Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - steco_19840320_1er_E35 - 10,10/maksym.exe
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+!1BMm d 7@m @l d+d " B``@+	
,Q,+s!xdPD"@""G*"O"1"0"0b1."  .",  "`d,  B#4& "#b !+@",~:x,~``+#d"1"7
	b"1"@+;,> A",>(H{ #2B$l(aH+,ah((Z.$+4!"0X" 	b+/Z`5B1,^x,^ ",~(B`h+4((.(H." ,;6 !``hab1laB+/A"(B.x,^x,^,>2"q+,>4B?,g+&"@,>!$s[d0F*d@4$JQBpZp>XDr $
B,H44{Z`1d+N,>d d Fd=dL,^d,^.d ,^,^,~_6 (B#` Bq!"s \Dd.$@*bT3d+X	d+ ",#[`0B+SdX"$*"dZ$0"@+ $$.$(D Dq++!+#(B+%+' B#+)++aBg ".# B$,~,>&",>Z$"$S`Z%0f+r(-.(0" +q/".%d"(B.Bx:+r*dr*dj,^,^,~
".0,wl+,C,~,81D+},8RB@0D-,~,,S0D,~,,X0D.,~ R@,~,>(,,^(,~,P4.4{``@,P404{``@+,H44{,]424{R,H44{,P424{	b,,P434{	b	&"j0,y,Y4{,~@+3+5+7 Q"|+9aD*b4"+4+;,H44{,]4=4{,H44{,P4>4{+>,H44{,]4=4{,P4@4{,H44{.(,P4>4{+A*b+5"4d$,H44{,]4=4{+C,H44{,P4>4{+++E5V,Y4{+G+I+K $,H44{,]4=4{,P4M4{,H44{,]4M4{ &+N+P+K,H44{,]4=4{,P4R4{,H44{,H44{,]4M4{.&*h@,Y4{+R.$5V8,~,P4T4{,`,P4U4{   :@b)B)F4FW *'4BY *,+Y *4BY *,]44{,k=zS,~/8,P4V4{,H44{,~  :)D ('`D (,,]44{,k=za,~)B{ :@)B.",]44{=zg,~0Z1Z	+m0Z,~,]4W4{,~[,H44{,P4X4{Z,H44{,~4\y X ,P44{="w,~&",H44{,]4M4{&$,H44{,H44{,~JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec&":,H44{,]4Y4{&",P44{,]4Y4{."V,H44{,~  \ T B3(B B6 ( D7.b(>3b+	b+][T[
1b+ + B4Q"
X7Z7.6*" T B4 T B5 T B5,~7^ (5"$ $,l#&" QDx6@,$[x.$,l,~ _4D+.$,l`hp+),~7^ (@bO@7
(1D+30$0d +4$" ."h9.5f6;@7+.0B1B4F.6 7"`,~ _@f
(1d-1$ +=/$`hpD991d1$7+;1d=1$0+A/$+;0D1D4F9,~0$0d1D,~0D
(+C,q "XBm$_ #}1D7  ~ Bm,n$_+@N+!+",~+(,q "XBm #}  Bm } Bq ~ #q/"l"`4DX,l+V,~,>,j ",l ",l,^,~,q,n %}Z?`,aB,~,> '|&`(Fl^S`+@+i
&b	`,^,~ "XBm  Bm,~,]44,~ } Bq } q,~*xQ"x,>,>,>,x7:~,^,^,^,^,~-b}0P?Spy failed

&z+sIN^H8I ?Cannot OPEN output device

&}+s?Can't enter outpur file

&+s?Can't open input device

&+s?Can't lookup input file

&	+s6$ q$$"\",^+0,^,^+0
% Disk read error ?Not enough CORE

&+s?Not an EXE file

&+s?EXE Directory too complex

+`+a ,
+a+a ,
+a+b /,
+b+c ,
+c+c ,
+d+d ,
+d+e 6$%input file=running monitor on  at ,
++ ,
++ X,
+0+1 ,
+6+7 ,
+7+7 X,
+@+A X,
+M+M X KNO= YES= ADDRESS=,,    ?No core to copy monitor's data base

&Y+sH.}.?CHANNEL . OUT UUO failed