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.Chapter Searching
TECO contains a sophisticated method of searching for a specified string
and moving the pointer to that position.  Search commands will scan through
the text until the specified string given matches a string of characters.
.HL1 Search strings
A search string is a string of characters that are to be
found in the current editing buffer.  This string can contain
a maximum of 36 characters.
.hl2 Simple search string
A simple search string is one that does not contain any of the special
characters.  That is it would contain only alphanumeric characters.
.HL2 Special character(s)
The special characters that are described in this section are used
to represent logical groups of characters.  A logical group may be
any numeric character (eg. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), so that you could
search for string which contains any numeric character in a single
position (eg. "ab0", "ab1", "ab2", .._., "ab9").
.HL3 _^G (Control G)
.HL3 _^E (Control E)
.HL4 _^EA
.HL4 _^EV
.HL4 _^EW
.HL4 _^ED
.HL4 _^EL
.HL4 _^ES
.HL4 _^E_<
.HL4 _^E_[
.HL3 _^X (Control X)
.HL3 _^N (Control N)
.HL3 _^S (Control S)
.HL3 _^A (Control A)
.HL3 _^B (Control B)
.HL3 _^V (Control V)
.HL3 _^W (Control W)
.HL3 _^_\ (Control backslash)
.HL3 _^_^ (Control circumflex)
.HL3 _^T (Control T)
.HL3 _^Q (Control Q)
.HL3 _^R (Control R)
.HL3 $ (Escape)
.HL1 Normal
The normal search command do not change the text in any manner, they
only position the pointer at the string that is found.  There are two different
types of normal search strings; one that will search only the current
buffer and one that will page through the file until the string is found.
.HL2 S command
.ENTRY ^Command
.index ^Command ><S
.HL2 N command
.index ^Command ><N
.HL1 Substitution
.HL2 FS command
.index ^Command ><FS
.HL2 FN command
.index ^Command ><FN
.HL1 Word
.HL2 FW command
.index ^Command ><FW
.HL1 Deleting
.HL2 FK command
.index ^Command ><FK
.HL2 FD command
.index ^Command ><FD
.HL2 __ command
.index ^Command ><__
.HL1 Bounded