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+0un qn"E20Un' 0Uh 0uv HK
Qn<j 0uq Qn*10/3Ui
Qi<\+2*10+(Qq*qi)Ua 0LK Qi*2-1Uj Qa/QjUq Qa-(Qq*Qj)-2\10I Qi-1ui>
Qq/10Ut Qh+Qt+48Uw Qw-58"E48Uw %v' Qv"N:Qv,1^T' QwUv Qq-(Qt*10)Uh>
!Can you figure out what this macro does before running it?  It was
written by Stan Rabinowitz with modifications by Mark Bramhall and
appeared as the Macro of the Month in the Nov. 1977 issue of the TECO
SIG newsletter, the "Moby Munger".  For information on the TECO Special
Interest Group, write to Stan at P.O. Box 76, Maynard, Mass. 01754!