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.chapter Introduction
.HL1 Acknowledgements
The version of TECO that is described herein was developed by the staff
of the Computer Center at Stevens Institute of Technology.  This version
is based on the work done at the University of Texas at Austin and University
of New Orleans (version 124A) and by work done at Stevens
(version 123 and 123A).
.HL1 Introduction
TECO stands for Text Editor and COrector.  It is a text editor for the
DECsystem-10 and the DECSYSTEM-20.  TECO may be used to edit any form of
ASCII text, such as program sources,
manuscripts, etc., and COBOL SIXBIT files.  TECO is a character oriented editor
rather than a line editor.  Text edited by TECO does not have line numbers
associated with it as other editors do.  Although it is possible to edit
text with line sequence numbers on it.
 This manual is intended to be a reference manual except for the chapter
on the basic editing.  After that chapter is assumed that the reader has
a general familiarity with TECO and is referencing this manual for detailed
.HL1 Version
 This manual describes the features and commands found in version
200A(1146) of TECO.  This version currently only runs on the DECsystem-10
.index <DEC<system-10
and not the DECSYSTEM-20.
.index <DECSYSTEM-20
Work is currently underway to produce a version that will run native on the
TECO has been tested under TOPS-10 version 7.01 and TOPS-10 version 7.02.