Z.                           and    output,    with   backup                                              
                                                       protection.                          /DEFAULT Used with ER, EW,  EA,  EB,  EI
                                                                                                     and  EP  to cancel any filespec
               POINTER POSITIONING            EAfilespec$     Select     file      for               defaults previously in effect. 
                                                       output--append    rather   than                                              
nJ       Move   pointer   to    position               supersede.                           /GENLSN  Used with EW  or  EB  to  cause
         between     nth    and    n+1st                                                             line  sequence  numbers  to  be
         characters.                                                                                 generated.                     
                                                           ADVANCED FILE SELECTION                                                  
nC       Advance pointer n positions.                                                       /SUPLSN  Used with  ER,  EB,  or  EW  to
                                              EPfilespec$     Read a file and  put  it               suppress line sequence numbers.
nR       Move pointer back n  positions.               into Q-register *.                                                           
         Equivalent to -nC.                                                                 /NOLSN   Used with ER, EB to  assume  no
                                              EIfilespec$     Read a file, put it into               sequence numbers.              
nL       Move pointer  to  beginning  of               Q-reg  *,  and  execute it as a                                              
         nth  line  from current pointer               TECO macro.                                                                  
         position.                                                                                              LOG FILES           
                                              ENfilespec$     Rename the current input                                              
0L       Move pointer  to  beginning  of               file to filespec.                    ELfilespec$     Open   a    log    file.
         current line.                                                                               Default is DSK:TECO.LOG.       
                                              EN$      Delete the current input file.                                               
                                                                                            nEL$     Further control  of  log  file:
              ARITHMETIC OPERATORS            EEfilespec$     Save the  current  state               0=nothing   in   log,  1=/NOIN,
                                                       of     TECO     in    filespec.               2=/NOOUT, 3=everything in  log,
m+n      Add.                                          DSK:TECO.SAV is the default.                  -1=close the log file.         
m n      Add.                                 nEDfilespec$    Run filespec upon  exit.      /NOIN    Used with EL to  keep  terminal
                                                       (SYS:  is  the  default device.               input out of the log file.     
m-n      Subtract.                                     The optional argument n is  the                                              
                                                       starting address offset).            /NOOUT   Used with EL to  keep  terminal
m*n      Multiply.                                                                                   output out of the log file.    
                                              ED$      Cancel pending ED (do  not  run                                              
m/n      Divide and truncate.                          anything on exit from TECO).         /APPEND  Used  with  EL  to  append   to
                                                                                                     rather  than  supersede the log
m&n      Bitwise logical AND.                 EK       Cancel existing EW or EA.                     file.                          
m#n      Bitwise inclusive OR.                nEM      Position magnetic tape.                                                      
()       Perform   enclosed   operations      EZfilespec$     Zero directory (DECtape)                                              
         first.                                        and select file for output.                                                  
                                  Page 7                                        Page 8                                        Page 9
             TERMINAL INITIALIZATION                   a form feed character,  and  do      ^Gi      Used inside an insert string to
                                                       not change the buffer.                        cause     the    contents    of
EVterminal$     Specifies terminal type.                                                             Q-register  i  to  be  inserted
         (ACT4,   ACT5,   ADD580,  ADM2,      n^P      Same as nP, but end up  at  the               into the string at that point. 
         ADM3,  ADM3A,  BEE,  CDC,  CRT,               nth  absolute page of the file,                                              
         DPT,   H1200,   H1500,   H2000,               rather than the nth  page  past      ^T       Used inside insert  strings  to
         HP2640, VT05, VT50,  VT52,  and               the current page.                             cause  all  control  characters
         TTY).   TECO  is initialized to                                                             except ^R, ^T, and  altmode  to
         CRT.                                 EF       Close the output file.                        be taken as text.  Nullified by
                                                                                                     a second ^T.  (Note:  does  not
nEV$     Returns   value   of   terminal                                                             work unless the monitor command
         parameter n.                                             INSERTION                          "TTY RTCOMPATIBILITY" has  been
m,nEV$   Set terminal parameter m  to  a      Itext$   Insert the text delimited by  I                                              
         value of n.                                   and altmode.                                                                 
                                              ^Itext$  Insert a tab  followed  by  all                                              
                      INPUT                            the text up to the altmode.          nD       Delete   the    n    characters
                                                                                                     following the pointer position.
EY       Clear  buffer  and  input   one                                                                                            
         page.   (Y may be used at macro                     ADVANCED INSERTION             -nD      Delete   the    n    characters
         level).                                                                                     preceding the pointer position.
                                              @I/text/ Insert the  text  delimited  by                                              
A        Input one page  and  append  to               the     arbitrary     character      nK       Delete all  characters  in  the
         current buffer contents.                      following I.                                  buffer from the current pointer
                                                                                                     position to  the  beginning  of
:nA      Input  n  lines  of  text   and      nI$      Insert the character with ASCII               the  nth  line from the pointer
         append    to   current   buffer               value n (decimal).                            position.                      
         contents.  (Won't read  past  a                                                                                            
         form feed.)                          n\       Insert the ASCII representation      m,nK     Delete the  m+1st  through  the
                                                       of the decimal integer n.                     nth characters.                
n^Y      Input until page n  is  in  the                                                                                            
         buffer.                              n\\      Insert the ASCII representation                                              
                                                       of the octal integer n.                         IMMEDIATE TYPE-OUT COMMANDS  
n^U      Perform  a  USETI.    Positions                                                                                            
         input  file to block n for next      ^V       In an insert string,  translate               The following commands  execute
         input  command.   (ER'd   files               next  character (if alphabetic)               immediately  when  typed as the
         only;  illegal  with EB).  Must               to lower case.                                first character  following  the
         be typed as up-arrow U.                                                                     prompting "*".                 
                                              ^V^V     In an insert string,  translate                                              
                                                       remaining alphabetic characters      ^J <LF>  When  typed  immediately  after
                     OUTPUT                            to lower case.                                the  prompt,  moves the pointer
                                                                                                     to the beginning  of  the  next
nPW      Output n copies of the  current      ^W       In an insert string,  translate               line and types the line.  (Same
         page  and  append  a  form feed               next  character (if alphabetic)               as 1LT).                       
         character to  each.   Does  not               to upper case.                                                               
         change the buffer.                                                                 ^H       When  typed  immediately  after
                                              ^W^W     In an insert string,  translate               the  prompt,  moves the pointer
nP       Output the current page,  clear               remaining alphabetic characters               to   the   beginning   of   the
         the  buffer,  and  read  in the               to upper case.                                preceding  line  and  types the
         next   page.    Continue   this                                                             line.  (Same as -1LT).         
         process until the nth page from      ^^       In a insert  string,  translate                                              
         the  current  page   has   been               next  character (if @, [, \, ],      ;        When  typed  immediately  after
         input.                                        ^, or _) to "lower case" range.               the  prompt,  moves the pointer
                                                                                                     to the beginning of the current
m,nP     Output the  m+1st  through  the      ^R       In  an  insert  string,  accept               line and types the line.  (Same
         nth  characters.  Do not append               next character as text.                       as 0LT).                       
                                 Page 10                                       Page 11                                       Page 12
                    TYPE-OUT                  0ES      Set  to  no  automatic  typeout      nNtext$  Equivalent  to  nStext$  except
                                                       after searches.                               that  if  the text is not found
nT       Type all  text  in  the  buffer                                                             on the current page, pages  are
         from    the   current   pointer      ^Amessage^A     Type     the     message               input  and  output  until it is
         position to  the  beginning  of               enclosed.                                     found.                         
         the  nth  line from the pointer                                                                                            
         position.                            ^L <FF>  Type a form feed.                    nFNoldtext$newtext$                     
                                                                                                     Equivalent to FS except that if
m,nT     Type the m+1st through the  nth      ^T       Stop  command  execution,  wait               the  text  is  not found on the
         characters.                                   for   the   user   to   type  a               current page, pages  are  input
                                                       character, and then take on the               and output until it is found.  
nV       Type all text  within  n  lines               ASCII value (in decimal) of the                                              
         from    the    current    line.               character typed.                     nFDtext$ Search for  nth  occurrence  of
         Equivalent to (1-n)T nT.                                                                    text and delete everything from
                                              :m,n^T   Extended     ^T     operations:               the current pointer position to
Qi=      Type the contents of Q-register               TTCALLS and echo control.                     the end of text.               
         i.  (Numeric or text).                        :0^T   INCHRW          :1,8^T                                                
                                                       :n,1^T OUTCHR n        :9^T                                                  
n=       Type the decimal integer n.                   :2^T   INCHRS          :10^T                        ADVANCED SEARCHING       
                                                       :4^T   INCHWL          :11^T                                                 
n==      Type the octal integer n.                     :5^T   INCHSL          :12^T         n_text$  Equivalent  to  nNtext$  except
                                                       :6^T   GETLCH          :n,13^T                that  it  does  input  only, no
                                                       :n,7^T SETLCH n        :-1^T                  output.                        
              ADVANCED TERMINAL I/O                    :8^T   RESCAN 1        :-2^T                                                 
                                                                                            :nStext$ Equivalent  to  nStext$  except
m,n=     If m<0, same  as  n=;  if  m=0,                                                             that  it  returns a value of -1
         don't  output  a CRLF after the                                                             if the search succeeds or 0  if
         number;  if  m>0,  output   the                                                             it  fails  instead  of an error
         ASCII  character whose value is                          SEARCHING                          message.   The  :  command  can
         m after the number.                                                                         also  be  used  with FS, N, FN,
                                                       (Note:  the buffer  pointer  is               FD, and _.                     
1ET      Set to literal typeout mode.                  left  unchanged  when  a search                                              
                                                       fails unless the search  caused      @nS/text/       Equivalent  to   nStext$
2ET      Set to image typeout mode.                    a  new page to be read into the               except   that   the   text   is
                                                       buffer).                                      delimited  by   the   arbitrary
0ET      Restore typeout mode to normal.                                                             character following the S.  The
         (Type   control  characters  in      nStext$  Search for the  nth  occurrence               @ command may also be used with
         up-arrow  form,   altmodes   as               (following  the pointer) of the               FS, N, FN, FD, and _.          
         dollar signs, etc.).                          text   delimited   by   S   and                                              
                                                       altmode,  but  do not go beyond      0^X      Reset  search  mode  to  accept
0EU      Flag lower case  characters  on               the end of  the  current  page.               either case.                   
         typeout  by preceding them with               If n<0, search backwards.                                                    
         a ' (standard unless  "TTY  LC"                                                    n^X (n#0)       Set   search   mode   to
         is in effect).                       m,nStext$       Same as  S,  but  search               "exact" mode.                  
                                                       only  between pointer positions                                              
1EU      Flag upper case  characters  on               m  and  n.   If   m>n,   search      ^V       In a search  string,  translate
         typeout.                                      backwards.                                    next  character (if alphabetic)
                                                                                                     to lower case.                 
-1EU     No case flagging on typeout.         nFSoldtext$newtext$                                                                   
                                                       Search for the  nth  occurrence      ^V^V     In a search  string,  translate
-1ES     Set  automatic  typeout   after               (following  the pointer) of the               remaining alphabetic characters
         searches.                                     first text string  and  replace               to lower case.                 
                                                       it with the second text string.                                              
nES (n>0)       Set  automatic   typeout               Do not go beyond the end of the      ^W       In a search  string,  translate
         and   use  the  character  with               current page.                                 next  character (if alphabetic)
         ASCII value n (decimal) to show                                                             to upper case.                 
         the position of the pointer.                                                                                               
                                 Page 13                                       Page 14                                       Page 15
^W^W     In a search  string,  translate      ^EV      Accept    any    lower     case      m,nMi    Execute the text in  Q-register
         remaining alphabetic characters               alphabetic   character   as   a               i  as  a  command  string.  The
         to upper case.                                match.                                        arguments are optional, and are
                                                                                                     passed  to the first command of
^^       In a search  string,  translate      ^EW      Accept    any    upper     case               the string.                    
         next  character (if @, [, \, ],               alphabetic   character   as   a                                              
         ^, or _) to "lower case" range.               match.                               m,nWi    Execute the text in  Q-register
                                                                                                     i  as  a  command  string  by a
^R       In a search string, accept next      ^ED      Accept any digit as a match.                  "jump" rather than a "call".   
         character as text.                                                                                                         
                                              ^EL      Accept     any      end-of-line      [i       Push the  current  contents  of
^T       Used inside text  arguments  to               character as a match.                         Q-register     i    onto    the
         cause  all  control  characters                                                             Q-register pushdown list.      
         except ^R, ^T, and  altmode  to      ^ES      Accept  any  string  of  spaces                                              
         be taken as text.  Nullified by               and/or tabs as a match.              n[i      Equivalent to [i nUi.          
         a second  ^T.   (Requires  "TTY                                                                                            
         RTCOMPATIBILITY"        monitor      ^E<nnn>  Accept  the   ASCII   character      m,n[i    Equivlent to [i m,nUi.         
         command).                                     whose  octal  value is nnn as a                                              
                                                       match.                               ]i       Pop the last stored entry  from
^\       Used inside search arguments to                                                             the  Q-register  pushdown  list
         indicate accept either case for      ^E[a,b,c...]    Accept any  one  of  the               into Q-register i.             
         following           characters.               characters in the brackets as a                                              
         Nullified by a second ^\.                     match.                               *i       If typed immediately after  the
                                                                                                     prompt,   save   the  preceding
^X       When   used   inside   a   text                                                             command string in Q-register i.
         argument,  accept any character                         Q-REGISTERS                                                        
         at this position in the  search                                                    EPfilespec$     Read a file and  put  it
         string.                              nUi      Store   the   integer   n    in               into Q-register *.             
                                                       Q-register i.                                                                
^S       Accept any separator  character                                                    EIfilespec$     Read a file, put it into
         at  this position.  A separator      m,nUi    Store   the   integer   n    in               Q-reg  *,  and execute it as an
         is  any  character   except   a               Q-register  i  and  return  the               TECO macro.                    
         letter,  digit,  period, dollar               value of m.  (For example,  the                                              
         sign, or percent sign.   (Note:               command  m,nUiUj  is equivalent                                              
         does   not   work   unless  the               to nUi mUj).                                        ITERATION COMMANDS       
         monitor command "TTY  NO  PAGE"                                                                                            
         has been given).                     Qi       Return  the  value  stored   in      n<commands>     Perform   the   enclosed
                                                       Q-register  i  (for  use  as  a               command string n times.        
^Na      Accept any character except the               numeric  argument  to   another                                              
         arbitrary character a following               command).                            ;        Jump   out   of   the   current
         ^N.                                                                                         iteration  field,  if  the last
                                              %i       Increment    the    value    in               search executed failed.        
^Q       Take the next character in  the               Q-register  i  by  1 and return                                              
         search  string  literally, even               this value.                          n;       If  n>=0,  jump  out   of   the
         if it is a  control  character.                                                             current iteration field.       
         (Note:   does  not  work unless      nXi      Store,  in  Q-register  i,  all                                              
         the  monitor  command  "TTY  NO               characters   from  the  current                                              
         PAGE" has been given).                        pointer   position    to    the                        FLOW CONTROL          
                                                       beginning  of the nth line from                                              
^Gi      Substitute  the   contents   of               the pointer.                         !tag!    Define  a   position   in   the
         Q-reg i into the text string at                                                             command  string  with  the name
         this point.                          m,nXi    Store  the  m+1st  through  nth               "tag".                         
                                                       characters in Q-register i.                                                  
^EA      Accept any alphabetic character                                                    Otag$    Jump to the position defined by
         as a match.                          Gi       Insert a copy of  the  text  in               !tag!.   WARNING:   Don't use O
                                                       Q-register  i  at  the  current               to  jump   into   or   out   of
                                                       pointer position.                             iteration brackets <..>.       
                                 Page 16                                       Page 17                                       Page 18
         CONDITIONAL EXECUTION COMMANDS       n"Scommands'    If  n  is  "successful",      ^X       Value of the search mode  flag.
                                                       execute the enclosed commands.                (0=either  case  mode, -1=exact
         These commands are of the form                                                              mode).                         
                                              n"Ucommands'    If n is  "unsuccessful",                                              
                   n"x.......'                         execute the enclosed commands.       EU       The value of the EU flag.  +1 =
                                                                                                     flag  upper case characters.  0
         If  the  numeric  value  of   n                                                             = flag lower  case  characters.
         satisfies  condition x, all the                   SPECIAL NUMERIC VALUES                    -1   =   no  case  flagging  on
         commands between "x and  '  are                                                             typeout.                       
         executed;    execution    falls      nA       The ASCII  value  (decimal)  of                                              
         through the  apostrophe  unless               the  character  n  positions to      EO       The value of the EO flag.  1  =
         the  command  string contains a               the right of the  pointer.   0A               version  21A;  2 = versions 22,
         jump.  If n does not satisfy x,               gives the character to the left               23; 3 = TECO 123 and 124.      
         execution   resumes   with  the               of the pointer, -nA  gives  the                                              
         command following the '.                      character  n+1 positions to the      EH       The value of the EH flag.  1  =
                                                       left of the  pointer.   If  the               code  only,  2  = code plus one
n"Ecommands'    If  n=0,   execute   the               position   lies   outside   the               line, 3 = all of error message.
         commands  specified  between "E               buffer boundaries, return 0.                                                 
         and '; otherwise, skip  to  the                                                    ^^x      The ASCII  value  (decimal)  of
         '.                                   m,nA     Same as nA, but  returns  m  if               the   arbitrary   character   x
                                                       the  position  is  outside  the               following ^^.                  
n"Ncommands'    If  n#0,   execute   the               buffer boundaries.                                                           
         enclosed commands.                                                                 \        The decimal value of the  digit
                                              ^E       The form feed flag.   Equals  0               string  following  the pointer.
n"Lcommands'    If  n<0,   execute   the               if  no  form feed character was               Leaves pointer at right end  of
         enclosed commands.                            read  on  the  last  input,  -1               the digit string.              
n"Gcommands'    If  n>0,   execute   the                                                    \\       The octal value  of  the  digit
         enclosed commands.                   ^N       The end-of-file flag; equals -1               string  following  the pointer.
                                                       if  end  of  input file seen on               Leaves pointer at right end  of
n"Ccommands'    If n is the ASCII  value               last input.   Otherwise  equals               the digit string.              
         (decimal)     of    a    symbol               0.                                                                           
         constituent    character     (a                                                    ^G       Returns job number.            
         letter,  digit, period, percent      ^F       Decimal value  of  the  console                                              
         sign, or dollar sign),  execute               data switches.                       n^G      Monitor PEEK UUO, using n as an
         the enclosed commands.                                                                      argument.                      
                                              -1^F     TTY number (+ 200000 octal)  of                                              
n"Dcommands'    If n is a digit  execute               this job.                            m,n^G    Monitor GETTAB call, using  m,n
         the enclosed commands.                                                                      as arguments.                  
                                              n^F      TTY number (+ 200000 octal)  of                                              
n"Acommands'    If  n   is   alphabetic,               job n.                                                                       
         execute the enclosed commands.                                                                           AIDS              
                                              ^H       The time of day in 60th's of  a                                              
n"Vcommands'    If  n  is   lower   case               second.    Must   be  typed  as      :        Enables  error  control.   Many
         alphabetic,     execute     the               up-arrow H.                                   commands (especially search and
         enclosed commands.                                                                          file commands), if preceded  by
                                              ET       The value of the type-out  mode               a  :,  will  not cause an error
n"Wcommands'    If  n  is   upper   case               switch.   (0=normal, 1=literal,               message if they  fail.   The  :
         alphabetic,     execute     the               2=image).                                     modifier will cause the command
         enclosed commands.                                                                          to return a value of  0  if  it
                                              ES       The value of the autotype after               fails,  -1 if it is successful.
n"Tcommands'    If n  is  true,  execute               successful searches switch.  -1               Exception:  :nA command uses  :
         the enclosed commands.                        = auto typeout, 0 = no typeout,               to distinguish it from nA.     
                                                       n>0   =  autotype  using  ASCII                                              
n"Fcommands'    If n is  false,  execute               character n to show position of      EC       Perform  a  garbage  collection
         the enclosed commands.                        pointer.                                      and  reduce  the amount of core
                                                                                                     as much as possible.           
                                 Page 19                                       Page 20
/        When  used   after   an   error      ^V       Set   prevailing    mode    for
         message,  this  causes  a  more               insertions   and   searches  to
         detailed  explanation  of   the               lower case.                    
         error to be typed.                                                           
                                              ^W       Set   prevailing    mode    for
*i       When used at the beginning of a               insertions   and   searches  to
         command string, this causes the               upper case.                    
         entire previous command  string                                              
         (minus    one    of   the   two                                              
         concluding  altmodes)   to   be                                              
         moved into Q-register i.                                                     
?        When  used   after   an   error                                              
         message,    this   causes   the                                              
         offending command to  be  typed                                              
         out (with a few of the commands                                              
         preceding it).                                                               
?        Enter trace mode.  A  second  ?                                              
         command takes TECO out of trace                                              
<DEL>    Rubout last character typed  in                                              
         the command string.                                                          
^H       If a CRT  has  been  specified,                                              
         erases     and    backs    over                                              
         previously   typed   character.                                              
         (Must  be  typed  as  a control                                              
^G^G     Erase   the   entire    command                                              
^G <space>      Retype current  line  of                                              
         command string.                                                              
^G.      Retype entire command.                                                       
^U       Erase everything typed in  back                                              
         to  the  last  CRLF.   (Must be                                              
         typed as a control character.)                                               
0EO      Restore   the   EO   value   to                                              
         standard (3).                                                                
nEO (n not 0)   Set the EO value to n.                                                
1EH      Type only code  part  of  error                                              
2EH      Type error code plus one line.                                               
3EH      Type all three parts of error.                                               
0EH      Equivalent to 2EH.