Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - steco_19840320_1er_E35 - 10,5676/teco/macros/givmfc.tec
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!;GIVMFC--Types percentage of free core blocks in use by the monitor!
        EOU* 3EO [*             !Save and set the EO level!
        [A [B [C                !Save any Q-regs used!

        ^O23,^O11^GUA           !Get pointer to MFC bit map!
        -QA/^O1000000UA         !Get size of bit map!
        QA*36UA                 !Convert to size of MFC!
        ^O66,^O11^GUB           !Get amount of MFC in use!
        MFC in use =        !Type explanation!
        0,(QB*100)+(QA/2)/QA=   !Type percent in use, rounded!
                              !Type rest of message!

        ]C ]B ]A                !Restore the saved Q-regs!
        ]* Q*EO                 !Restore the EO level!