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     Dear _______________________________,

          Enclosed is a tape containing the DSCONV program.   DSCONV  is  a
     program  to  produce  1032  DMD  (Data  Definition)  files  from  1022
     datasets.  It optionally also dumps ASCII data record files.

          The purpose of the program is to provide an automated  method  to
     convert  System  1022 datasets to System 1032.  It runs with 1022 on a
     DECSystem-10 or -20.  It asks for a filespec, obtains  information  on
     the  dataset(s) in it by means of calls on DBINFO, and produces a 1032
     DMD file which can be used to CREATE analogous 1032  dataset(s)  on  a
     VAX.   Optionally,  it  will  also  dump  each dataset's data to a DMI
     (ASCII) file.

          There are many choices available in converting datasets to  1032.
     This  program  uses one reasonable set of choices, which are explained
     in the program description (DSCONV.MEM on  this  tape),  but  in  many
     cases you will wish to tailor the DMD produced by the program.

          This version of  DSCONV  was  created  on  April  18,  1984.   It
     corresponds  to  Version  116A  of  1022 and Versions 2.00 and 3.00 of

          The  tape  is  labeled  ____________.   It  was  written  on  our
     DECSystem-20  at  1600 b.p.i.  using DUMPER under TOPS-20 version 4.1.
     It contains two copies of the following files:


          If you are using version 116A of 1022 on  TOPS-20,  you  can  run
     DSCONV.EXE.   Otherwise  you  should  reload DSCONV with your system's
     version of 1022 by means of:

               LOAD DSCONV, SYS:HR1022/LIB

          If you have any questions, please call me at (617) 661-9440.

                                   Yours sincerely,

                                   Coleman Harrison