Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - tops10_integ_tools_v4_10jan-86 - 70,6067/tell10/tell.exe
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%F+*>	`l	<<cx<<+xhie@+ 	` B   ,C	b	`,>E@@X " E!&X
8+$@ G $d
(,< 0P+H
(,<1P+,+> P,~7 +P 0P G5N&,S5T$,V4T& 0X,7O+,S5T D(,,S5T2DY+B 
,S`X, L)1P+Z 
4S`X, L/1P+A 
<S`X, L4,S5T2D]+,S5T2D]+ ( ]@,>@)B4BJ."B9G,^S`X( H( 0 P$ 0( P% 0: P% 0< P& 0) P& 0/ P' 04 P' 0 P: 0 P:@@;@@; 0U P< ^ PV ^ PU 0 P< 0 P= 0c P= _ P>@@? 0$ P? 0>	pB, 1p+`  _ P> 0>	pB,!0@cP?+` @4Pi9g4Do D? B@ a P> 0>	pB,7@?+o 0	p
+k b P> 0d P? b P@ 0>	pB, @ 2R 0A,7 >ap+o 0P,7+o c P> 0>	pB+ 7@X+~"	b	`
&c	b	`@@A(g*0@`g!&Hw)h	d,~)(	$A43F(+.$,>Q(B!&l+*FP(0dpl 1P+000p+,^0f &QF ,~,^ .?1P+y00@ 
D,o p+zqsvy{	!%(,037;?CGKOSVY\_behjmpsvy{}
&"@@X,~t/ 4 8C+!ie@ "	b'"+H 0, ,+
%TELCTL - Command line too long - truncation occurred
 0J,7+ o|o} 4C 8R+!o}E 4[ 8U+!
TELL> H *0P++CH /H 54H (*)D` @@X 0	p
?TELCLE - Command line error
A`@!/?TELNUF - NSP. UUO error at PC !O: !Z!/hoo 4x 8m+!@(0) Unknown Error Code(1) Arg block format error(2) Allocation failure(3) Bad channel number(4) Bad format type in process block(5) Connect block format error(6) Interrupt data too long(7) Illegal flow control mode(10) Illegal function(11) Job quota exhausted(12) Link quota exhausted(13) No connect data to read(14) Percentage input out of bounds(15) No privileges to perform function(16) Segment size too big(17) Unknown node name(20) Unexpected state: unspecified(21) Wrong number of arguments(22) Function called in wrong state(23) Connect block length error(24) Process block length error(25) String block length error(26) Unexpected state: Disconnect sent(27) Unexpected state: Disconnect confirmed(30) Unexpected state: No confidence(31) Unexpected state: No link(32) Unexpected state: No communication(33) Unexpected state: No restources(34) Connect was rejected by object(35) Disconnected by object(36) No resources at remote node(37) Unrecognized node name(40) Remote node shut down(41) Unrecognized object(42) Invalid object name format(43) Object too busy(44) Abort by management(45) Abort by object(46) Invalid node name format(47) Local node shut down(50) Access control rejected(51) No response from object(52) Node unreachable(53) No link(54) Disconnect complete(55) Image field too long(56) Unspecified reject reason(57) Bad combination of NS.EOM and NS. WAI flags(60) Address error,~

%OUTPUT error on log file - closing it

!/?SPRMAC - Fatal error at user PC !O, in !S+!O!/!/!/Module!=  CF!=  PF!=  AP!=#Arg Called by!/!/!6S!=!6O!=!6O!=!6O!= !2D  !S+!O!/!/!/,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>  @ 2*2:Z7@[+P,>~,>,>,>,>6@Z+3 P Z:Z,>,,^0Tx@@Z7:Z@p,^,^,^ +P@>Z>`Z+<@@Z7@[+<,>:Z,
@@Z,^  ,^ h,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~,>=0D+P,>Z/ ,>,>,>,,5TK,Q,~7@+P, ( T	`,Q,>,~	`	`,^,^,^,^*x,~,> 0-4E `  , /h,",&5TZ,)+6,>* 0-4EZ`Z` Zz/(,,Z
5Tf/h,4 h h h h4T_Z
(,4,7+6,>8 .Z` E`  Q` z Q`Z`Z{ G`Z{4Pr3P+rZz/& G`@+9,>:O
2 !`,>
 0B,1B<@0B'1B7 .+y
+0B1B+}0B!/[SPRMAC - Calling !S at level !D]!/o|o} 4x 8+!!/[SPRMAC - Returning to level !d]!/o| 4x 8+!o| 4T 8+!Continue 4r 8+!!/[SPRMAC - Calling DDT]!/ 4x 8+!IOH<o|o}ppppp 4h 8+!o|po} 4x 8+!Stack trace# 4r 8%+!pp 4[ 8'+!iJ
99 4x 8++!o}o|o}o~o 4x 8-+!po~ 4x 82+!  4x 86+!]c$lV +7sk`!Z? Type "Y" or "N"!/:o| 4x 8=+!,>X@ X@ 	`ah`Q(A`1P 010+U0p0/0/01P+O10+Q1p
+O10+Q0p+Qadp+FP+F1P4FF5FTP+V.Y4(Z+V5FT 4[ I` G`+7G6)`HF/Y+UEnd,>b@ ` 	`@@)B)F4Ba3B+] 4b+7G6\FAILED
LFH" H,>k l@ 0-4E 6x,>l,>l BX ` Rh Xh5@,:4P @7@X+a``Go Ph @X,: Ph4P h @h4B1B+,n+7@X+@BX X Ch+6,>o@@+y,>pO@+y@ (4B$,B4N0f ,B Fh@ 0c0"0/"[@4R$1R 3R+9Z@4R$ Rh5D,: 4P$ @h,r<h!8d&`Go+4N h1B @h+,t+,>v ` @(B ,@ ` 
@ .4P0)@4@/,w8=l+/,z+6,>{ ` ` 
4B5,n4L3=n34L6,z+6,>| ` @[(B}@)B}($,> &x,~, @x,,"." Bx,~+6,>@
`@,#4DE4D&$,>9D,>*+B,>`@,6,>!,#+6,>$+6,>% `S@ `, +6,>%,&+6,>'@
 ` @,#4D_4D@)D~(&,>9],>( ` @[dw4Bc,)Z,> $x,,[dx4Bi,/ Bx,,,1+6,>3 ` @ `@d @4@t& 4Bl0b+p."+s0b+r."+s/"1B ",>9l4Nw/5.w.@<$y,^,n+w,z+6,>3,>l ` @ , ` 
/T`h@ .4P)@.@h7@h+. ,w=l,z+6 `@
 ` @@@@4D_+],>< `/.4n,z ` @R,<,?S,<+6,>@ `,A C` E` G` I` K` M` O`+7,>B ` " `4N)/.5.(.)D8.',z@)D.$,:=b)+6,>C `@ S` S`50/8 S`+6,>C X `7@X+46@BX+6,E+6,>G,H,K+6,>L `<.:,N+8+6@? h+A:h h  1ar`+Ad2l2`P+AGo,~@0B!+G,: 4PP5TP 4BP+L1"+L0b+L$&/".4BP+G0f+P0B+P84BP,~,^+$,  ,V,@,`,>,V,^x,~,> 0~,>,>,>,>,>,> @4ri0r+i,> / @ 7d4[1T	 4A`Q,>8=2] 4x 8h,! ,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~,> ,U,^+eMxG;{o| 40 8m+!M|I;M~=o}p 5h 8p+!p 40 8s+!Q:4o| 40 8v+!o 47 8y+!Q:=QNI8o}w 4A 8|+!p 40 8+! 4` 8|+!Q,;6o|o}o}o~ 4, 8+!Q[
QJ6o|o|o}o}o~o~oo 4 8	+!!T 4x 8+!!S, !S !D, !D  !D:!D:!Do~o}o}o|o~oo 4x 8+!Q88Q4Y2r 40 8+!Q"Lzo|o 4# 8+!Q#H1s 40 8"+!Q&=kyQ2~pQ;=J7 45 8l+!Q>H6QB}ms 40 8(+!o}w 4 8++!u 40 8.+!u 40 80+!QJ
E(QOD*:t+4084+!q+40G86+!o}Q40i89+!QZo|o| 4 8D+!G):q 40 8G+!t 40 8J+!a w 40 8M+!!/BLISS CALLING ERROR: ARGCOUNT=!D!/Oo| 4x 8S+!UpM[CC[HUVpUV`CV8g ]?0Io i#(MJHg gVp[>piV(,>Z`$"Q@[&" C`&$ E` G`[`4B|&" \ E`[`."~L&":X(D&$:XG&&&Z(H(B.$"2."n C``B+p&"25DqaB+q0(.( "2h
V G`/
u`I`+6-<KZjy'6@A`@A`@A`@A`@A`@A`@A`+G[&Y +7,>