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	SUBTTL	Text Editor and COrrector		4-October-1979
	SUBTTL	Introduction

; Copyright (c) 1980 Stevens Institute of Technology,
; Hoboken, New Jersey, 07030

; This software may be used and copied provided that this copyright notice
;is included, and provided that copies of all modifications are sent to:
;	TECO Project
;	Computer Center
;	Stevens Institute of Technology
;	Castle Point Station
;	Hoboken, New Jersey    07030
; The information in this software is subject to change without notice
; and should not be construed as a commitment by the authors or their
; employers.
; Version number

	TECVER==200		; Major version number
	TECMIN==1		; Minor version number
	TECEDT==1174		; Edit level
	TECWHO==0		; Who last edited it

; Universals

	SEARCH	MAC		; DEC-10 macro defintitions

; Generate the TITLE

	TITLE.	TEC,TECHST,<Text editor and corrector revision history>
	TECTTL			; Generate the TITLE
	TECPTX			; Generate the PRINTX
	%%TECO==:<VRSN.(TEC)>	; Generate a global symbol for the entry vector
	SUBTTL	Table of Contents


;		Table of Contents for TECHST - TECO revision history
;			   Section			      Page
;   1. Text Editor and COrrector. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    1
;   2. Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    1
;   3. Table of Contents. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    3
;   4. Revision History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    4
;   5. End of TECHST. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    5

;.end lit.pag
	SUBTTL	Revision History


1000	Start of this version

1001	By: Nick Bush		On: 15-July-1980
	Fix table entry to allow EH commands without an argument.
	Avoid %TECSUP messages when doing an EB/INPLACE.

1002	By: Robert McQueen		On: 16-July-1980
	- Start some work on a -20 interface and making KAs work with TECONC
	- Fix a core management problem/symbol table problem defining the first

1003	By: Robert McQueen		On: 17-July-1980
	The look ahead for the PW command caused random errors.  The TXZ
	should not be, since it will mange special characters.
	Modules: TECCMD

1004	By: Robert McQueen		On: 21-July-1980
	The O command would cause ?ill mem ref if the tag was null.  Give a better
	error message for the O command.

1005	By: Nick Bush		On: 21-July-1980
	Add capability for scrolling the screen downwards on terminals with
	the function. This currently works only for VT-52's, but provides
	the necessary support for any terminal with a scrolling region.

1006	By: Nick Bush		On: 28-July-1980
	1. EE files get "Not a save file" from monitor. The byte size specified in
	   TECUNV was getting expanded as 36 octal, not decimal.
	2. EW was using the wrong address for calling F$RSET when there already was
	   an output file. Make it use the FDB address, not the text buffer address.

1007	By: Nick Bush		On: 30-July-1980
	1) Make CHKTYI work a little better on slow speed (<=600 baud) 
	   terminals. It will now wait until the output buffer is empty before
	   returning the no input return.
	2) Put the cursor in a better position to indicate the location of PT
	   when PT = Z. The only time the cursor will now be over the prompt
	   is when PT = Z and the last line of the buffer is terminated by an
	   end of line character, and is on the last line of the window.

1010	By: Robert McQueen		On: 31-July-1980
	%TECSUP error message gave junk for the file specification.

1011	By: Nick Bush		On: 6-August-1980
	Fix the positioning cost routine to include the use of a tab for
	the forward movement.
	Modules: TECHEA

1012	By: Nick Bush		On: 6-August-1980
	Fix the fast search algorithm. Under certain circumstances, it was looking
	one character too far in the buffer. If this character happened to match,
	it could claim that the string was found when in fact it did not exist
	in the buffer. This would also end up with PT set at Z+1 leading to
	all sorts of problems (including PTD stopcodes in video mode).
	Also make REE (reenter) save all of the Tx ac's before calling lower
	level routines which use them. There are numerous places where not
	doing this can cause random errors.

1013	By: Nick Bush		On: 6-August-1980
	Make UPDLIN use SC$WLN to write out a line if the line on the screen is
	blank, and we didn't have a function block for the replacement.
	Make FS and FN searches only move the text in the text buffer once, not
	do a delete and an insert. It will now only delete characters if the
	new string is shorter, and only insert space if the new string is longer.

1014	By: Nick Bush		On: 11-August-1980
	1) Don't do the AUTO-BUFFER command if we had a error on the last command.
	   This avoids losing info for the error messages.
	2) Make an EB/ER/EX sequence end up renaming the correct files, not
	   trying to rename the ER'ed file to the EB'ed file.BAK, ...
	3) Make TEC file=file work the way it is supposed to.

1015	By: Nick Bush		On: 11-August-1980
	Don't give the NSM message until after we have parsed the Q-register name.
	Otherwise, we a end up executing the Q-register name.
	Modules: TECVID

1016	By: Robert McQueen		On: 12-August-1980
	- Log files do not work for /NOOUTPUT and /NOINPUT
	- Make :E< and :E> work.
	Modules: TECECM

1017	By: Robert McQueen		On: 12-August-1980
	- The ENQ'd path was wrong sometimes, test backwards.
	- ^Z command caused files to be renamed for EB'd files.

1020	By: Robert McQueen		On: 13-August-1980
	REENTER at the wrong time cause an ill mem ref.  One of the times was when
	you typed ^C to the --More-- processing.
	Modules: TECPRS

1021	By: Nick Bush		On: 14-August-1980
	Fix GETARG to not allow two argument commands to have values outside
	of the range for the buffer.
	Modules: TECCMD

1022	By: Nick Bush		On: 14-August-1980
	Fix M$XPND to avoid overwriting the block after the one being
	expanded (yet again). Also really avoid this problem by putting
	in the code for a POP loop when inserting multiples of 5
	Modules: TECMEM

1023	By: Robert McQueen		On: 16-August-1980
	Cause the path to be printed for the E< commands if the file that is edited
	is in the default path.
	Modules: TECFIL

1024	By: Robert McQueen		On: 19-August-1980
	Clear the executing flag in V$ASK and turn in back on after the character
	input has been done.
	Modules: TECVID

1025	By: Nick Bush		On: 20-August-1980
	Finish support for DEC VT-100 terminals. There are two flavors.
	EVVT100$ uses ANSI mode sequences for 80 character wide VT-100.
	EVVT132$ uses ANSI mode sequences for 132 character wide VT-100.

1026	By: Nick Bush		On: 21-August-1980
	When the command buffer is not the last thing on the screen on a terminal
	without insert/delete line or scrolling, if type in extends past the
	end of the section, various errors can result (ill mem ref's, looping,
	Modules: TECVID

1027	By: Nick Bush		On: 21-August-1980
	Shorten FILOP. block to not include the PPN word. This avoids random
	protection failures.
	Modules: TECFIL

1030	By: Robert McQueen		On: 21-August-1980
	- Clean up defaulting routines
	- Prevent EB files from always seeming to be /INPLACE.

1031	By: Robert McQueen		On: 22-August-1980
	Attempt to speed up reading characters by not saving T2 to T4 in F$READ and
	rearrange the checks in the routine so they are faster.

1032	By: Robert McQueen		On: 22-August-1980
	Make TECMEM assemble for KI-10s.

1033	By: Nick Bush		On: 22-August-1980
	Fix F$ENQ to turn on the bypass level numbers bit for the ENQ.,
	and to not allow the file to be edited if it gets the ENQDR% error.
	Modules: TECFIL

1034	By: Nick Bush		On: 24-August-1980
	If an error occurs during the execution of TECONC, error processing
	blows up. Set up a flag to indicate whether TECONC has finished yet.
	If it is still set, error processing will skip writing the message
	into the Q-reg.

1035	By: Nick Bush		On: 25-August-1980
	Fix CHKFFI to handle ersatz devices correctly. Use the path
	returned by the monitor as the assumed path where the file
	should exist. If it didn't exist there, give the FFI message
	correctly. Under either case, if it is not the default path,
	do the correct thing with EB'ed files.
	Modules: TECFIL

1036	By: Nick Bush		On: 26-August-1980
	Restore .JBFF before calling CHKFFI in POSREA and POSAPP. This
	avoids problems with memory management if the FFI message is to
	be given.
	Modules: TECFIL

1037	By: Robert McQueen		On: 26-August-1980
	Fix edit 1030 for defaulting.

1040	By: Robert McQueen		On: 2-September-1980
	I^Gq or S^Gq gave bad error messages if single character q-register
	names were used.  Move QREGV2 back one line, so the name is stored.
	Modules: TECCMD

1041	By: Robert McQueen		On: 2-September-1980
	Make the O command give the correct tag all the time, if the tag can not
	be found.
	Modules: TECCMD

1042	By: Robert McQueen		On: 3-September-1980
	Don't reinitialize the symbol table management until C$XCT, otherwise
	symbols we are typing out in error messages go away.
	Modules: TECPRS

1043	By: Robert McQueen		On: 1-October-1980
	?Illegal memory reference at PC .... (M$XPND+some).  Stuffing the
	warning message into the QRG which expands, but .JBFF is wrong.
	Modules: TECFIL

1044	By: Robert McQueen		On: 7-October-1980
	Don't smash T1 in the local UUO processing.
	Modules: TECUUO

1045	By: Robert McQueen		On: 15-October-1980
	Output files where getting 1b35 on.  M$XP.8 (POP loop) moved too many words
	and was moving the text buffer header into the editing buffer.  If the
	number of characters that were being inserted were then less then 20. the
	bit (1B35) would not be cleared.
	Modules: TECMEM

1046	By: Nick Bush		On: 16-October-1980
	Add support for Hazeltine 1420 terminal.

1047	By: Robert McQueen		On: 24-October-1980
	79 Character lines would cause the 79th charcter to print twice, the
	second time on the wrapped around line if there was no CRLF ending the
	Modules: TECVID

1050	By: Robert McQueen		On: 28-October-1980
	Add support for VT05s and hope it works.
	Modules: TECDEC

1051	By: Robert McQueen		On: 12-November-1980
	1420 support needed the delete to end of line routine and the control
	U processing.
	Modules: TECHZL

1052	By: Nick Bush		On: 12-November-1980
	Make sure RCHSVD gets cleared when we start command execution.
	Also make :M(FOOBAR) work correctly.

1053	By: Robert McQueen		On: 12-November-1980
	RCHSVD should have been LASTCH, otherwise you get an ill mem ref.
	Modules: TECPRS

1054	By: Nick Bush		On: 13-November-1980
	Fix yet another case of .JBFF being screwed up while a warning message
	is being given.
	Modules: TECFIL

1055	By: Robert McQueen		On: 18-November-1980
	Add two new :^T commands to put the terminal into packed image mode and to
	take it out again.
		:-3^T - Put into packed image mode
		:-4^T - Take it out of packed image mode

1056	By: Nick Bush		On: 21-November-1980
	Add routines for Tektronix 4025.
	Also fix an off by one case with Hazeltine 1420's.

1057	By: Nick Bush		On: 3-December-1980
	Fix search failure code to check for an iteration correctly. Previous
	edits had changed the contents of the XS stack, but had not fixed
	Modules: TECSRH

1060	By: Robert McQueen		On: 8-December-1980
	Random problems....(p1) ==> (P2) in S$DELE.
	Modules: TECSYM

1061	By: Nick Bush		On: 18-December-1980
	1) Finish and debug Tektronix 4025 support.
	2) Add FW command.
	3) Add capability of logging screen update info in log file.

1062	By: Nick Bush		On: 18-December-1980
	Add n^D command to go down one screen line staying in the same column.
	Also add ^D as an immediate command to do a 1^D and ^U to do a -1^D.

1063	By: Nick Bush		On: 19-December-1980
	Fix FW command to clear current ^D column so we will remember a new one.
	Fix ] command to respect the settings of the QR$xxx flags and not
	store text into a value only Q-reg or a value into a text only Q-reg.

1064	By: Robert McQueen		On: 23-December-1980
	VT100s are strange in that after clearing the screen the cursor is left on
	the bottom of the screen.  Add a new word to the $CRxxx blocks $CRERY to
	be the Y position after the screen is erased.

1065	By: Robert McQueen		On: 29-December-1980
	Remove the previous edit since it is easier to just add a home sequence
	after the erase function.  The erase sequence is now: <esc>[2J<esc>[H

1066	By: Robert McQueen		On: 6-January-1981
	Fix various problems with TECVID processing of VT100s.  FFD stopcodes
	and illegal memory references.
	Modules: TECVID

1067	By: Robert McQueen/Nick Bush		On: 6-January-1981
	The cost algorithms where wrong for a few cases (ANSII mode positioning
	only).  Fix them.

1070	By: Nick Bush		On: 6-January-1981
	Add three words to the text buffer headers.  These are for use by the
	video updating routines to remember the END of the buffer when updating
	is done, the first position modified between updates and the last
	position modified between updates.
	Modules: TECUNV

1071	By: Nick Bush		On: 10-January-1981
	Add F$RBUF and F$WBUF routines to improve I/O performance.
	Also add /MODE:DUMP for all file commands.

1072	By: Robert McQueen		On: 15-January-1981
	Random errors from TECIOE to Ill mem refs.  Clear LASFDB in F$WBUF before
	returning to the caller.
	Modules: TECFIL

1073	By: Nick Bush		On: 22-January-1981
	Fix ^P command.  WRTBUF has to save A1 and A2.
	Also make M and W illegal for the current text buffer.  While there
	are still methods of ending up executing the current text buffer,
	this should catch most of them.

1074	By: Nick Bush		On: 23-January-1981
	Make TECONC ask for an initial command string for TECINI. This can be
	any set of TECO commands terminated by two altmodes.
	Also make TECECM do a physical-only GETSEG during an EE file restart if
	the original run-from info was gotten from the GETTAB's.

1075	By: Robert McQueen		On: 28-January-1981
	Files that were edited with /MODE:DUMP had the habit of having junk at the
	end of the file or the last few characters trashed.  Fix the code that
	clears the characters after the end of the editing buffer to do it
	Modules: TECFIL

1076	By: Nick Bush		On: 30-January-1981
	Add a default mode to be mode type 0. This will allow /MODE:ASCII
	to really be such with LSA files. Also make /MODE: properly default
	from ER/EW to EB and vice versa.

1077	By: Nick Bush		On: 6-Febuary-1981
	1) Add routine do delete all tags for a given text buffer, and have it
	   called anytime the buffer becomes editable, or is destroyed.
	2) Reset CUREDT to point at TXTBUF anytime the q-register which it points
	   at becomes disassociated with it.

1100	By: Robert McQueen		On: 8-Febuary-1981
	- Issue a ?TECNFO error message if there are no files for output on an EX
	  command or anything else that runs through FINI.0.
	- Cause the ?TECNFO error message from the above to only print one.  U$WW??
	  should not save TY.OBY on the stack, but use the ^X feature of $STRING.

1101	By: Robert McQueen		On: 13-Febuary-1981
	If the file was 'magic' in size don't blow it away.  (Last editing buffer
	fit in the last disk buffer, so LASFDB was never cleared, because no 
	output was done.)
	Modules: TECFIL

1102	By: Nick Bush		On: 23-Febuary-1981
	Fix VIDPOS to handle wrapped around lines correctly.  It was using the
	wrong value to check if it had found the correct line.
	Modules: TECVID

1103	By: Nick Bush		On: 1-March-1981
	Fix SLOS.Z to handle -S^EL correctly.  It was always succeeding.
	Modules: TECSRH

1104	By: Nick Bush		On: 12-March-1981
	Fix FW command when going backwards from the end of the buffer. It was
	looking at the character after the end of the buffer.
	Fix FK/FS to work correctly with ^ES in the search argument.
	Modules: TECSRH

1105	By: Robert McQueen		On: 18-March-1981
	Null files did not work with dump mode input.
	Modules: TECFIL

1106	By: Nick Bush		On: 13-May-1981
	Improve screen updating for times when the new screen has portions which
	are identical with the old.  This will also fix most cases of wrapped
	around lines on the top of the section of the screen.
	Also fix some random /MODE:DUMP bugs.

1107	By: Nick Bush		On: 15-May-1981
	PTD stopcodes if screen update is aborted during a scroll down operation.
	Modules: TECVID

1110	By: Nick Bush		On: 30-June-1981
	Fix a couple bugs in updating.  Make sure that all lines which
	get destroyed as a result of scroll operations actually get marked
	that way.  Also do not just assume that if the first and last
	lines are valid that all lines in between are.  Check that all
	lines are valid before using the current screen.
	Modules: TECVID

1111	By: Nick Bush		On: 9-July-1981
	Don't do 18-bit arithmetic on memory sizes, so we don't turn a request
	for 1000000 words into something less, and thereby miss the error.
	Modules: TECMEM

1112	By: Robert McQueen		On: 10-July-1981
	Half the screen would disappear on ADM3As and other types of messed up
	screen updates.  This would only happen if it was cheaper to clear the
	screen and then write the data.  Clear LD$SME in the new LDBs in this case.
	Modules: TECVID

1113	By: Nick Bush		On: 12-July-1981
	Fix a backwards compare in SC$WRS.  The update will now correctly
	fix the bottom line when that should be more efficient.
	Modules: TECVID

1114	By: Robert McQueen		On: 17-July-1981
	Fix a defaulting problem with sub-file directories.
	Modules: TECFIL

1115	By: Nick Bush		On: 5-August-1981
	More VT-100 work.  The scroll up and down routines must remember that the
	cursor is HOMEd when the scroll region is changed.  Also, the VT-100 cannot
	handle a scroll region only 1 line long, so just use the erase line
	function instead.  When a scroll region (margins) is set, the CUU and CUD
	operations (cursor up and down) will not cross the top and bottom margins
	(respectively), and therefore we cannot reliably use these in doing a
	cursor positioning.  Resort to doing more aboslute addressing.
	Modules: TECDEC

1116	By: Nick Bush		On: 10-August-1981
	More work on VT-100's.  Get size of scrolling region right, and also make
	sure the region is properly set when we do a LF in the command echoing

1117	By: Robert McQueen		On: 14-August-1981
	- Scroll up didn't work correctly at all times.
	- Correct the cursor position after you scroll the screen up.
	Modules: TECVID

1120	By: Robert McQueen		On: 14-August-1981
	NRC stopcodes from control U processing on VT100s if you have a two line
	Modules: TECVID

1121	By: Nick Bush		On: 17-August-1981
	Control-U's in three line command buffers did not work.  More
	checks were needed in DISPLY.
	Fix defaulting of file spec paths to work correctly.  A previous edit
	had broken it.

1122	By: nb		On: 21-August-1981
	Fix DISPLY to not ill mem ref with extremely long lines. (>15000 characters).
	DISP.4 was referencing the previously found BEG (or thought it was) without
	first checking if there were any lines left on the top of the screen.
	Modules: TECVID

1123	By: Robert McQueen		On: 30-August-1981
	Incorporate the support give to use from University of Delaware (Richard
	Braun) for HP2621 terminals.
	Modules: TECHP

1124	By: Robert McQueen		On: 31-August-1981
	Incorporate the VT61 support (written by Nick Tamburri from DEC) and the
	corrected VT05 support (by Vern Brownell).

1125	By: Robert McQueen		On: 29-September-1981
	- Make symbol table entries movable blocks.
	- Use the new linked list processing.
	- Initial work to make TECSYM run in non-section zero.

1126	By: Robert McQueen		On: 8-October-1981
	Make stopcodes more useful.  Create a U$STOP routine to type out more 
	information when a STOPCODE is encountered.  Save the registers in a place
	FILDDT can get at and do other good things.

Start of Version 200A(1126)

1127	By: Nick Bush@SIT, Robert C. McQueen@SIT		On: 15-October-1981
	Add the following new features:
	- String arguments.  {...} is a string argument.
	- Make I take them, = and == return them.
	- Implement the FC command to define immediate command tables
	- Implement the E? command to return various items.
	- Start doing some work so that TECO will work on TOPS-20
	- Start doing some work so that TECO some day may run in a section
	  besides zero.

1130	By: Nick Bush@SIT		On: 5-November-1981
	Split TECVID into two files:  TECVID and TECUPD.
	Redo how command editing is do in video mode to make the ^W editing
	character easier to implement.
	Add a new format for the V command when in video mode to allow the
	user more control over the position of text on the screen.

1131	By: Nick Bush		On: 6-November-1981
	Fix V$OCHR and V$ASK to work when the screen buffer has not been set up.
	This is mainly for errors which occur during the initial command processing.
	Modules: TECVID

1132	By: Nick Bush		On: 10-December-1981
	1) Add Q-register data types for the sake of FC(Q-reg)SAVE$ and
	FC(Q-reg)RESTORE$ commands.
	2) Fix FC(q-reg)REPLACE$ to correctly replace the ALWAYS and OTHER options.

1133	By: Nick Bush		On: 11-December-1981
	Remove delete/insert character flag from entry for VT-61 since it is nearly
	impossible to do it right.
	Add control-C intercept flag for Tektronics 4025 to reset the command sequence
	to the expected thing.
	Modules: TECTBL

1134	By: Nick Bush		On: 21-December-1981
	Make sure QR$PRD gets turned on for predefined Q-register names.
	Modules: TECCMD

1135	By: Nick Bush		On: 21-December-1981
	Add /YANK and /NOYANK switches to ER and EB commands.  These will
	cause an EY command to be done along with the ER/EB command.
	The switch will have a single default for both ER and EB.
	Modules: TECECM

1136	By: Nick Bush		On: 1-January-1982
	Don't use a tab to address past column 72 on H-19's.  They only move one
	space per tab at that point.
	Modules: TECHEA

1137	By: Nick Bush		On: 1-January-1982
	Fix clean up of Q-register stack.  It had not been taught about Q-reg
	data types.
	Modules: TECPRS

1140	By: Nick Bush		On: 1-January-1982
	Fix E?TERMINAL-TYPE$ to not put a CRLF after the terminal name.
	Modules: TECECM

1141	By: Nick Bush		On: 1-January-1982
	Fix EW/EA command to correctly turn off the "output open" flag when
	reseting the previous file.
	Modules: TECECM

1142	By: Nick Bush		On: 3-January-1982
	Fix SETWIN to properly copy the VIN block when it had to be expanded
	and moved.  It was not copying the last word of the old block.
	Modules: TECECM

1143	By: Nick Bush		On: 3-January-1982
	Fix insert to correctly call M$INSS.  It was calling it with the address
	of the buffer where the text was located, not the address of the pointer
	to the buffer.
	Modules: TECCMD

1144	By: Nick Bush		On: 4-January-1982
	Fix commands which take an optional numeric argument to work correctly
	within expressions. (I.e., 100+%1).
	Modules: TECPRS

1145	By: Nick Bush		On: 8-Febuary-1982
	Re-write command input routines to implement FI command. As part of this
	allow user to set prompt by storing the prompt text for normal commands in
	the Q-register 'COMMAND-PROMPT'.

1146	By: Nick Bush		On: 16-March-1982
	Fix PTD stopcode that occurs with type ahead when a long command has been typed
	and not yet updated away.
	Modules: TECUPD

1147	By: Nick Bush		On: 17-March-1982
	Fix control-C code to correctly restore T1-3 before saving them on the stack.
	This got broken when the check for DDT was put in.
	Modules: TECECM

1150	By: Nick Bush		On: 23-March-1982
	Fix CPYCTB to correctly handle copying only one CND.  It was returning
	the new CND it had created when it returned.
	Modules: TECMEM

1151	By: Nick Bush		On: 24-March-1982
	Add Q-register 'EXIT-BUFFER' to be executed whenever TECO is exiting.
	Also remove the string to set VT-100's to smooth scroll on exit.  This
	can now be done by putting the correct macro in 'EXIT-BUFFER'.

1152	By: Nick Bush		On: 2-April-1982
	Yet another check to avoid PTD stopcode.  In FDSPLY/DISPLY, make sure that the
	fixed position value is reasonable before we use it.
	Modules: TECUPD

1153	By: Nick Bush		On: 2-April-1982
	Fix problem with update not choosing most efficient end of screen to fix.
	V$CINI was smashing info that it shouldn't have been.
	Modules: TECVID

1154	By: Nick Bush		On: 8-April-1982
	Add debugging routine to output the cost matrix for the section update costs.
	Fix VT-100 insert and delete cost routines to count the costs for setting
	the scroll region in the correct places.  This should make VT-100's update
	a bit faster, and make the update seem less strange to the user.

1155	By: Robert C. McQueen		On: 12-April-1982
	Minus search didn't work if you started at the end of the buffer.
	Modules: TECSRH

1156	By: Robert C. McQueen		On: 14-April-1982
	- Fix bug in the last edit.
	- Fix problem with screen updating if /MODE:ASCI and P command.

1157	By: Nick Bush		On: 28-April-1982
	Fix command input to work correctly with a ^U after an escape on the
	first line of a command.
	Put in yet another check in an attempt to avoid PTD stopcodes for the command

1160	By: Nick Bush		On: 10-May-1982
	Don't save XCTING while executing the exit Q-regs.  REENTER was broken
	if that was done.
	Modules: TECPRS

1161	By: Nick Bush		On: 13-May-1982
	Add new code to support peek-ahead for immediate (FC table) commands and
	for a new form of the control-T command.
	Add the new form of the control-T command to allow macros to peek at
	input, and to make use of timed input.  Also add the Q-register
	TERMINAL-INPUT-BUFFER to hold the text being peeked at, with the side
	effect of allowing macros to store text into the Q-register, and have
	it be treated as input typed on the terminal.
	Also change the space command to just pass through the arguments unless
	EO is set to 4 or less.

1162	By: Nick Bush		On: 14-May-1982
	Add a new flag for Q-regs to indicate that the Q-reg may not become the
	current editing buffer with the E. command.  This keeps TERMINAL-INPUT-BUFFER
	from causing problems

1163	By: Nick Bush		On: 19-May-1982
	Fix ill mem ref when terminal length is set so that command buffer is
	not displayed.
	Also add VK100 (GIGI) support from Nick Tamburri at DEC.

1164	By: Nick Bush		On: 29-May-1982
	Last edit broke redefining the screen without intervening update.
	In SETWIN, always call SC$CLS, whether the Q-reg claims to be displayed
	or not.
	Modules: TECECM

1165	By: Nick Bush		On: 6-June-1982
	Try yet again to get rid of the PTD stopcodes that occur with the command
	buffer updates associated with type-ahead.  Hopefully this will be the
	last fix required for this problem.
	Modules: TECVID

1166	By: Nick Bush		On: 15-June-1982
	Yet another attempt to fix PTD's.
	Modules: TECUPD

1167	By: Nick Bush		On: 22-June-1982
	Fix UPDBND to handle being called with infinity as the upper bound.
	This makes YANK flag the changes correctly all the time.
	Modules: TECMVM

1170	By: Nick Bush		On: 22-June-1982
	Save XCTING (flag whether execting commands) over execution of EXIT-COMMAND.
	If this is not done, then the EX command will not work when something is
	Modules: TECPRS

1171	By: Nick Bush		On: 29-June-1982
	Fix * and ? from screwing up after an error when a long prompt is being used.

1172	By: Nick Bush		On: 4-August-1982
	Fix log file processing (old input mode) to correctly skip the
	prompt in the buffer.
	Modules: TECPRS

1173	By: Nick Bush		On: 10-August-1982
	When deleting text, fix up the OTHER and ALWAYS text pointers if
	Modules: TECMVM

1174	By: Nick Bush		On: 11-August-1982
	When running terminal in image mode, tack the parity bit on correctly.
	Don't smash the Q-reg in the LDB to terminate the command buffer section
	unless absolutely necessary.

	END			; End of TECHST