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!;SIXBIT -- Convert octal argument to SIXBIT, return 6 characters in Q-reg 0!
	[1 [2 [3			!;Save argument, registers!
	Q1&^O377777777777U2		!;Make sure we have a positive number!
	5<Q2&^O77U3 [3 Q2/64U2>		!;Get 5 chars from right to left!
	Q1"L Q2#32U2' [2		!;Put corrected first char on stack!
	.+(ZJ				!;Save point and go to end!
	   6<]1 Q1+32I$>		!;Pop 6 chars of stack and insert!
	   .-6,.X0 .-6,.K		!;Move to Q0!
	0)J				!;Restore point!
	]3 ]2 ]1			!;Restore Q-regs!