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On this tape are three savesets, (plus duplicates).

The first set contains (if you are interested) my local edits to TECO
for the EVFAST/EVSLOW commands. These effect the modules TECECM, TECUPD
and to a small extent, TECUNV. I don't include the last file because the
edit is so small that it would get lost with the other local hacks I have up
here. All that you have to do however, is to add FSTFLG to the GLOB macros
for module TECECM.

The second saveset contains the WHO sources as you requested. You may have to
build it yourselves however.

Finall the third save set contains the copy of EMPIRE that uses the new
DPYPAK that will use all sorts of attributes that the terminal might possess.
The only documentation to the changes is internal presently. You will note
that there are several terminal types that are no longer supported. This is
dues to the fact that I was unsure of whether I had broken any of them
and I was unable to test them here. I would appreciate it if you could do that
and edit the sources accordingly, especially for the datamedia types.
Anything you can find the time for will be appreciated.