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!;This macro returns the number of the current line in the text buffer.	!
!;This number is defined as 1+(number of EOL characters to the left of	!
!;the pointer).  An EOL character is a line feed, vertical tab, or	!
!;form feed.								!

!;The best way to use this macro is to place it into Q-register L.	!
!;The command 								!
!;	EPTED:LINE$[*]L							!
!;will do this.  The above command can be placed in your TECO.INI	!
!;file so that it will be done automatically each time you enter TECO.	!
!;After that, the command "ML=" will print out your current line number.!
!;Note that if you go to the end of the buffer with a ZJ command, ML=	!
!;will type out the number of lines in the buffer plus 1, since you are	!
!;actually positioned at the beginning of the n+1st line.		!

[0 [1		!;save contents of q-regisiters 0 & 1!
.U1		!;store the current value of the pointer into Q-reg 1!
0U0		!;initialize Q-reg 0 (our line counter) to 0!
<		!;start a loop!
-SL;		!;search from this point backwards for an end-of-line!
		!;character.  If no more, jump out of loop!
R		!;back up over the one we just found, so we don't count!
		!;it again!
%0		!;add 1 to Q-reg 0!
>		!;loop for more!
Q1J		!;restore our pointer (now at the beginning of the file)!
		!;to its original position!
]1		!;restore the original contents of Q-reg 1!
Q0+(]0 1)	!;Return Q0+1, and restore Q0!