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0edHS7\R@@R/	 ALWAYS already exists in current command tableThe ALWAYS option of the command 	 table was already in use in the current command table and an FC(q-reg)INSERT command  was done that included the ALWAYS option. P2	 Ambiguous terminal abbreviation The abbreviation  matches the 	 initial parts of more than one terminal type.  More of the name must be typed to make & it unique.  The only valid terminals currently supported are: .  Z	 .Ambiguous terminal parameter .The abbreviation  matches the 	 6initial parts of more than one terminal parameter.  More of the parameter must be typ ?ed to make it unique.  The valid terminal parameters are: .  [	 FAlready existing file The file  already exists.  This error N message should not occur. 3	 QAmbiguous keyword value The keyword  matches more than one  Zvalid keyword argument for the switch . {	 Ambigious switch name /The switch name / matches more that g one switch of  9	 jImproper ArgumentsThe following argument combinations are illegal:
1)	,	(no s argument before comma)
2)	m,n,	(where m and n are numeric terms) 	
S	 zBad EXE directory for The file  has a bad EXE file director y.  This message is not expected to occur. 
)2	 Bad extension for .EXE file The file  has a bad extensi	 on for an .EXE file.  This can only happen on a RUN or GETSEG and is not expected to  occur. 
)2	eBadcFCncommand.tableiinQ-register''Anincorrectlyformattedocommando	!tablegwasegiven.toTansFCrcommand.oThexpointertforcthe.Q-register''which	*contains+thecommandtableiscurrentlyimmediatelyafterthetextwhichNcausedEtheoel2rror.DJFERisnot displayedonhtheEscreen.p;R	 NCoreelimitmexceededTECOcattemptedcto expandimemoryobeyond theamountyavailabl	oWe.oIfRthisisduetothejob'scorelimitbeingexceeded,thecommandmaybetriedagainafter	thecorelimitthastbeendincreased. ;y	odCanWnot rename across structuresThe.filecan notrbetrenameddascomrossnstructures.<Y	oCannottsupercedeedirectorynTheFfileroisaaddirectory fiwle.WThismfileacanmnotdbeosuperceded, becausepitomayfcontainrfiles.ed<r	~FC(Q-reg)DELETE$withoutacommandtabledefinedAnattemptwasmadeto	delet	eocommandsafromdthencurrentncommandtableCwithoutDtheTcommandatablesbeing defined.AnngFC(Q-reg)INSERT$amustmbeddoneibeforetyouscantdeleteecommandefromritd0Hr	 DoubledevicetnametOnlyonedevicenameislegalonafilespecification.Adevicenameisdelimited	byacolon.I	 $Double extension is illegal Only one extension is valid on a file  -specification.  An extension follows a period I4	 2Double file name  is illegalOnly a single file name is legal in a TOPS- :10 file specification IW	 =Digit expected after ^O, not A digit was expected after the ^O, and	 E not .  ^O sets the input radix to octal, so there must be a numeric foll Nowing it J3	 ODevice not available for The device in  was not available	 W to the user.  This is because the device should first be MOUNTed using the MOUNT com `mand to the monitor. KP	 bThe directory  is not empty and can not be deletedThe user can not d kelete non-empty directorys.  The directory  still contains files.  KR	 sDouble node name is illegal More than one node name is illegal in 	 {a file specification.  A node name is delimited by either two colons or an underscore . !KW	 Device implies path, but a path was givenThe device given is either an ersatz d 
extension of .BAK.  The file  has this extension. +XS	 EB before current EB file closedAn EB command may not be given while an EB 	 command is already in effect for a file. Give an EK command to abort the current EB c	 !ommand or an EF command to close the current EB'ed file before giving another EB comm *and. -XW	 +Error reading message fileAn I/O error has occured while reading the error mess 3age from the error message file. The device status is . .Y2	 :Extension is longer than six characters An extension is allowed to b	 Be only three characters or less in length.   is longer than three characters. K 0[	 KIllegal EM argument 
	The argument given to EM must be a positive numb Ter. 10[0	 TExceeded network capacity for file The opening of  has cau ]sed the network capacity to be exceeded. Try again later. 3 [Q	 cEN command errorOn an EN command, either there was no input file or the file wa ks opened by an EB command. 4 [R	 nThe file  still has outstanding locks set.The file  st	 will has outstanding locks set for it.  The locks must be first removed. This is not e xpected to occur. 6 [X	 EO argument 
	 is too largeThe argument 
	 given with an EO 	 
command is larger than the standard (maximum) setting of EO=  for this ver	 sion of TECO.  This must be an older version of TECO than you think you are using. 7 [p	 An end of  has been encountered.The end of the file  ha #s been encountered.  This message is not expected to occur. 90[s	 *ENQ. UUO failed - Error code 
The ENQ. for locking the file you are 	 2editing failed and the error code returned by the operating system is 
 :P\3	 ;ET argument 
	 is out of rangeThe only legal arguments to the ET command  Care 0 (normal typeout), 1 (literal typeout), or 2 (image typeout). < ]	 JEU argument 
	 is out of rangeThe only legal arguments to the EU command  Sare -1 (no case flagging), 0 (lower case flagged), or 1 (upper case flagged). = ]7	 [File  is already being edited.The file  is already being  cedited by another job. Try again after the other editor is finished. ?h2	 jFile  is being modifiedThe file  is being modified by a snother user. @hV	 tFC table not allowed for Q-register argumentThe Q-register '' contai	 }ns a saved FC table and this command does not accept an FC table as an argument. B hw	 File  can not be updatedThe file  can not be put in upda te mode.  The files is protected against you. Chz	  found in The file  was found in  wh ich is different from the path given. EiT File  was not foundThe file  was not found. FkS	 'First argument must be a stringThe first argument to a  command must / be a string argument. H~k9	 2First argument may not be a stringThe first argument for a  command : may not be a string argument. I
kY	 >Incomplete ... or (...) in a macr	 FoA macro contained in a Q-register and being executed by an M command contains 	 Oan iteration that is not enclosed within the Q-register by ..., or	 W a parenthetical expression 	 `that is not closed within the h Q-register by a ). K1	 nIllegal control-E command in search stringAn illegal control-E command was 	 wencountered in a search string. The only valid control-E commands are ^EA, ^EV, ^EW,  ^ED, ^EL, ^ES, ^Ennn, or ^E[A,B,...]. L r	 Illegal control-G command in stringA control-G may not be the last character i n an insert or search string. N s	 Illegal control command '' in text argumentIn order to be entered 	 as text in an insert command or search command, all control characters must be preced	 "ed by ^R or ^T.  Otherwise they are interpreted as commands. The control character ' +' is an undefined text argument control command. Oz	 1Illegal FC command typeThe valid command types are: .  The pointe 9r in the Q-register is pointing after the invalid keyword. QPQ	 ?Illegal immediate command tableA command table refers to a PREVIOUS command tab	 Hle and there is none, or the text to be processed through another command table is in Pcomplete. RP1	 RIllegal keyword for  commandThe valid keywords for  co Zmmands are:  T{	 ]Illegal command The command  is not a valid TECO command. U	 eIllegal argument in UUO for The argument block for  wa ns incorrectly set up.  This is an internal TECO error. W	 tIllegal mode for device The mode specified for the device in  | is illegal. X2	 ~Illegal operation for DUMP mode filesThe command given is illegal for a fil e open with /MODE:DUMP. Z r	 	Input or output error for file . File status is .An input or o	 utput error occured for the file . The monitor file status is  [ r	 Illegal ^P or ^Y argument 
	The argument to an ^P or ^Y command is an a	 #bsolute page number in the file.  It must be greater than the current page number. ]	 +Illegal project-programmer number in The project programmer number in  4 is illegal. ^ 	 7Illegal path specification for The file specification  co	 ?ntains an illegal path specification.  This error was detected in parsing the file sp Hecification. ` 	 IIllegal command The only valid  commands 	 Rare G, L, N, E, C, A, D, Z V, W, T, F, S, and U. a1	 bIllegal Q-register name ''The Q-register name specified by a Q, U, X,	 k G, %, M, W, [, ], ^G, or * command must be a letter (A thru Z), a digit (0 thru 9),  s%, *, or a two or more character name enclosed in parentheses. c7	 zIllegal search argumentThe argument preceding a search command must be eithe	 	r
a)The number of times a match must be found before the search is consi	 	dered successful, in which case it must be non-zero.  If it is negative, the search i	 	s performed in reverse. 
b)The boundaries of the search, in which	 	 case the first occurrence of the string therein is found.  If the second argument is 	$ greater that the first, the search is performed in reverse. dp	 	+Illegal sequence of UUOs executed for The file  may be  	3on your library, or TECO has an internal error. f z 	8Illegal TMP: functionThe only valid commands for TMP: are ER and EW g 	 	@Illegal TTCALL type value 
	The extended TTCALL command must take the f	 	Horm ':arg1,arg2^T' where arg1 is the (optional) TTCALL argument and arg2 is the TTCAL	 	QL type is decimal.  The second argument must be a legitimate TTCALL type, with 0-13 l	 	Yegal except for 3 (OUTSTR).  Type 8 (RESCAN) will do a RESCAN unless the is an arg1, 	 	bin which case it tests for CCL mode.  Other legal values of arg2 are -1 and -2 which  	jserve to turn the terminal echo on and off, respectively. i 	 	pIllegal TMP: file specification The file specification  is	 	y not a valid TMP: file specification.  A valid file specification for TMP: may only c 
ontian a three character file name j0	 
Invalid character The character  is not valid in a file 
 specification l0Q	 
Illegal version number in file specificationThe version number specified in t	 
he file specification  is illegal.  The correct format of a version number 	 
!is VVMM(EEEE)-W.  MM is optional minor version number (as alphabetic characters), -W 	 
)is a single digit octal number from 0 to 7 and the other numbers are octal numbers th 
2at must be specified. m0W	 
4The low segment overlaps the high segment for The low segment for 	 
= overlaps the high segment.  This can only occur on a GETSEG and therefore is  
Enot expected to occur. o Kt	 
HThe line number 

 is out of rangeThe screen only has 	 
P lines, so the lines 

 cannot be displayed on the termi 
Ynal p Ky	 
YSub file directories are nested too deeply for The operating system ca 
bn not support sub file directories nested as deeply as  has. r MV	 
iMissing 'In attempting to execute a conditional skip command (a  co	 
rmmand whose argument does not	 
z satisfy the condition) no '	  command closing the conditi	 onal execution can be found. 	  Note that  ... ' commands 	 must be complete within a sin %gle macro level. s X8	 *Multiply defined tag !!A tag (!!) was found which was alrea	 2dy defined previously in the macro. There may only be a single occurance of a given t ;ag in a macro. u Y	 =Macro ending with '^'A command macro being executed from a Q-register ends with	 E the '^' character.  This is an incomplete command.  The '^' command takes a single c Nharacter text argument that must be in the Q-register with the '^'. vY:	 UMissing first argument for The first argument for the  command ] was not present xYP	 _Missing Q-register name in  commandA command macro ends with the com	 hmand  which takes a Q-register name as an argument. The Q-register name m pust be at the same macro level as the command. yZ8	 uMissing left angle bracket ()There is a right angle bracket not matched 	 ~by a left angle bracket somewhere to its left.  (Note that an iteration must be compl 
ete within a single macro level. {[	 
Missing '('Command string contains a right parenthesis that is not matched by a 
 corresponding left parenthesis. |[	 
Missing right angle bracket ()In attempting to exit from an iteration fie	 
ld with a ';' command (or to skip over an iteration field with a zero argument) the 	 
' was not closed by a .  Not	 
/e that the iteration field m	 
8ust be complete within a sing 
@le macro level. ~\P	 
EMissing right parenthesis ')'The command string contains, within an iteration	 
N field, a parenthetical expression that is not closed by a right parenthesis or a Q-r 
Vegister name is not ended correctly. \X	 
ZMissing second argument for The second argument for the  
c command was not present. \p	 
fMacro ending with ^^A command macro being executed from a Q-register ends with	 
n control-^ or ^^.  This is an incomplete command.  The ^^ command takes a single char 
wacter text argument that must be in the Q-register with the ^^. ]:	 
}Nohargument allowedeforycommandAnargumentwasgivento	 
hr	nretorun.Thisim			 No log file open for nEL commandAn EL command with a numeric argument was g 
iven before the log file was opened with an ELfilespec$ command. (k	 The user is not logged in.The user is not allowed to run a program unless he is  logged in. This is not expected to occur. ~k	 No room for No room on this file structure or the quota is exceeded fo 'r  to be created. @lV	 *Non-numeric Q-register ''The '' Q-register contains text,  2not a number. kX	 4Network support required for file The file  is not on th	 <e local node. This requires the operating system to support network file operations. E kY	 ENo such device as The device specified in the file specification  N does not exist.  lr	 PThe file  is not a saved fileThe file  is not in the for Ymat of a saved file.  The error can only occur from a RUN or GETSEG UUO pls	 `Terminal does not support screen modeThe terminal type currently in effect 	 iis not supported in screen mode. The E$ command is not available for this terminal ty qpe.  lv	 rNull subfile directory specifiedIn specifing a sub file directory path all  zsubfile directories must be specified. ly	 ~Null tags are illegalThe O command must specifiy the name of a tag that is defi ned by two exclaimation marks. 0m	 
No text in Q-register ''The '' Q-register did not contain  text.  m	 Non-existent device for The device specificed in the  fi le specification does not exist. "0n	  OTHER already exists in current command tableThe OTHER option of the command t	 (able was already in use in the current command table and an FC(q-reg)INSERT command w 1as done that included the OTHER option. #Px2	 5'' in octal digit stringIn a digit string preceded by ^O, only the  >octal digits 0 to 7 may be used. %
xz	 AThe file  is not openThe file  is not open for input  Jor output. This message is not expected to occur. &~|	 OConfused use of parenthesisA string of the form (......)...	 X has been encountered.  Par	 `enthesis should be used only 	 ito enclose combinatins of nu	 qmeric arguments.  An iterati	 zon may not be opened and not 	 closed between a left and ri ght parenthesis. (9	 Main stack overflowThe main stack has overflowed. This indicates an internal  error in TECO. Please report your commands to your systems programmer. )@		  Q-register stack overflowThe Q-register stack has overflowed. This is caused b (y pushing too many q-registers onto the Q-register stack with the '[' command. +@		 0Execution stack overflowThe execution stack has overflowed. This is caused by	 9 nesting commands too deeply in angle brackets or having too many nested macro calls, A or both. ,@		 CPartial allocation only for The file  could not have al	 Kl of the block requested in the estimated size allocated on the enter of the file. Th Tis is not expected to occur. .~p	 WAttempt to move pointer off pageThe argument specified with a J, C, R, or D	 _ command must point to a position within the current size fo the buffer, i.e., betwee hn 0 and Z, inclusive. /x	 jFile protection is out of range /PROTECTION:The file protection mus st be within the range of 000 to 777 octal 1
W	 wProtection failure or directory full on a DECtape for The file 	  is protected from either being read or written, or the DECtape that the file  is being written onto is full. 2 
Page number 
	istoolargeInprocessinga^Por^Ycommand,-theiendro	nf filetwasreachedbeforertherequestedpageTwasencountered.	 Atthispointetheredit	tingebuffer ismempty,hthelastpage ofmthedfilehhasobeen output,andthe;valuesofo^Pai%snowthe$numberofthelastpageinthefile.4	 ?A Q-register name is required for the  keyword The 	 H keyword requires a Q-register be named in the  command.  The correct  Pformat of this command is (Q-register)$ 7 Y	 VAttempt to read from , which is not open for readingAn attempt was mad	 e to read from .  This file is not open for reading. This is not expected g to occur. 8~)0	 iAttempt to assign a value to a read only parameterAn EV$ command was	 q given with a numeric argument. The parameter  is a read only parameter, i z.e., its value may only be read, not set. :0+x	 ~FC REMOVE command given without previous FC OVERLAY commandThe FC REMOVE comm	 and is used to remove a command table previously defined with an FC OVERLAY command.   It may not be used unless an FC OVERLAY command was done first. ;p-w	 Second argument (
	) less than first (

).In a two argument 	 K, P, T, or X command, the first argument must not be greater than the second, nor mu 'st the first argument be greater than Z. =86	 ,Second argument not allowedTwo arguments were given to a command which take 4s at most one argument. >87	 7The job's search list is empty for The job's search list is empty an	 ?d the device specified by  is a disk device with no implicit search list. H @@;	 HSecond argument must be numericThe second argument to a  command must Q be a numeric value A
;7	 SSecond argument must be a stringThe second argument to a  command \ must be a string argument. C~;9	 _Initial search with no argumentA search command with null argument has been giv	 gen, but there was no preceding search command from which the argument could be taken. p D;P	 pThe sub file directory for  was not foundThe file  contain ys a path specification to a sub file directory that does not exist. F ;S	 ';' not in an iterationThe semicolon command may be used only with a string  of commands enclosed by angle brackes, i.e., in an iteration field. G
;T	 TheisegmentsisnotontheswappingspaceAGETSEGfromPalockedlows	egmenttoahighsegmentwhichisSnotraedormant,sactive,oridlesegmentfoccured.Thisuseisenot.expectedtooccurI~;Y	 #SFDsnestedTtootdeeplyinThefmaximumTdepthgforasub-filedirectorym,isne5,awhich theeuserrattemptedhtoeexceed withr.J;Z	2CannotFind''Alsearchcommandanotprecededbyia colonvmodifierand	:hnotewithinian iterationhasfailedtofindthespecifiedcharacterstringK'	C'.IfanS,FS,or anynegativeeor boundedrsearchrfails,the'pointer isrpositioned	Knas it wasdbeforethe search.AAfter anhNsors bsearch fails-theilast pageiofetheeinpu	aTtifile hasebeen input andandtherpointer positionednat thetstarteof.thebuffer.If	\any^Gispecificationswereused,theQ-registersinvolvedmaybe	examinedusingPaPQioe=ncommanddtoobtainhtheAexactUcharacterostringMnotmfound.rL<T	 kThe switch / requires a valueThe switch / requires that a v salue be specified. M<[	 uSearch string too longThe maximum length of a search string is 80 character ~s, including all string control commands and their arguments. O =	 Search string too longThe maximum length of a search string is 36 charater 	 
. X@L	 \Transmission error for The file  got one of the followi	 eng errors.  A transmission, device or data error because of a RUN or GETSEG.  A hardw	 mare-detected device or data error detected while reading the UFD RIB or UFD data bloc	 vk.  Or a software detected inconsistency error detected while reading the UFD RIB or  ~file RIB. Y@LW	 Text not allowedThe Q-register '' contains text, and the command does  not accept text as an argument. [0N	 
Unterminated ^A commandA '^A' message type-out command has been given, but t	 here is no corresponding '^A' to mark the end of the message.  '^A' commands must be  complete within a single command level. \Xp	 !Use 'EY' instead of 'Y'The 'Y' command has been replaced by 'EY', because it	 * is too easy to accidentally destroy the editing buffer by typeing 'Y'.  This applies	 2 only to typed in command string, and not to macros executed by the 'M' command, on t ;he assumption that macros have been debugged. ^
Y<	 @Unterminated file specificationThe file specification is unterminated, this is 	 Hbecause the file specification in a Q-register did not terminate with an altmode in t Qhe same Q-register. _0YY	 SUnterminated insert commandAn insert command (possibly an @ insert command) \ has been given without terminated the text argument at the same macro level. aZ7	 dUnknown keyword value  for switch The keyword  is not 	 la valid argument for the switch . The valid arguments for  are  u. b Z{	 vUnknown monitor error A FILOP. UUO returned an unknown error code  ~.  This is not expected to occur.  Contact your systems programmer. d~[2	 Unterminated keyword in  commandThe keyword in the Q-register for	  the  command must be terminated by a space before the end of the Q-regis ter. e [U	 Undefined network node for The network node for  either does  !not exist or is currently out of contact. g~[W	 %Unknown switch /The switch / is not valid on this file specif	 .ication.  The legal switches for this command are: . The switches valid on 6 any file specification are .  h[Y	 ;Unterminated search commandA search command (possibly an @ search command)  Chas been given without terminated the text argument at the same macro level. j\y	 KUSETI errorAn attempt to use the USETI feature met with on of the following:
	 T1) EB in force.
2) ER not in force.
3) Block number was negative, zero, or t \oo large, in which case a USETI 1 was done. k@\z	 aUnterminated tagA command string tag has been indicated by a ! command, but the	 ire is no corresponding ! to mark the end of the tag.  Tags must be complete within a  rsingle command level. m]	 tUnterminated keyword in  commandThe keyword argument for an 	 } command must be terminated by an altmode at the same macro level as the   command. n]	 Unknown terminal type or parameter The word  is not a val	 id terminal type or parameter for use in an EV command. The valid terminal types are  .  The valid parameters are . p]	 Illegal UUOAn internal error has caused TECO to execute an illegal UUO. Please  &contact your systems programmer and explain what you were doing. q@]7	 -Unknown parameter in EV command The word  is not a valid EV 6 parameter.  The valid parameters are . s]X	 ;Value only Q-registerThe Q-register  is a value only Q-register t*kx	 CVideo parameter block index 
	 out of range.The value given for the	 L video parameter block index, 
	,waseithernegativeorlargerthanthesiTzeoftheparameterblock.vky	WWrongTCPUtypeThe4centraleprocessorthatTECOewasassembledforisbdifferent  `that the central processor that it is running on. w@xz	 eThe device for  is write lockedThe file  can not be writte nn on a hardware write locked device. y {	 rWord boundary not foundAn insufficient number of word boundaries were found  zto satisfy an FW command. The pointer has not been moved at all z{S	 Attempted write to , which is not open for writingThe file  	 is not open for output, but the user attempted to write to this file. ||T	 Executing current text buffer is illegalAn M or W command with the current tex t buffer as its argument is illegal. }
PKZPKZPKZ@W	bKRVbNwsfbNx3&bP5&b7&`	EkM`	Ky@hlVO}	\XCh	\XH@hlVO}	\Xh	\X`H@hlVO}	\X`h	\YH@hlVO}	\Yh	\ZH@hlVO}	\Zh	\Z:H@hlVO}	\Z:h	\[H@	hlVO}	\[h	\3H@
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hlVO}	\3h	\`FH@hlVO}	\`hh	\gH@hlVO}	\gh	\g"H@hlVO}	\g"h	\g^H@hlVO}	\g^h	\gkH@hlVO}	\gkh	\kKH@hlVO}	\kKh	\kdH@hlVO}	\kdh	\kuH@hlVO}	\kuh	\l
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BH@KhlVO}	]
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 "h`~8HB@<u~8HB@<r~0HB@<j~ HB@<e~H@H
 #g	X~v8H@H
 #g	X~vHB@<~(HB@<~ HB@<
Nx3&	h~sH@H
 #g	X~q`H@H
 #g	X~q8HB@<y~xHB@<t~pH@H
_7&	h~gH@H
 #<A	h~f8H@H
 #<N	X~e H@H
 #<N	X~dxHB@<~HB@<~xH@H
KRV~aHB@<y~PHB@<v~HHB@<i~8HB@<d~0H @Hb3xhuH@H
 #<C	X~^8H@H
 #<C	X~^H@H
 #g	X~]0H@H
 #<C	X~]H@H
 #g	X~\hHB@<W~ HB@<S~HB@<C~HB@<@~HB@<$~pHB@<!~hHB@<~XHB@<
 #/h~P@HB@<`~(HB@<\~ H@H
 "h`~L H@H
 "h`~EpHB@< ~HHB@<~@H@H
;#h~D H@H
 #<N	X~>H@H
U#<N	X~=HHB@<5~PHB@<2~HH@H
 "h`~4hHB@<~ HB@<~H@H
KRV~+(HB@<L~(HB@<H~ H@H
 #<N	X~hH@H
 #<N	X~xHB@<]~HB@<V~H@H
 "h`~XHB@<p~ HB@<j~H@H
x#3	~<[~HB@<W~HB@<G~pHB@<C~hH@H
 "h`~	H@H
 "h`~hHB@<3~XHB@<0~PHB@<#~@HB@< ~8HB@<~(HB@<~ HB@<S~HB@<O~HB@<E~xHB@<A~pH@H
"h`~x0HB@<9~`HB@<5~XH@H	Ky~0HB@<~(H@H
 "h`~j HB@<I~ HB@<E~H@H
r"h`~dHB@<~@HB@<~8HB@<~(HB@<~ HB@<
_~ HB@<
~PHB@<y~@HB@<u~8HB@<d~(HB@<_~ H@H
H~H @HTw~<h
~@H	Ky@H	Ky	u~
"h`~@HB@<	D~
pHB@<	+~
 "h`~ H@H
H@H	Ky@<;~
 "h`~xHB@<~`HB@<~XHB@<~HHB@<	~@H@H
H@H	Ky@H	Ky	~	pHB@<~	hHB@<s~	XHB@<n~	PHB@<G~	@HB@<>~	8HB@<6~	(HB@<2~	 H@H
KRV~gHB@<*~	HB@<'~	H@H
 "h`~dHB@<~`HB@<~XH@HX5!	(~c(H@HWt`~cH@HX5!	(~bXH@HWt`~b8HB@<	~HHB@<~@H@H
 "h`~[@HB@<N~hHB@<J~`HB@<?~PHB@<;~HHB@<.~8HB@<*~0HB@< ~ HB@<~H@H
 "h`~SHHB@<~HB@<~H@H	EkMP~RHB@<t~pHB@<n~hH@H
 "h`~KHB@<O~(HB@<K~ HB@<?~HB@<:~H@H
 #<N	X~HpH@H
 #<N	X~GhHB@<.~xHB@<+~pH@H
^R	 ~GHB@<~`HB@<~XHB@<~HHB@<~@H@H
 #/h~3HB@<	~8HB@<~0HB@<w~ HB@<s~H@H
 #<N	X~.hHB@<i~HB@<b~H@H
"h`~*HB@<A~XHB@<=~PH@H	Ky
 #<N	X~&@HB@<)~(HB@<$~ H@H
 #<N	X~%HB@<~HB@<~H@H
 #<N	X~#HB@<~xHB@<~~pHB@<s~`HB@<o~XH@H
 "h`~ HB@<Q~0HB@<N~(HB@<E~HB@<B~HB@<7~HB@<3~xH@H
 "h`~HHB@<m~ HB@<j~HB@<c~HB@<_~H @Hb3xhiH@H
 #g	X~
 #<N	X~
 #g	X~`H@H
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 "h`~	0H@H
"h`~	HB@<2~@HB@<.~8H@H
 #<N	X~HH@H
 #<N	X~HB@<~(HB@<~ H@H
Nx3&	h~PH@H
 #<N	X~@H@H
 #<N	X~HB@<~HB@<~(