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	SFTOVX.IG  --  SFTOVX Installation Memo		October, 1983

	1.0  The SFTOVX Magnetic Tape

	The enclosed tape contains the software that comprises the APLSF to
	VAX APL migration tool, known as SFTOVX.  The tape is a 1600 bpi,
	TOPS-20/TOPS-10 INTERCHANGE format, unlabeled tape.  It contains one
	saveset, named SFTOVX.  The contents of <SFTOVX> is:

	    o	BXAV.LA  --  .BXAV translation tables (contains APL characters)

	    o	S2VSPD.MEM  --  Software Product Decsription for SFTOVX

	    o	S2VSPD.RNO  --  RUNOFF input to build S2VSPD.MEM

	    o	SF2VAX.MEM  --  Documentation on the SFTOVX migration tool

	    o	SF2VAX.RNO  --  RUNOFF input to build SF2VAX.MEM

	    o	SF2VX0.APL  --  APLSF workspace containing MIGRATE

	    o	SF2VX0.IN   --  APLSF )INPUT file that builds SF2VX0.APL

	    o	SF2VX1.APL  --  APLSF workspace that migrates workspaces

	    o	SF2VX1.IN   --  APLSF )INPUT file that builds SF2VX1.APL

	    o	SF2VX3.IN   --  VAX APL )INPUT file that builds SF2VX3.APL
				SF2VX3.APL contains APLSF simulation functions

	    o	SF2VX4.APL  --  APLSF workspace that migrates data files

	    o	SF2VX4.IN   --  APLSF )INPUT file that builds SF2VX4.APL

	    o	SF2VX5.IN   --  APLSF )INPUT file that builds SF2VX5.APL
				SF2VX5.APL contains the function SUBMIT

	    o	SFTOVX.IG   --  this SFTOVX Installation Memo

	2.0  Installation Instructions for SFTOVX

	    o	Create a new directory on a permanently mounted device named

	    o	Use TOPS-20 DUMPER to restore the entire saveset named <SFTOVX>
		to the directory created above.

	    o	Print and read carefully the file SF2VAX.MEM.

	    o	As specified in SF2VAX.MEM, you will want to define the directory
		APLT2V: on both the -20 and the VAX.

	    o	As specified in SF2VAX.MEM, disperse the SFTOVX software in the
		appropriate areas on the -20 and the VAX.  You will have to build
		workspaces for VAX APL from SF2VX3.IN and SF2VX5.IN.