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	.TITLE		DMPMESS DUMPER error and information messages
	NOTMTA		<Device is not a Tape device>
	NOTMNT		<Device is not mounted>
	OFFLIN		<Device is offline or not available>
	STDBLK		<Using standard BACKUP block size>
	CCCBLK		<Using CCC TU70 BACKUP block size>
	NTDSEL 		<No tape specified.  Type USE MTnx:>
	UNKBLK/FAO=1	<Unknown block length !UL, skipping this save set>
	ERRDPD		<Error deassigning previous tape drive>
	ERRATD/FAO=1	<Error assigning tape drive !AS>
	RESMAX		<Maximum number of restore commands reached>
	RESIGN		<Program limit exceeded, restore command ignored>
	RESSFD		<Tape name has too many SFD's>
	RESDNM		<Directory name is too long>
	RESFNM		<File name is too long>
	ABLIST		<Error in filename, listing disabled>
	NOLIST		<No listing will be generated>
	IDFE/FAO=1	<Internal dumper filespec error !/with !AS>
	NOCTLC		<No Control-C interrupt handler created>
	ABORT		<Processing aborted by user, to restart type GO>