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!;TIME -- Returns the time of day in Q0 in the form HH:MM:SS	!
	[1 [2 [3 [4			!;Save Q-regs!
	EOU4 3EO			!;Save and set EO level!
	.U1 ZJ				!;Save pointer!
	0U3				!;Set counter!
	3<^O61+Q3,^O11^GU2 Q2-10"L I0'	!;Get parts of time!
	  Q2\ I: %3>			!;Insert parts, with a colon!
	-D				!;Take out trailing colon!
	.-8,.X0 .-8,.K			!;Store string, and get rid of it!
	Q1J Q4EO			!;Restore pointer, EO level!
	]4 ]3 ]2 ]1			!;Restore Q-regs!