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!;UNDER -- Macro to Process Underscored Text -- March, 1979	!
!;Author: Clive B. Dawson -- Univ. of Texas at Austin		!
!;This macro converts lines containing overstruck characters	!
!;of the form <line1><cr><line2><cr>...<lineN><cr><lf> to the	!
!;form <line2><cr>...<lineN><cr><line1><cr><lf>.  This makes	!
!;underscored text easier to view on a CRT.			!
!;To use, type:							!
!;	.TECO filename						!
!;	*EIunder$$						!

	< N^E<15>^N^E<12>$;	!;Find a CR not followed by a LF!
	  .-1U1			!;Save pointer!
	  0L			!;Go back to beginning of line!
	  .,Q1Xa .,Q1K		!;Save <line1> and delete it!
	  S^E<12>$		!;Move ahead to line feed!
	  R Ga			!;Back over it and insert <line1>!
	>			!;Loop till end of file!
	EX			!;Exit!