Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - steco_19840320_1er_E35 - 1,4/mm.exe
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?p```H?x[4Kb)&<_l&`INXg#	tz~%
?o+*>	`Hw^PV|BG}yP! #G}+ywXP! #[4PV|B,!
,!,!Unimplementedroutineexecuted k;O3E}ObsoleteroutineexecutedB]:"7B\/!d,B]O@j5\,>(B7,>,> "5!#aB5!\,>,>@@<B (."1",!~/!k,~.!k|}~,|+ A+ A:{|}~/!l,~.!j~
,~+ H+ G:}~
/!k,~,>,+ L+ L:,^/!i,~,>,+ P+ P:,^/!i,~,>,+ T+ T:,^/!i,~,>,+ X+ X:,^/!i,~C#xZ B^,^xgO,~:x,~,>Z,?!x9 e,>Z,?!x= e,>Z,?@ax,^,^,~,^.5> m,?:,+!l+ k/x/!i:x,~/P,>!g/!n``+ n+ i,^,> .5> w:,+!n+ u \,^:x,~/P,>!g/!n``+ x+ t)w'!p0d(`:5 \%"Q@)5 \, 7+>!+!+"!	".*n!5N!	*.4N!
 . 0 2n!p`t+!+!q!.A`4n!
7!g6"5=\7!q,"5\7!r"5 \:@+!*$@T!r*p[!s,C[RDRZDw%DS$DRR6@,+!,@EByO@0Q"A`Bx6@R+!!,*K4!t2B\,*K4!xT,*K4!{+!*T,*K4!~!"cB+!*,*K4"[,*K4"6@y6@{+!*,DE+!* @"	`"@"XTpYTpY "*TpZTpZTp[Tp[ " "+Tp "/Tp "0Tp~ "1Tp~ "2Tp} "3Tp} "4Tp| "5Tp| "6Tp{ "
 R/Attempt to zero the ACs !dCj!gO3D;v (@H/x/!i,~ \,^,~Q@@!T}_? !/ !sp\` !/ !wpS`!/ !wPw!/P!0`!/P!B`!/P!U` terminated  !wp\ "0y@
?Recursion in stopcode handler--Can not continue

?Stopcode -  - in module  on 
 Program is  version  using GLXLIB version 
 Crash block starts at location R
 Last GLXLIB error:  ()

 Contents of the ACs:
 Last 9 stack locations:
 -1(P)/   -2(P)/   -3(P)/
 -4(P)/   -5(P)/   -6(P)/
4-7(P)/O-8(P)/5-9(P)/SB0S:5pcV89[iH1M&dH2iYC$H2%JM{@IN\YP%8p%9@@y*"O@,$^0b,*K4%@0b"B~$%H	b,!7B@5 \hbibQ"A` $%c5 \1n5 \6B@ B1n5 \6B@ B5 \, ) 7B85 \[86@7@.7+#1+#,>,>%g,> [@,"q4@%g,^,$:7,$74@ \ 8!"z3D@@*b#5 \7 7z6D Dy5 \1", Z4
 +#+$%u4D#60$%c,%4@^7B,PZ|2B3Bl@3BeD+#>Ol$Z(@Q  @ D
+#>1B, Z41B, Z4
1B, Z4
0B,Z46@@@P,Z47@{,!{,Z4GB|5#Y!"BB|7@7B+#d,1+4@%|O@}!`X$*$,1[1B+$Z,>!`X$*$,^,AB("XB+$, 2@*7@m"%~b%~4B#k6B}+#k,@k4@%Q" B} | BaB7& } D y B@@ &	b1+#~6@ B  D D .&XN`dl. 3Dl.3Dl.Z N7@5$ $,D4@$ ,%,+$1B, Z40B+$ "Fb|`B+#h+#k0B,!
!b@+$*5Dy7Pl$4DO6@+$,@&$,%4@$+5\ 5\@,$~ &6@ & $,%7@,!,!
,>y6By!.zZ,$M4@&)+B8*n$J,^y5$\0"0",Z4Z4	b "5 \SB
,>\"v B@@
4&-	b/,!."0B5\,&)Z4B$s[4B$n,$w[.0",",$x7@,!4D \,*K4&G5 \,$~ &J $,%4@&K 6@.,*K4&M5 \1+%
,>|,>,>,>,>&YO@ B1P@@ " B1P7&RZ1P6@7,!
6@,#X4@&f ab+%Z2B+%k2B+%@@"&g5B0\5#\7B,&h,1/,4$,1Q"*"[1B+%,>,A*xXD,^.Q$*$O@}+%Z/ 0a5&\B5&\, -h"ibQ"A` &i 0. @=p%/ P5 \ &j	d5 \A!`X"	b5 \A4B \5 \z%  O3E Packet size () too small.  MAXPAK ().*q %9r` %:p%: %;p%< %=p %?XSYSTEM GOPHER IS NOT AROUND %HO>6%KO3ECan't Get a PID %MG%OO3E80Requested Pid belongs to JOB  %Sp%VO3ENo debugging name for special index  %YP%]O3ED@B@<@"|@F@1:,^,~%e,^+#1:,^,^,~%hF8 Waiting for  to start*q %9r` %:p%: %lpV"7 %mD8 
d'pd'pd'pCan't get a PID &&O3E*q %9r` %:p%: %:P$3Becoming   (PID = )dFxPID Index out of range &a'&!O3EdGH
Can'tOwriteSystemPIDtable&$&'O3E0B connect failed &-S&6&1O3EIPCF privileges required to set maximum number of pids &3&9O3E$IPCF privileges required to set IPCF quotas &;&@O3ECan't read IPCF quotas &B&DO3EH%)PdP, Z4 Alternate *q %9r` %:p%: &L2@ &P &1:~,^,^,^,^|,~&UNo IPCF privs or SYSINF is not running &Y&]O3EAttempt to send to non-existant system component &&dO3E@@5 \
,0o B,~H0 *@@*"/5 \,> " B+ * B+,^5&,> " B+"*6@7* * B+,^5&, )  83N*5&p . N+ * N+,&4@ \, R 7@h5 \,(~ h&"@ Bh- h5 \, R, D  
4**0*0j,!Z4,)Q4@ \ Jh"*4B'
:h.0J,'0l7B+' BhZ Bh "&h Bh + Bh $h[ .Q$ *$O@h-@@h,@@h-@@h. $ "bBl$ Dh7D !$Lu Dh	d $"*ad1B7+* $h'Q$ Dh $h/ Dh h h $	d  $AZ` "& Bh h0D1D7+'(!`h!`h $h Dh ,'6,'A +l$ Dh1l+'.  Bh h*(!"X"h	b6"`#F( * @h+4&'l,'\ h Bh h5 \, - $ Dh  Dh  Dh  Nh[/$4d \4N \ Nh( 0h' Ph   P8(."..=d'>,~7@h5 \,){5@'D, Z40,){4@ \Z0$0`, Z4/"*,'J5@'D, Z40'L'O'Y0B5 \,)4@ \b*5 \, -7n5 \ 0h#7@h+'U,)4@ \ B@.0=n'R+'X? h5 \ShX"@:h..@*"?5 \0B5 \,)4@ \ Bh5 \ h' Bh
 h Bh
Rh Bh "QBh	!"}X6D(, ^4* D*b'a "h' Bh5 \, )  N- .n*1bg  N.g  N/ " $-5 \,>,),,^5)],>,),,^ B^ $'p D^5 \,)t h1B+'u1B+'t+)z? h,+'y6@h.+'zh, h5 \,(
4@*\+'u+h,`@aB+*:h,"".Bh,@@h.,'uO@h.4@ \+'u,)t h1B+(1B+(+)z6@h.,!
4@ \+(6@h-+(7Qh+X" *	d67+(`D +(75)m:h-,(~5 \@,)t, D 
 h1B+(1B+(+)z2D*+(,(75 \7 , Z47Fh+*$h2$, Z4 h$&@ &7@h-2Hh-+($,(~"`.Jh,"`&
h.Jh,<, \`h,+(#O@h, Hh->h-Qh+X"O *	f6+  d X" *	f65)mX" *	d67+(,eD 5)mX" *	f65)m $ X" *	f65)m,(
5@(60B,~@@h- +(O@h,O@h-, Z4,)tO@h. h0B1B+(=+)z? h,+(?Dh,5 \,>,([,^4@ \+(=,)t, 7O@h. h0N1N7+)zZ[Q.@ hr* h,&h4D(N<0 \? h,+(LRh,+(I,([4@ \+(J&h4P(Y6Bh,+(Q,([4@ \ h,&h2" /"$h.Dh, h,.Bh,`Q.."*$+(N<2 \ h,(9+(Y h,&h*h0/h0.Bh/Qh+X" *	d65)m,(~:h-5 \,)t h1B+(g0B1B+(i1B+(f+)zO6@h-6`h,+(m5 \, ),(m ,(q4@ \ 5 \7"h-+*$h$"@ h0$h/h,.5 \6 h.5 \@@h., ) h,Zh// h,&h*h0/h0.Bh/Qh+X" *	d65)m h,&h7`5(~Zh/. Nh,5 \ h/ hd*  Bh, h0$h Bh,5 \, R, D, )  1h,!
*!$bD7*%$*D(D($(D(1h+)*D(1hg*j8,'6,)Q4@)4N)!NhZ8Nh$hQD(@,'6,'A!"G*%AB(Q"X"(	b6+)"*&)B(+)(,)"h,)"5$\,>,),^5)],>(,)(,^5\,)t7h+5)Y, -Qh+X. 0 *&	b65)9+),,)t7 h+5)Y h,&h*h0/h0.Bh/Qh+X"	 *	d6O@,>,)Y,^3B*5)m5 \,)tQh+X" *	d6+ Sh+n*' Bh@@h@@h!"X"h	b6+)95),,>,),,^5)],'e,&u4@ \5)1,)t6 0$,!
@@]V`@File Open Block is too small *_S*	O3Dj6Illegal byte size given *
S*O3Dj6 "5'n$$h$$6$h$Hh	.6`h.@@h.+'wCannot trim LSN in buffered mode *GRf*O3Dj6,(75 \0@@5 \0Rename block too small * eS*#O3Dj6@@$$(@Unknown File Information Descriptor *'kN*+O3Dj6 h$h,~.h0h
,hFD@location;requested with illegal type *1M'&*5O3Dj6	, Z4)yIllegal IFN provided in call *:Sv*=O3Dj6Illegal file mode in subroutine call *?Sn*CO3Dj6 h +* -z@@0*"i7B "*q B1  B0O@05 \:@0,-s @< -{* C>C@@I@@J@@JO@L -{ BLZx[1@ +*c  <+@ZxZ DF7D 17@ $*q5d*ZQ$A` DL $*y DD." B;,*z,-`6 L,*s -|*  <> 0,-x6@J7@07+0,~Z[.  @;@@F h i`Q A`a`+*n,>,C,^ <*CX!*C,>,C,^d ``+-|7@ 1 @D+*\? L+-~4B \BL5 \,> "BL -{ BL6@1,=:@@1 "1 BL,^5 \BL5 \@@D@@E@@E ;$-0D++ BD[. D;/$ DE." BE ;2BF7@5 \,+5@+,!
 BG:; ;b.f. BH++b.f. BG@@H ';".4B+:;  BH".4B+:; $.	d.	$.
Zd.:;Gab++,>,C,^ -|*  <*C #G BG*C,>,C,^5+".0b0",!
0B1D5 \,-25 \5 \+H,,,	,!,",',$,,,+,C,C,\--'-(-)-*-,--+P--++Q+_+w,,0*'"#+(*$!"$&%&% +(!') G 07@H1.?++P=0+N:,-.  . 04B \,-D++K G5-<, ) G,-.ab`l"A`h"ibQ"A`ab++]$.4D+YZ<.$Xd"ab++] Z,-.$.d.++UZ1$.$<+-L G "8,-. !0w[F+{2D*p+a50 \ZF+{,-<,-@4 "8,-.1F+. Z,-T[4B+k,-@4,-T "8,-.7F++vabp,D4@. O@ $,D4@. 3D++v,>,-94.,^,-e,-@4.5 \ G,-.!.w[>+{2D*n+x5. \Z>+{5-<...&...6.>. N.!F."V.#^.$f.%n.&v.(~.*.,...0 G,-.5-e G,-.5-N G,-.5-T G "8,-.4B,
,-[,-@4 "8,-.6@,-[ "8,-.4B,,-@4,-[ "8,-.4B \,>,-@4-[x,-N,-@4,^A",-N "8,-.[1b+,/""`Q "8,-.4B,,-@4,-[*n,,-@4.5 \ G,-.5-D G,-.5-^ G,-. BK@BK "K5-< G,-.7@H5-[4B \`bp5-[(B+,)7.2 & G,-.2B.35-l ,D 5-l ".3,-< G "8,-.4B \,-[ ".4,-< "8,-.4b \,-T ".5,-< "8,-.4B,@ H.0,-[/H "8,-.4B,@4P,@,> ",-D=p,>,^,-[ ",-D "8,-.5-lgO G,-.3B.3,C1,8,>4.,P && 
 " 1",-@4,-T&, ">.6,-< "0 &"2",-T,-@4,^&.< 
1",-@4,-T,-@4 &.< 
1",-@4,-T,-@4 &.=1",-@45-T G,-.3B.37^0"0"35,aZ,a5-<5 \.=.?.@.C.E.G.H.K.N.Q.R.U.W.Z.].a.c.e.g.j.l.n.p.r.t.w.y.|.////
0000000!0'0)0-00030507090</u0?0B0F0I0L0O0S0V0X0Y1+-,>G,>;,>D,>E,>E,>0a5GXB;,*z5 \,G,-./"0a,-N00b4P-!/0&0
0B+-7( "b.
4n0\".	,-D=-7,>,>:Z,-<5-B,)ZQ.A`4B\,-D+->,>,>:Z,-D,^,^,~6@J5s\ ?A:H6@J5\7@I!"2bI5\,D+-K5@\O@J5\,)+->,e2a.ae2)N7@=r-PA. "8,-D)N=r-Q5 \, - 5.-W,-@4#`&.QPx6@,-W[x."5-D, - 4P \)N ,-^+-\A"."5-D7 I5 \@@I7`I+-c "5-D ",-D "5-D ,D4@0cabp*,>,-[,^,-@4,-N,-@45 \7@+0f,>,-@4-[x,-N,-@4,^A",-N ".5-D,> 00B,!
P .P;SFv.O3FNH$0000,-[5+k ++s [ReaderNetwork-ControllerPrinterBatch-StreamCard-PunchPapertapePlotterJobTerminalOperatorIBM RemoteDeviceFile TransferCard Reader InterpreterFile RetrievalRetrieval NotificationDBMS SystemFile Access ListenerJob  Req # for -Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov-Decmn@j0tNo errors yetEnd of fileIllegal file positionFile data errorFile is not on diskNo such deviceFile checkpoint failedA system limit was exceededIllegal file specificationFile not foundProtection violationDevice not availableNo "current" entry in listNo IPCF message is availableFiles are on different structuresFile already existsUnexpected system errorNo such pidBeginning of list reachedEnd of list reachedReceivers quota fullSenders quota fullNo remembered entryTable is fullTable entry already existsInvalid table entryQuota exceeded or disk fullInvalid argument specifiedInvalid function specifiedInvalid job number specifiedInvalid radix specifiedInvalid numeric argumentInvalid date field specifiedInvalid time field specifiedDate/time out of rangeValue missing in date/timeMissing day in date/timeField zero in date/timeMnemonic date/time switch not implementedField too large in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeRelative date parse requiredSwitch does not begin with slashUnrecognized switch or keywordNull switch or keyword givenInvalid guide wordNot confirmedInvalid character in numberInvalid quoted string - does not begin with quoteAmbiguous switch or keywordDoes not match tokenComma not givenNode name may not exceed 6 charactersNode terminator "::" must be specifiedUnknown node nameInvalid path specificationInvalid user specificationDevice name may not exceed 6 charactersUnknown deviceDevice can not do input or outputInvalid date/time formatField too long for internal bufferCommand too long for internal bufferInvalid default stringInvalid table formatDate/time must be in the futureNo timer entry has expiredTimer entry already existsDevice terminator ":" must be specifiedArgument block may not be in the ACsTerminal location is unknownFile is offlineFile being modifiedWrite-locked deviceCannot supersede a directoryCannot delete a non-empty directorySub-file directory not foundSearch list is emptySFD level nested deeper than the maximum allowedCannot create/write on any structure in search listCannot update fileFile has outstanding Enqueue lockes setSoftware write-lock on structureHardware device errorHard data errorBlock too largeNon-existant UFDRIB or transmission errorIllegal character in date/timeDate/time must be in the pastUnrecognized month in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeIllegal file attributeFile attribute inconsistancyCan't enable/disable interrupt systemLinked list entry not foundNo such linked listNo free pagesNo free pages for IPCF reception1:},^E,^E,^D,^;,^G,~0]0$$B
 abp5-N5-[(PPN unknown) "0e5-<Too many levels of call 0gi6f0jO3FN6N9`1 1c@@j*"k5 \7@k,0v j, )6@90q  ",A D8/j>k 4B0o5 \ j."
,A*j4D0},>QXj j.j*$,^ j,AB "
.Bj.Bk5 \,>,1/4@1,15@1,^.j $* ",AB:k5 \, -,1^4@1c* ",A.$XB*  ,1S5 \, -,1<4@151 ,1^4@1c@@ 51, 2,1^4@1c7R, Z43R@@[OZO4B14D1QBXD B@+1"4D1!XD@QB,1"@@@5 \QB@XD B@+1"@@@@@@ZO/2 ,AB 5 \, ) ,1^4@1c7@+1+ Z7@, Z4	+1F, ) ,1^4@1cZ7@, Z4	+1F, ) ,1^4@1c[7@, Z4	+1F, -,1^4@1c Z7Z7@, Z412D+17 D5 \, ) ,1^4@1c7B, Z4[7@, Z4	+1F, ) ,1^4@1c7B, Z4+1F B  5 \,1^4@1c7D, Z45 \,1^4@1c7D, Z4Z/$5 \,1^4@1c, )7N, Z4 N 5 \, -7B8+1YZXDGXPQBG4D1\QP P85 \Z8XP8XBG4B1\QP7QP8 P85 \6 2"j, Z41 j.7D, Z415 \= j,~@ @ @ @ @  :2@@k*"!$M	d++  " :2	f' &$ Fz@@5 \Zy4B \,*K4:3 "5 \O@7@5 \ )5 \7@+2S X * @@ @2@)52v  @@d852vhbib+:6X#d",2
5 \, D ( 
0*00j=7/*0*0j-5 \0j0* 15 \/*J=(25 \0$0d, Z4,25@ ^, Z4, 2@1N+21N+:71N+:91n1.5 \@$2.2?h1n1.+2$+2!7 "` 5 \, D58@@y @	 ::*  !x @y 	,21Z
XM@@!>X>*>,~ B DQ ^l @ F &:;,4S @ @ @R@d8dxl8,=md"d"l@d,=
,2n,4Y+2=/.@ @ @,~`x+2vl8@  @ H,4* F.F+2z`x,4/d8@ex+2z`X +2ll8 &,47@*6@l832@d8 R@ T@ V@ lm,=
 Nwd8PX@+PvPXvZw":[,Bw+",$v5*\7@y,FyaX7+3,2n V@Z8XF5F2=l8@y F^,y F^+2,2nZ8XFl5F2=Y>d,3+2=l8$vl5\,3,353\Z@0B5\,=X6@6@,4R6Z@3Z@5\4B3\,7++3@3Z+3x,7++3,<<:\,7++3!`X+3,6#+38,5O+:aZ@7D!$Lu D7D!$;2 D B| "C B| " $|,&l4@38 B|,2n |,'r4@354D3.1D+:d0D1D+3.0D1D
.1d.nbJ1+3X,3t+3S1F+:u,4253xel`X@,~,3{1F+:vax7+4I0F1F+:w1F+3^,3t+3a`X@+:z,3{1F+:{0F,~,3{1F+:|0F+3p,3{1F+3p,42,3x+:z,3t+3k @ Fk @ Fl54(? l,!
kF,~<6;>1F+3{1F+;1Fs;*&q!&J`xl&@4F}0&1F}+@,F0@1F@@5TZRs/ R6@`=v4 T~ @ B~7`,!
/* $*&;
/H&&.,~:,4:,B:@,~&0F1F,~>````5 \,>,4B`x+4A ",7+ x,71,^53aX+4F`x+4E`x,~ ";,71ax,~ ",7+ 8571ex5;
,4/,",7++2l,7+0B+4Q+{."&"$"[B{7:{,~@@{ "; H,4*.F@+2v @ @&1F,4/@,3+2pl`X@+4p,3{ax7+4I1F+;0F+;+4pd,3; m @,7F`X+5	`h5;ah7+4I F Fv`x7+5 J,4/4F4|,471F+;+4y`X7+2v m`z7+2v &,47l8 +2z,3v4F;`X7+2v,4(,3{1F+;,42 maz7+3+2vah7+; F,4B`x+3 m[ .:1B+5 ";!,71,4R< \{@@x,5 4@5,552&x Fx+5 x Fz ".Bx {,5 4@3 "`X,7+,>,55.F{,^,71,5 4@3,5)+5 ",7++5:2<5 \[p,7(aF7+5  @,7<4F5'`f7+ \[p,7( 5 \, D {,;#.z2hz54R55- {,;# Hx {.&d2fx+52 ",4L+5. {2&x,~ ",4L+52 ,0H9
;,~,3";%`X,4=+2vm,4XBuax+5Bl82&,47u5F;'2&,47+2v,4(,3{0F+;,3{0F1F4I0F,~+:z,!5;G,42,4 @,2
7@5;H`x+2u	d7@5;I`d52u5;Jx{~`x@p@x,3g5;K ";L`X,4=+2v,3{&& &1d.mcH+6,42+2v,3;`X+;N+2u &3D,3R+6,3;`X,6!`x+;O @7@+6 @ $,25@6 @,2
7@5;U Dv k`2B+6,3{1F+61F/+6ax+6,42+6,3{1F,6!`x+;V0F5;Z,4`x+2u ;[ ( 
v	f75;\+2ul";],4=,~l+6$,3?aX7+6Nax7+;^,6,5;6k`2Hu5;dX+:z+2v,()Z@6Dv"QB"XB7B8!"Lu B8 @ Fu,6D0H
0(7,~`jpH+6E0(0/(/(A(,~`X+;d,4Bax7+3(:?0H7;g ";g,71+3 mh:izQ:A`4\;i,3{3F+;jax7+4I1F+;k5;q0B-,~, -ZQ0*H6_R",6x Fu  $,27@YQD@&0F,~ $,27@XXD@&0F1F.7,~ Bu @+6l,6D7@ 84F ^ G"u1B.+6r0B,~*n6l,~*N6s@A+6r+:z " $, !O@ ;r	b$@@,~ " $, !\"	b@b B,~,3H ";raX7+4=ax7+;u @ (v,6[5;v u2Fk5;v+2v & Fm,3{0F1F+7Zm3F+2vax7+4I1F+;w5;} m &7$`z,3RaX7+7 aX@7+7ax7+4Iaz+7az+7,3{1F+7 &,3t,42 &7&,3RaX7+7 ax7+4I @ m,8 4@3&6@5;~ Dv+2u,4Bax7+3&; <,71+3xz`x@x@xx`xxxQ(A`6F `fxg:,~Z1D~5 \1D5=9 Z,(95@ ^,*K4<l8+2Z1D~5 \1D5=: 4B \,7++74, D[
1JQ(A`,7<5 \

2J+7A5J7<@,~4J<3j7<!&,~, D,7F5 \, 7, J[
0J1JQ(A` Ht 0Q0[  (4T7T[	,7( t,7<5F7U[	,7(aF7+7S!(@+7T7:m!( ',~`f7+7f Hu4N7] '[,7( t,7<4F<af7+7]=7W '0.W+7b[,7( t,7<4F<af7+7S[	,7(aF7+7S!( 
u+7T1r+<:(`f.`f/0.P+<5.7M!&+7f, D B D[Q$A`,7D`d@, Z4
 [:Z2h, Z4QH.2"+< ' F =7v, D[ ? , Z4.0d2d, Z4
QF4F8Q$*$'@@ 5 \, D ,9s5 \, D,: 5 \1+8	,>,>,>,>,>< ^h"ibQ"A``d@+<`d +<,84 6@#+8,> < 	b@.B,^ O@`f,8,~ @^ B^   ,~,~Z1f, Z4# !$(2 
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?Indirect file not confirmed.
 ":],71l8+2 &,48+35 |,'r4@:c0D1D+301D+31 &,48+31
?Problem with Indirect File: *q :j0:m,3t+3^,3v5f3^+4I,3v5f3^+3Sl+3^l,~`X7+3e,3v4F3a+3^:x,~l+:z542Atom buffer too small :|C:O3F8w@,4+3{@ n;,~l8,~8oToo much text ;i7&;O3F8w "+3<<
  or &53
0@ kF m &+5
 &53,425; &53d8l8 aX,42+2v &535;l8 +2v keyword (no defined keywords match this input)aX7+3 ";,71+3 one of the following:.x&x$x,~text string,47+5@,4/+5@ &53 &53confirm with carriage returnScanning floating point not implemented ;.g;2O3F8w5` v+2u &53Illegal base for number ;6S
v;9O3F8w a number in base  octal number decimal numberDevice name,42,3{,>,4/ &,47,^,48,42,42+5s &#53 &53 &53 &53 &53quoted string,4B+3,42,3{,>,4/ &,47,47,^,48,42,42,42+6
 &53,>,4/ &,47,^,48,42+6 &53 &53Node name,4/,3x+6( &53H filespec of indirect file\&;a+6S output filespec;e input filespec,3x+2v,3t+6V,4Bax7+3 ",7+ m,71 ",7++3 &53H[Project,Programmer],4/,3x+7 &53,4Bax7+3 ",7+Zm,7+ ",7++3 &53 &53D time date date and time:5;<<
?File@OutputFailedta*q<0:m1j=/*+7=1l=/,+7?!&.<8,8-+8 CX8R"X8,8d+8LR",8d+8a "+8 "+8%x:D(ajQ
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?A ?B "&,A " ?B+<kCan't lookup status of terminal JFN ?HG3?LO3E8R031D5 \ "b?N "$B3+<iAction FILOP. failed to terminal ?RM&?VO3E8R$$1:,^,~?X1:~,^,^,^,~?[1:,^,^,~?^?b?cJ?d1B5 \,=D+=@,=F+=DFILOP. OUT failed to terminal ?hi6?kO3E8R &Q0@ 
?R	j6,!ckingup9terminaltwice?qES&?tO3E8RTerminal never opened ?vi:~?yO3E8R(5\=!"+=j ",>+=q,>,=j,^5 \File System Error @MN.@O3E8R>'2'Illegal byte pointer in K%TXTI @S@	O3E8RIllegal Input Pointer @S'@

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% DDT not loaded

?Can't destroy DDT page
Page existence check failed Ba6BO3EY6Count of Available Pages Confused B	GB
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+E0B1B+E,!DF@FB@B@@@@Unknown APR trap APR CONI =  EPC ET@+CC&EO3EZpxPushdown list overflow EPCafE!O3EZIllegal memory reference E$PCS2nE&O3EZNon-existant memory E)PC]bnE+O3EZ at PC Cannot set up interrupt system E/GNNE3O3EZp|pVC#nLevel 2 interrupts not supported E7S9E;O3EZLevel 3 interrupts not supported E=S9E@O3EZNo interrupt is in progress EB]'EEO3EZDEBRK UUO failed EGIV6EIO3EZ.KJOB
.? Can't continue
XDate/Time unavailable EOIS.EQO3EZ1:,^,~ES}?1:,^,^,~EW3r2R 5 \Y>1:,^,~E]6$WTO Function  Out of range at address  E`P EaPH~o~EdO3EZHDzP7@5 \ 5@z ,@z5 \Send to ORION failed EqEsO3EZrHe'He `S:H8I:E|zic  at  at    --------
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   n		- Single message number
   n,m,...,k	- List of message numbers
   n:m		- Range of message numbers
     or any combination of ranges in a list.
   "." 		- Current message number
   "%"	 	- Last message in file
n4Zn4&ZMn4>ZJn4NZGn4nZ-n5ZEn5Z,"s-,FF,"eI,FF7@~+Z,hU,$1B+s.=dZs/+F*,Z, g "eI,FF@!"BBX{U!"cBX{U,T2V;9ZO@~ s= B@!"bBX{U+Z! XSU3"+s=2V;9Z76~+Y<V!"GBX{U@O@~ s= B+Z7s? "[" BB "eI,FF V?O,B+Y<V+Z+7s? "[&+Z(7s@ "[!+Z(,Z:+YF ;4:Z3 +Y7F/&=bZ3 "eI,FF+Y<,Z:+YF@F.&=bZ7 "eI,FF+Y< "s@,FF,>0D+Z> "hb,FF+Z? "sC,FF,^4bFS/"2b;,~."+FS $XD "eI,FF+Y<7sD "[0+Z(7sE "[$+Z( :ZW "sJ+ZN :ZU "sO+ZN :ZU "sV+ZN :ZV "s[,> "s],FF,^,FF 1B+s` $] "UQ"A`,S +Z(7sa sa+[*7sb sb+[*1+ZZ,>,>,>se ,U WU [U,Tn+FS,~1+Z`,>,>,>se ,U kU oU,Tn+FS,~1+Ze,>,>,>se ,U U gU,Tn+FS,~1+Zk,>,>,>se ,U GU KU,Tn+FS,~ :[ "Zt+Zp :[ "Zv,> "sg,FF,^,FF DA +Z(.Zw`~Zx.Zw`~[sh@Date and Time:
Only messages with date-times prior to the specified
date and time will be used.Date and Time:
Only messages with date-times greater than or equal to the
specified date and time will be used.7si sj A+[*7"@+[0V1V+[,[QV@XV@,~d8+[7 @+h.lx,*K4sj[@.",*K4smZ@1B+[.$,*K4sp,=F,~1B,~ 6+FS7st $+[#7lR $ st+['7st $+[&7e* $ su "X2b;+[/+@+[9['!&Z "X2b;+[/!(cH{U+su+@+[9[+56FSZ?,~56[2Z;+[ "X="[,~+_, gd6@l "	b,~4BFS B
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"b*$M,ca~@M7@~,~,a+a,c,c",^+`-2"eI,FF\"ua,F8"vt,FF1B+H "a.XB]*m Bn "a+*x+ "F5XB] n Bm,~>n 	H BF 	G BE vw[	H*"'U "F5XB] n Bm+F5 "eI,FG+a7\"vw,F8d8 ,a$ZE5Ra9 2#U Fd8,b+aCZ1B~+vx "'U ,7m4@aF NF:[Z1D~l" BH`x+a:ax +vy0R$UQRE,~0B
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X*(Z( `D,PL*jaQ,~,a7,Fn+aW,Fn,a6,a ,a,aO+`* "w,FF .5,b,~Z@1F~O .5,a``x+aZ,~, q BpZE ,#Ud8 ,ae[E ,$Ul8 4PFSZ0Q"A` $8Q$A`4Fao1F `x@1+ao1H+agh1H+ag0,@,~9
ae5Fam!"bB0+w6@p+am,a|+ay@@p 0`b:p`b>p,a|7@p+ay5Patw`x QPEax XPE1,@5Pae,~!"cB0,b1L@+b "0Q"0*"G0P$U1P#Ug<4PFS1L@,~ 0ab,~ 7ab,~ "7Q"0*"G/00P$U1P#U@,~ "'UX0Q$A`,7Dad@+w  "'U['U6@,7x,~, q(d8@6F
+b:!"BB] _ Bp "w%ZQ$A` Dpdx ,FG+bV 1B,~1B	+bF1B+bW1B+b+ _ Dp0B1B +bW\$]\@,Vt0D+b&\$q\@,VtQNp` . "j	,FF  p0Bl8+FSZ`0$
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l8 "~ Bpl[Q$A`@,M & FpZQ"A`6@F@f,Vt6DpD+bBd83Fe%+w0  Dp6Bm8+w2 B
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E,\"w5+b&!"BB] "]w8+bT e#p0D1D@0D1D@D4DbR+bM!"BB] "]w;+F*w>+bT "wE,FF e#@,M & Fp p6DpD\$]@,Vt6DpD Bp Bp _1B +wH0B1B+bm1B+bm0B+bM,b+wK " Bp7@-U,\6 "q,FG+bJZ`X+wLaB+bu@bp""bp Bp"p0B1B+wN@Bp\ "
K,7DZ`d@7+wP Fp p+b#!"BB][ abxab7.$Q$A` p@,Vt Bp $XDp _l8@+b& "wb,FG,~ _0B+wf+FS \ <*<"wg,c!<*<,~c	c
c)cZ1B+c,S,~,cZQ"A`,S,~ `b+c`b+c,~1+c,>,>,>j<,=F,=X6@6@,c,~,>,> wg,S:
,Fp,c `d7wh ",SaD+c",c) ",S ad@+c%\"t,S,*K4wh ",Y
"wk+c'+HNwk,K,~,cZQ.A`4BFS0B+c2@0"0b+c0$0.0h+c-1" +c2,c+c*,S+c*c@cFccIc2c2c2cVc2cXc2cQcMc[cJcNc2c2c\cCc^c2c2c2c2c24PcA7@O,*K4wo,~4PcD7@O,*K4wr,~4PcG7@O,*K4wu,~7j_ & @ " D@,W	,~ &Z9cK @1D,~ "9,S,~Ov@ @ "X2b;+[cD{U9cS 6,[+cR &Z@+cK @O,)I,*K4wx,~w{,~,>6N@,c*,^,~ " @,*K4w,~0&	+cdD=fcb,~ V3 @- x*62*x7*.d
 " 4 (x7(&d; 0X 6v-/&(.*'}&& W+.d D@+cr(E.d! @(C.d-)C.d:(B B@ ,.,@ 0@Q0P*004Hd.4 P &dABB0GD0+d(E.d!+c{(E.d! @(C.d-)C.d:0H &"&!&..d_Q0 PQXTR .dF TP .dS TQ5(P>Q+R)CP(B C &)C&dx (E&e)C&eD" C  x*6,~@@




Mail expunge interlockMail append interlockH]?MS command error: : ""S e#0e% e& e&H5HT  in command: S e-  in command file: S e1Vxn 
d8,~COMND failure[^,FlaD +e8 
{,L1Be:,)(,L,L,`c 0,N L{`x,~ 00B+F57B	+F* + d8,~: eJ+G3Unterminated quoted stringeL4FeO1F+G+G	PMFiling Mail for later transmissionS eR0IHU@ENo Network Mail SpoolerS eY,*K4e\+G3 @,S>>x+G5Sending to node , S eapE` ecH H@connect OK, S` ei "	bB+FS,*K4ek+GT	S` epZX%V`xH %U0B+GhO+Ge9Y-g i0 et,S,c5Gfsent OKS ez`P`pXMAILR calledp5Can't initialize GLXLIBfq	h^X/B@NETMAI!,cy8Z}cMMlafHNl8,>f
 ^\+HX|xCan't discover my PPNKINXCan't get UDX for controlling TTYCan't get terminal's page sizeCan't get terminal's line widthmQ2mQ* HJHfmQ
Hf! f" &W} F
8 &X F
9 &X F
0B+K6`,O+KMS Create-init>>\"f,,F8+HXMS>HhI4DHO,(9+Hd@Answer@Pi@BlankJ@Check@Re@Copy@Qz@Create-init-fileK'@D@DaytimeJg@DefineLx@Delete@J/@EchoJj@Ex@ExitK@Expunge@O@FileQn@Flag@J'@Forward@R@GetJ5@H@Headers@J@HelpIb@List@R@Mark@J-@Move@Q{@N@Next@Jz@PrintR@QuitJm@R@Read@Oi@Rep@Reply@RetrieveM@S@SaveM@Save-outgoing-messagesN8@SendP@SetL|@ShowNB@Status@X=@Summarize@T@TakeN@Type@J"@Undelete@J,@Unflag@J)@Unmark@J*@Verbose-type@J"@e+@FinishJuJpBackupDaytimeHeaderListPreviousStatusCcDisplayEraseIncludeInsertRemoveSubjectTextToAllHeader-itemReply-informationSender-onlyAddress-listsAliasesDefaultsHeader-itemsVersionAuto-expungeBrief-address-list-displayConcise-modeDefaultHeaders-on-printer-outputHeaders-personal-name-onlyInclude-me-in-replies@Minimum-text-window-sizeNetmail-actionNoOnly-headers-shownPersonal-nameReply-addressReply-toSummary-on-printer-outputSummary-personal-name-onlySuppressed-headersText-scroll-regionType-initial-summaryVideo-modeCc-listDirectoryReply-to-allReply-to-sender-onlyAny-exitExit-command-onlyNeverAttempt-nowQueue-for-laterAddress-listAliasOptionalPredefinedRequiredOutgoing-messagesDraftLast-messageNet-Mail for nodeNOMAIL20with topic@HgdXgg
Type "help topic" to get help with a particular topic.  Type
"help ?" to get a list of all the topics for which help is available.
If this is the first time you have used MS, type "help introduction".
S gi,*K4g~,~Can't build help tables -- insufficient memoryh,~Topic name too long -- %1S Q"A`h+IzProblem building help topic tableh
,c+I}Q3[L%Can't read help file  because: S h h0e%  ,*K4h+JCan't read help file -- insufficient memoryh,~Can't read help fileh#0B+h%@B ~,)(+J00~No messages match this specificationh*,~d8,~ Flagged:  Unflagged:  Unmarked:  Undeleted:  Marked:  Deleted: messages from file@Hh8lXf[M@@%Can't open message file S h=,S>,Fp,*K4h@ ",Y
+JSCan't determine size of message filehG+JSCan't open message fileCan't read system message file -- insufficient memoryhNic H0~G}Spe%`MS@HhYwithout updating init file@Hh[and update init file@Hh_@Hg`No current mail file Currently at end, message %M.
screen@Hhi^CS hk,*K4hl	b,~Expunge in progress - please waitand update message file@Hhs,Fa,Rh+K6`,O+K#,
;+K$for setting permanent defaults@Hh|Create-init-file command not allowed inside command file
Give commands whose effects you wish to have remembered as permanent
defaults (for example, SET PERSONAL-NAME, SET CONCISE-MODE, etc.).
Commands which cause actions (READ, SUMMARIZE NEW, etc.) will be executed
every time MS starts up.  Give the QUIT command to leave this mode
without changing anything, or the FINISH command to make your
changes of alias` Hi+ i,*`i.Hi/name of address list` Hi0 i3`i4Hi/name@Hi6to be@Hi8Can't redefine or delete definition of SYSTEMi: "
 ,AB,~No address specifiediA,~Can't add synonym to tableiECan't get memory ",A4@Kf p D+K` ,Ks@+FS,_j "+@H   B9L "+@H9K{
     $iT,_3 :+Kxname of header item` HiW iY`i[Hi/l8 B}+Ltype@Hi^eIIZLIlist@HibKeyword header-item cannot be predefined "ib,FF ~`Dic "2,A ~ D "1 B ,L7,~+L }Z ,L1 ~XB ,~Couldn't add header-item to tableir,~Header-item %1S does not exist\iw "
 ,AB,~No room 6D,Ks+L5 6B,N+L5
Enter keywords, separated by commas
Time in hours, or hh:mm for hours and minutes
( HjjhXIXparameter@HjI@IKI_I\Hfkused in outgoing mail@Hj% "eI,FF+M
Your full name, as you'd like it to appear in mail you send
`(Hj*HwSpecial characters in personal name must be in quoted stringj2+M1:,^,^,~j:eL,~IRto@Hj?Not yet implemented for TOPS10 systems@HgIU
(dis)allow attempt to deliver messages when created, rather than
waiting for automatic mailer; choose IWHjF "eI,FF+MBzXGH)U "eI,FF6Dw,Ks@@w,~Can't allocate memory for address blocks "eI,FF@@
;,~8 Hj^lines@HjaValue too small, ignoredjc $ +Md
The names of the only header items you wish displayed when showing
messages, separated by commas.  If you don't specify any particular
header items to display, they will all be displayed.  Header items
are things like Subject, Date, To, cc, Reply-to, and so forth.
`(HjgToo many header items given "eI,FF7B
8+N +NThere is an overriding "set only-headers-shown" command in effectcommands from@HkNo file specifiedk,~?Command files nested too deeply, detected in opening S k ,c,*K4k+`c?Can't open command file S k" h0e%,L,LZ,*K4k%+`cCan't process init file -- no memoryk-,~INX[LgR S:HCan't process init file -- insufficient memoryk4,~,L,L,`c,~6X	q5in file@Hk=|6@,`c@@|@@|,~information about@HkBI< set concise-modeS kF set default cc-list (to) S` kJ,*K4kM[ *$U ex BH ,ec,_@+c set brief-address-list-displayS kT set default S` kYreply-to-sender-onlyS k]reply-to-allS kb set headers-on-printer-outputS ke set include-me-in-repliesS kk set no text-scroll-regionS kp,*K4ks+NT set text-scroll-region (to)  (lines)S kvp ky,Nc+NV set suppressed-headers S` k,*K4l ,O,c+NV set personal-name S` l,*K4l	\"w,S,c+NW set reply-address S` l,*K4l :	 ex BH w,Kv,c+NX set no type-initial-summaryS l set auto-expunge (on) S` lexit-command-onlyany-exitneverl!l#l!l$ set netmail-action (to) S` l'queue-for-laterattempt-nowl-l/ save outgoing-messages (in file) S l1 set only-headers-shown (to) S` l8, -
     \"l= :+Nj = N~ ec` l@defined by user@HlEoptionalHlHHifrequiredHlJ define header-item  (to be) S lK lN ec` ec,O+OS` ecS`deleted messages@Hl\Use the command GET STD:MAIL.TXT to expunge messagesl_,~Cannot expunge deleted messages - another reader existslf,~Cannot expunge deleted messages - mail is arrivinglm,~Can't open file for write, so cannot expungels,K,^N,~ Expunging deleted messages H`
ECan't update message file during expunge- OKS m All messages deleted, deleting file.
@0Cannotdeletemessagefile/Youlhave nocENQ-DEQsquotaf--eseeeyour system1administrator1BmIHmread mode@Hm message in sequence@Hm"to previous message in sequence@Hm%0~There are no messages prior to this one in this sequencem*,~,aT+P ,P++P"MS send>>I&send mode@Hm5$0X{Uhcd8,~h)u~field@Hm:textI:Hm<I3Hm<allI7HmAheader-item@HmC'Header-item is predefined, use "define" command to changefile into message@HmMdraftI]HmP Reply message number  to: Pr mSp` mUI;HmA "mZ+PCsender-onlyI;Hm]@
Reply-to: ,^+Q	xx'U
To: ,^+QCannot tell who message is fromHIRegarding: Your message of  $ml+Q!Message from  of 
              of Sp`
In-reply-to:nndRE:eRe:nHand~enter send level@Hm{HThere is no previous message draftfrom file@HnCan't read draftnp+`cCan't read draft file -- insufficient memoryn+QNError reading draft0Bn

 Filed: R[n Delete this message from current message file?  Delete from current message file the message(s) just filed? Ph7noyesmd`mdhn'Hn& Copied: R[n* Moved: RUn,  Into file: No output file specifiedn0,~into file@Hn3n0,~ Listed: ,^ 4 $,(9+Ron line-printer@Hn: "eI,FF+R- - - - - - - Begin message from: (Unknown) "nB,`r+R'- - - - - - - End forwarded message
filespec@(HnHnI,&p,&u?Can't open  for write because: S nM nN0e% 5 ,*K4nQ@@45+`cY0[Lm}:YO YC 5,`c+RT?Can't open LPT for output because: S n\0e%,;RcpXSU ncpXKU ndT@for new messages@Hnjareis There %2S %1D additional message%P:
 Currently at message %M.
 Message %M is deleted.
Can't determine existence of new mailnx,^x+S% There are no messages in S n}
F  ,*K4o(BGo+@O@,~Can't lock message file%Can't open message file4BFS,S>o
,~u@,sx Can't open file, no free channelso,~*,Y ,~%File operation failed:  S o%File operation failed:  unknown FILOP. error S oPERFNF% (0) - File not foundERIPP% (1) - Nonexistent UFDERPRT% (2) - Protection failureERFBM% (3) - File being modifiedERAEF% (4) - File already existsERISU% (5) - Illegal sequence of monitor callsERTRN% (6) - Device or data errorERNSF% (7) - Not a save fileERNEC% (10) - Not enough coreERDNA% (11) - Device not availableERNSD% (12) - No such deviceERILU% (13) - Illegal monitor callERNRM% (14) - No room or quota exceededERWLK% (15) - File structure is write-lockedERNET% (16) - Insufficient monitor table spaceERPOA% (17) - Partial allocation onlyERBNF% (20) - Block not free on allocated positionERCSD% (21) - Cannot supersede a directoryERDNE% (22) - Cannot delete nonempty directoryERSNF% (23) - SFD not foundERSLE% (24) - Search list emptyERLVL% (25) - SFDs nested too deeplyERNCE% (26) - Can't create file on any structure in search listERSNS% (27) - GETSEG of nonexistent segmentERFCU% (30) - Cannot update fileERLOH% (31) - Page overlap errorERNLI% (32) - Not logged inERENQ% (33) - File has ENQ locks outstandingERBED% (34) - Bad EXE file directoryERBEE% (35) - File's extension is not EXEERDTB% (36) - EXE file directory too bigERENC% (37) - Network capacity exceededERTNA% (40) - Task not availableERUNN% (41) - Unknown network node specifiedERSIU% (42) - SFD is in use (rename)ERNDR% (43) - File has an NDR blockERJCH% (44) - Job count too high (A.T. read count overflow),S>hG,~0Can't close second opening of message file,S>p;,~Can't read message file - insufficient memorypA,~Cannot read message file@
E:XCU+S|,T,+pJ/6+TFile has bad format - last message has no size field,T,+S~pM@@XKU+TFile has bad format - Cannot find start of last message,T,+TpU+TToo many messages in fileMessage file almost overflowing:  MOVE or DELETE messages, please1:},^,^,^,^,^,~pg XKU RXOU+T
Message-ID: @p@,~
cc: File has bad format - message %M has no receive dateptO,~
Date:=Badly formatted date-time field in message %1D@@@@,^,~,^x+FS=jU
UZ+UTSYSTEM% No such user:  - ignored
3B~+UFO+UT% No such host: S qp Enter new host name or CR to ignore.
Host:  -U~F$qToo many terminators in named address listq@@
+UZMessage has bad format:  unterminated named address list $D$p+U at of this message@Hq*VWt@` ec      VW` q1,*K4q2+V>VWt`` X_U XcU/".&+VD ( chars)
1:~,^,^,^,~q=<2Vn0F+Vf+Vb $wQ$A`l8+Vb@b+Vr4DW+V1D +W=V ,S+WD B+W,>@D,^+WWP`Invalid radix at TNOUTWp` ,S+W
From-the-terminal-of: 1Dd8+W%l8+W%1D+W&+W% e,@@5l8+W Message  chars), received S qap q<p qbpXSU qIncorrectly formatted header for message %1D
 "Xqk+Ww "\$w@,Vt,>.0(,X,^+W^,^+Wn "X(Q$A```@,Vt[(.0/:,X,c+Wn;1HTo:cc:1Bd8+X%l8+X%?`
1D,S+X%GRX{U,~of current message file@Hr	 Current message file is S` r
F` Currently at message .S rp rLast read: %3TLast login: %3TNever read (%4D old) %1D message%P%5S, %6D block%P.
 (You have %4D message%P deleted.) Messages%4L flagged.
br),~ Message%4L flagged.
File has bad format - Cannot find message flagsrO+Yx;Up;UCan't read message file to update bitsYT@` &@ F}.$+X| <.&&&A&?7@ &@.}"Q+X~Can't update message bitsCan't open message file for write,S>rh,~Can't abort second (write) opening of message fileCan't open message file for update,S>rr,~Can't abort update opening of message filemessage sequence@Hr|Invalid message number%currentnewYr:`YO`@A@All@Answered@Before@Current@Deleted@F@First@Flagged@From@Inverse@Keyword@L@Larger@Last@New@Old@Same@Since@Smaller@Sorted@Subject@To@Unanswered@Undeleted@Unflagged@Date-timeas last sequence@Hs+ hU,~No previous sequence existsthan@Hs2character count (Hs3characters@Hs7by@Hs9YHs*? V~ B+Z![*["[% Hj:messages@HsB[$[ `
String to match in "From" field
String to match in "To" field
Keyword to match in text or header of message
String to match in "Subject" field
.sEHsW@HeNNo string given.s^+F*,Zh,Zc,Z],ZX1:,^,^,~scDate and Time@Hsf 2dSU3dSUS` ncS ecp`S sp`bD{UcD{U*,T*+[-Can't init user tableswggkN.,`Can't init user table - no memoryCan't find SYS:USERS.TXTsCan't add user  to user table because: S t t0e%[,>,c,^,*K4t+[YHuYou are not registered in SYS:USERS.TXTYour messages will be considered to be from %1S%CCan't parse SYS:USERS.TXT -- insufficient memory? p,~ p,'r1D+[f+[jInvalid character in device name in STD:USERS.TXTt!,~Too many characters in device name in STD:USERS.TXTInvalid format for PPN in STD:USERS.TXTInvalid character in user name in STD:USERS.TXTUsername %4S too long in STD:USERS.TXT, truncatedH1:|,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~t;05IO error on DECnet HOST tableNo room for DECNET host tabletE,]&+]1D,\p0D1D+\a1D+\g+\_ p+\[1d1$+\v+\uInternal error at HSTDK1tQ,~No synonym support for DNHOST.TXT - see system administratorNo core for DNET. UUOt[ d,^,^,AB,~No core for DECNET tableta "
x,AB+]Nd,~Noaddressesspecifiedtg,~No0TO,0onlyCCtj,~Q$`/$+].Processingmail...Message0filedinS tp`ecNormoregmessageswillbe~saved|,`c@@|tv+]9 |,c ,*K4tr,>,=F,^,]\+tz,*K4m+]9,G|,~+]BDate: Spe%` < $q*,S $?D eJ,S $u	+]R?Can't open file S u
No to listu(,~d8+^$Sending to S u+`gR u1+^ ,^,^O@p+^$ - OKS u51B+^5+^HDDestination message file is too bigu:6@~,^N6B~,)( },)(+^F - temporarily busy - S` uBCouldn't write mail - message file busy?Can't send message because: S uK0e%2'Can't release message file append interlockh
[New system mail available]
[You have a message from ]
:Subject: Message-ID: `$` ub"MS+GLXLIB" `$ ufP/ ugP] uhp
Q$A`,_j "+@H:
+_K,^,~Bad named address list nesting found at MOVTO7uy@@
+_PCan't translate host name %1S xv,Host name table messed upvReply-to: `$r``$p``$P`Message:Bv+`,Message (ESC to enter Send Level, ctrl-Z to send, ctrl-K to redisplay,
	 ctrl-B to insert file):TEXTI failure 
{,L1Bv,)(,L,L,`c 0,N L{!"GBL ",`}>
+`3UnknownvreturnfromK%%TXTIatGETTXTGETTXT-qbackup limitfreachedandnopreviouspageUntilTOPS10hasforks--runningXaneditor"isimpossible(Insert)file:nNoafile`specified...)v:+`-...EOF)Sv=@Input filespec.v@HvACan't acquire space for FDvD,^,~Can't allocate file open blockvI,~ for read because: S u
Type a single line terminated with a <CR> which summarizes
the subject of the message you are sending.
.sEHvicc: zX	H'UTo: :!"+aB0R#UXRE,~Name table fullv{,~%% Duplicate name purged - %2S
bv~+aB%% Duplicate address list purged - %2S
Internal error at .TO8, 1w+aCInternal error at .TO8, 2w+aCInternal error at .TO8, 3w+aCuser@Hw7@p+am+asUnterminated named address-listCan't find %1S in name tableX0w,~ `wHrxyv x@p@xw
Kw w"Zw$PPN2ST failed at GETUSRZ   e#,\"w& +b Bp]\@,Vt+b& +b: $~ Dp@@
+b'eX+b>Ol8+b>Can't discover my own nameNo such host name as "%1S""%1S" is an invalid user nameNetwork addresses not allowed on this system.xp2X@`awC`~j!"GB] "wG,FF+be "Bp+bV3B~+bk+bu""bp Bp+bm e# ,S+bR@aatnz nz0
 The word "at" followed by a node name to specify a user on
 a remote node, or comma or <return> to terminate this name.
(wSHwUCannot parse destinationwc+bT6$HcS0e%.Unimplemented error macro invokedS`Srp`Sr`S`ARPANET doesn't exist on TOPS10 systemsSP` /<
5x,>`,>(,>,>Z,>a,>X^X xQ >* x $QD zs*$aRZ`,zZna`+xOl	bBa+xlQB` zs "8*	bB+  D8a`+xQ!"Hw B[@@a@@b@@b,z zt	b6+xi@@c zt*"g,z
&z| ,z;
&{a`QB`+zM6Bh B8,xx``+xq`@+xp`@a`
&{,xx,xu,^a,^Z,^,^(,^`+zLQ yX * ,^>y*x,~ "	XBZ {	b6+ ,~ld1J+x2Bl+y { Hh {@f,z1+xY1J+yJ(D */p.$(9yQFY`dp+y(D+y &U Fi &h*2D,y}7ea@+y,>{,>{!(}
x4Jy *(J*hyZ`QHY ( (HXHY> *Y *,z*,>  J *`@+y``a@7+xY``+y7@a
&{,z;	fB+yia@+y" 8*,z*,^ `@+xl@@j {*(z {
 Hi &F {
 Dzm,z1`@7+yh1J+y,`@+yh+y4,z1+yh0J+yh,z1+yh1J+y6d@+y4 $DDDzDz &JJz9y(``+y: *JzJz@
&{a@+yLB&s*J 8,z6B,zE,zJ 8,z 0$7B7,zE,zJ 8,z 0$7B7,zE,zJ 8,z 0$7B7,zE,zJ *J & *JJ *J,> 8,z $ 6@+yu ,zA *J8,^ *J Fi {
h{{ Fi &@ Fi &h	fB+yo { &@/il@+{<&yf

&{+yoa@+ym 8*,z*,^ ``+yo
&{:a zs Fh &h	fB+ +xY``+yo
&{+yn {
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[Node  has no routing table entries]

%Can't find SYS:DNHOST.TXT
 connect OK]
Z@ YH[Attempting a connection...routing:
}(kH jH{`p@xHj4fyZ`j
&{+yd%Bad message returned from PSTHRU%Bad format found in SYS:DNHOST.TXT
Connection failed:  
Can't send PSTHRU string: TASK=H{
%ALIAS table is full
d+z+::Unknown DECnet error code 0Argument errorAllocation failureBad channelBad format typeConnect block format errorInterrupt data too longIllegal flow control modeIllegal functionJob quota exhaustedLink quota exhaustedNo connect data to readPercentage input out of boundsNo privilegesSegment size too bigUnknown node nameUnexpected state: UnspecifiedWrong number of argumentsFunction called in wrong stateConnect block length errorProcess block length errorString block length errorUnexpected state:  Disconnect sentUnexpected state:  Disconnect confirmedUnexpected state:  No confidenceUnexpected state:  No linkUnexpected state:  No communicationUnexpected state:  No resourcesConnect rejectedRejected or disconnected by objectNo resourcesUnrecognized node nameRemote node shut downUnrecognized objectInvalid object name formatObject too busyAbort by network managementAbort by objectInvalid node name formatLocal node shut downAccess control rejectionNo response from objectNode unreachableNo linkDisconnect completeImage field too longUnspecified reject reasonBad flag combinationAddress check6|"6f|"M	:@M	9{ &x?&Fx?
gtmKC*+8B:D>	WG
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