Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - steco_19840320_1er_E35 - 10,5676/teco/macros/ht.tco
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!;HT - Types current page.  For use with HA macro.!

	[0 [1 [2			!;Save Q-regs!
	.U0				!;Save current pointer!
	0U1				!;Init lower bound!
	:-S^E<14>$"L .U1 '		!;Search back for FF!
	Q0J				!;Go back to starting place!
	ZU2				!;Init upper bound!
	:S^E<14>$"L .-1U2 '		!;Search forward for FF!
	Q1,Q2T				!;Type the text!
	Q0J				!;Restore pointer!
	]2 ]1 ]0			!;Restore Q-regs!