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EDT-10 V1.0 (153) Release Notes

This is version 1.0 of EDT-10 (EDT for TOPS-10).  

The files on the tape are as follows -

EDTHEL.HLB is the EDT help library which should be placed in HLP:

EDT.EXE is the EDT-10 executable image and should normally be placed in SYS:

EDT*.MEM are the documentation files for EDT-10.  EDT.MEM is the draft of the
TOPS-20 EDT manual.  EDT1.MEM is a replacement "Chapter 1" for TOPS-10. 
EDT2.MEM is a replacement "Chapter 2".  EDTF.MEM is appendix "F".  Most of
the information specific to TOPS-10 is in EDTF.MEM.

Known bugs

At the time this tape was made only one known bug exists -

Long command lines (>200 chars) in the startup command file cause EDT-10
to go into a sleep state waiting for input from the terminal. Typing
a couple of carriage returns is usually sufficient to wake it up again.