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SCNSER seems to have a few problems with TECO when it is switching
terminal modes quickly:

1) With EVOFF$ and an FC command table set up, TECO turns the
   echo (IO.SUP) off for the first character (at least) of each
   command.  Without TTY DEFER this understandably just messes up
   if the user types too fast, however, even with TTY DEFER, it
   is still possible to have characters which TECO does not input
   until after it has turned echo back on.  Easy way to see
   this is to set up an FC table and then type ahead a complete string
   that is not an immediate command.

2) The TECO macro ITECO has an immediate mode insert command.  When it
   is in this mode, it has a control-R command to cause the next character
   to be quoted.  To do this nicely, it sets the terminal into packed
   image mode (:-3^T), gets the character with an ^T, then clears packed
   image mode.  There are a few strange things which can happen when this
   is used.  If an ^R^C is typed, at times it seems that SCNSER gets out
   of sync by a character, and is not giving TECO a character until the
   next character is typed.  If an ^R^T is typed, it seems to become
   totally confused, putting the job into monitor mode but ignoring
   commands. I don't have an example of how to make this happen, but
   would appreciate it if you have any ideas as to what happens with it.