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 "?" for help!start!HK I:ER .U1

Qt-77 "E 
Type the file name of the RUNOFF output file that you want
a table of contents for.  End with a <CR>. Ostart '
Qt-10 "E Q1-."E Ostart '   :10,1 -D Ogetch '
Qt-177"E Q1-."E Ostart ' .-1,.T          -D Ogetch '
Qt-25 "E  :15,1 :12,1          Ostart '
Qt-22 "E    :15,1 :12,1 Q1,.T    Ogetch '
Qt-15 "N QtI Ogetch '
HXt Mt"F File not found. Ostart '
HK HXc 0Uy
 :S<12>[S,d] "S 0A-32"E 1A"D Ook' Oloop'!ok!    <.,.+1sd;>    :.,.+2s.d    "S <.,.+1s[d,.];>       :.,.+3s          "S          0L Xa .U1 ZJ ZU5 Ga             Q5J S. .U6 Q5J 4-Q6+Q5<I >          S. S   10-.+Q5<I >          0U2 <.,Q5S.; R %2>  S. S   Q2*2<I >  Q2-1"G    :S - "S 3R K    13I 10I''          Q5J :S.0             "S -3D Q5J 13I 10I'          .U2 L 2R .-Q2Um          Qm-66"G 66-QmD 66Um '          Qm/2*2-Qm"NI. %m'  66-Qm/2<I .>          QxU3  0U2 Q3-9"G %2
      Q3-99"G %2
      Q3-999"G %2'''  3-Q2<I > Q3\  Q5J Gc Q5,ZXc Q5,ZK Q1J          '
Qx-Qy"N 40,Qx=  QxUy '"E EY <-1-; -1-; A>Ux "E %x'     Oloop  '!done!
HK Q7EO ]7]z]y]x]t]m]a]6]5]4]3]2]1 EC

[Finished. Table of Contents is in Q-register C]