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	          Teco-differences between TOPS-10 and VMS
			(by Hans de Hartog, HOO-3/011)

	Going from TOPS10-Teco to VMS-Teco should be no  problem  if
	the  following  items  are taken into account:  VMS supports
	the same functionality under Teco as  TOPS10  except  for  a
	very few oldfashioned things.
	Also the commands that have different names, formats  and/or
	arguments  are  those that are rarely used in daily editing.
	The following is a list of commands that are not the same as
	under  TOPS-10  but  whose  equivalent  (or  mostly greater)
	funcionality is implemented under VMS:

	     1.  Window/screen-handling   (F0-,   FX-,    FY-    and
	         FZ-registers)    is   done   under   VMS   by   the
	         VTEDIT-option which is a set of  Teco-macro's  that
	         almost completely simulate a full-screen-editor.

	     2.  The /-command (to give detailed info about previous
	         error)  is  implemented  via  the  setting  of  the

	     3.  Under TOPS20, ^Z closes outputfile and  exits  from
	         Teco.   Under  VMS, the same is accomplished by ^C;
	         one can even intercept ^C within macro's by looking
	         at some control-flag.

	     4.  Control over translation to/from  lower/upper  case
	         (^V and ^W) only works for a single character.

	The following is a list of features under  TOPS10-Teco  that
	are not available under VMS:

	     1.  The EZ-command (zeros non-disk derectory and  opens
	         file for output).

	     2.  The   nEM-comands   for   tape-handling    (rewind,
	         skip/backspace records/files).

	     3.  The (seldom-used) match-control constructs  ^E<nnn>
	         ans ^E[a,b,c,...] .

	     4.  The ^\-match-control construct  (to  accept  either
	         case for all characters upto the second ^\).

	Furthermore, Teco under VMS offers a lot of  handy  features
	that  are  not  under  TOPS10 such as editing more files via
	wildcarding,   secondary   input   and/or   output,    one's
	complement,  abbreviation  for  0TT (V), backward searching,
	more sophisticated find/search and substitute-commands, more
	sophisticated  Q-register  functionality, much more flags in
	control-registers (ED, EH, ET, EO) and last  but  not  least
	(via    the    /VTEDIT-option)   almost   full-screen   edit
	For more information, see  the  PDP-11  Teco  Users's  Guide
	(Order No.  DEC-11-UTECA-B-D).