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.title TECO %200A(1146) Manual -- DRAFT
.subtitle TECO %200A(1146) Manual
.flag substitute
.style headers 6,0,0
.P 0,1,2
.skip 2
.center;TECO - User's Manual
.skip 1
.CENTER;Stevens Institute of Technology
.;.skip 5
.C;*** DRAFT ***
.no flag substitute
.SKIP 20
Copyright (c) 1982 by
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey, 07030
All rights reserved.
This software is furnished under a license and may be used and copied
only in accordance with the terms of such license and with the
inclusion of the above copyright notice.  This software or any other
copies thereof may not be provided or otherwise made available to any
other person.  No title to and ownership of the software is hereby
The information in this software is subject to change without notice
and should not be construed as a commitment by Stevens Institute of
.ST Table of Contents
.require "TECO.RNT"
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.require "TECINT.RNM"
.require "TECCON.RNM"
.require "TECSIM.RNM"
.require "TECCOM.RNM"
.require "TECINS.RNM"
.require "TECSEA.RNM"
.require "TECQRG.RNM"
.require "TECEXP.RNM"
.require "TECVID.RNM"
.require "TECIMM.RNM"
.require "TECFLG.RNM"
.require "TECSUM.RNM"
.require "TECHNT.RNM"