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U(]6@+b0.0n+b N$. N+R "5a@@q@@r6@@z+q,6@r	**U*f+n@@v " B@w  B@x 6@q   B@x,+n,Y+g+fO@v6@r	*U**n 57@r 5,]+s6@r+r 15a " B@s,CS"BPBk  Bw w	*U(Aw Bu,E+a6@r+V7@v+
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*),~k+(,),~(B,>,)+Gx,^x+* " B@w  B@x 	**2 B@x,},~, "% $
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k (2DA+,	* +x+@ 4,]O@@z+@O<,~,^+@@	"A*T*@++(,^,~ B%3B|+93B|5N@@%+6HH @|8 A?	*E*O
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`g  1,a+H  u,U+	8T*U('Xw@@+5HAH x " Bp:q+G { z8 x( ~ (+gB( |	 A"P 0,
B,.,,1,~-<Berrorrcode =	 8file not foundincorrect ppnprotection failurefile being modifiedfile already ex	 Aistsillegal uuo sequencetransmission errornot a save filenot enough core	 Idevice not availableno such deviceillegal uuono roomwrite-locked	 Rnot enough table spacepartial allocationblock not free at specified position	 Zcan't supersede a directorycan't delete non-empty directorysfd not foundsearc	 ch list is emptysfds nested too deeplyno create is on for all file structures	 ksegment not on swapping spacecan't update filelow seg overlaps high segnot l	 togged infile still has outstanding locks setbad exe directorybad extension f	 |or exe fileexe directory too bigexceeded network capacitytask not availa	 bUbleundefined network node
TEN	tFiles:  Block Size <8192>:  Files <*.*>:  Volume Set Name	  <NONAME>:  Volume Set Tape Density <1600>:  $ End of volume reached.  Please mo	 unt next volume and type GO.
$ Please type GO (and nothing else) when ready.
Specify the logical or physical name for the tape drive you want TENVAX
to access.	 /  You should have already mounted either a scratch tape (for
writing) or a VAX-forma	 8tted tape (for reading or writing) on this drive.
Specify the function which you wa	 @nt TENVAX to perform.  Choose from:
DIRECTORY	list the files on the VAX-formatted ta	 Ipe
EXIT		return to the TOPS-10 monitor
READ		transfer files from the VAX tape to yo	 Qur disk directory
REWIND		rewind the VAX tape to the beginning of the reel
WIND		wi	 Znd the VAX-formatted tape to the end of the volume set
WRITE		transfer files from di	 bsk to the VAX-formatted tape
Unambiguous abbreviations (e.g. DIR, WR) are accepted.	 k
Specify a list of disk files to write to the VAX tape.  Separate the files
listed 	 sby commas.  The file names may include wild cards (that is, * and ?).
TENVAX will ap	 |pend the given files at the current tape position.  If the tape
is positioned at the	  beginning-of-tape marker, TENVAX will assume a new volume
set is being created.	 
Specify the number of ASCII characters to be written in each tape block.
This numb	 er must be a multiple of 4 between 20 and 16376.  In addition, it
must be at least 4	  greater than the length of the longest record in the files
to be written.  For data	 & to be compacted efficiently on the tape, it is a
good idea for the block size to be	 / large compared to the record size.  The
default of 8192 characters is a common sett	 7ing used by VAX/RMS.
Specify a list of files to read from the VAX tape.  Separa	 @te the files listed
by commas.  The file names may include wild cards (that is, * an	 Hd ?).  TENVAX
will search for the files listed from the current tape position to the	 Q end of
the volume set.  The files, once found, will be inserted into your disk
dir	 Yectory.  The default file specification *.* reads all files from the tape.
Specify 	 ba volume name to be given to the new volume set.  Only the first six
characters of t	 jhe volume name are significant.  The default "NONAME" has no
special significance.	 s
Specify the density in bits-per-inch at which TENVAX is to write data on tapes
in 	 {the volume set.  Possible values are 200, 556, 800, 1600, and 6250.  Note
that most 	 	tape drives will accept only a few of these values.  The default
density is 1600 bpi	 	
, a common setting.
$ In the process of reading from or writing to the VAX-formatte	 	d tape, the end
$ of the current tape reel was reached.  The file being read or writ	 	ten should
$ be continued on another reel.  Mount that reel (a scratch tape if you a	 	&re
$ writing) on the tape drive.  Then type GO <return>.
Specify a list of files	 	. to search for on the VAX tape.  Separate the files
listed by commas.  The file name	 	7s may include wild cards (that is, * and ?).
TENVAX will search for the given files 	 	?from the current tape position to the
end of the volume set.  When one of the given 	 	Hfiles is found, its name and
creation date will be typed on the terminal.  The defau	 	Plt file specification
*.* lists all files on the tape.? ERROR [1] Ambiguous f	 	Yunction.  Try HELP for assistance.[2] No such function.  Try HELP for assistance.	 	a[3] Block size must be a multiple of 4 between 20 and 16376.[4] Tape label missi	 	jng or incomplete.[5] Tape label not in VAX/ANSI format.[6] Device is not a magta	 	rpe drive.[7] Could not open i/o channel to tape drive.[8] Could not set industr	 	{y-compatible mode for tape output.[9] Could not set block size for tape output.	 
[10] Density must be one of 200, 556, 800, 1600, or 6250.[11] Could not get densit	 
y information from tape drive.[12] Tape drive not capable of that density.  Try 	 
another value.[13] Could not set density on tape drive.[14] Tape block is incomp	 
lete.[15] Record too long for tape block.  Try a larger block size.[16] Recor	 
%d too long for internal buffer.[17] Invalid filename separator.[18] Tape is wr	 
.ite-locked.[19] Tape i/o operation failed.[20] Parity error.[21] Tape block	 
6 too large.[25] Unexpectedly reached physical end of tape.[26] Unidentified i/	 
?o error.[28] Not enough memory available.[30] File i/o failure for improper m	 
Gode.device error.[40] Disk file access failure (from Lookup) for 	 
P[41] Disk file access failure (from Enter) for [42] Could not open i/o channel to 	 
Xdisk.[43] Binary file writing not supported.  Skipping file.[44] Cannot per	 
aform READ or DIRECTORY at end of volume set.[45] Tape record is neither fixed nor va	 
iriable.Welcome to TENVAX, version 2.1.  Type HELP for assistance.... at beginnin	 
rg of volume, assuming new volume set... function cancelled... at beginning of 	 
zvolume... at end of volume set... winding tape... searching tape... readin g ... volume ... writing LC	D*)w*.q+sDx@-%O0x@v0x+x0x]"2]Yp2]w@s	D 2dEb2dE^8Yi8fjD;sW|#lkKR)AM1E	D"M0<M7eM6\M>
RW	`RPaNu?	`R_n	"R_6nR_l:_w67_w78_w88_*IMz_*IM{_*IN|_*IN}	D"_9	`lVlUaio@qal?"Ge'uF9e+%ee-<M8e-<Z.	DRis6=#Y2w	Dz`})1e:}] Hn	ECexDaADaA	D"DbA}sO@s}|@H{}|ACG!AG!AG"A^4 ^5!	D"^5!^6"^6"^7#^7#^8$^8$^9%^H%	D"^I&^I&^J'^J'^K(^K(^L)^L)^M*	D"^\*^]+^_+^_,^`,^p-^q-^q.^r.	D"^r/_/_0_0_1_1_2^};^,,c	@"^,,a^>w_Rds	MgJog9@@z 9 B	D"
}Q\GL\<RDC\,CH@yHcRpHcYqK@u?m%?m%(	 ?izS#xP ^ov"DSyxpSyJSyZ(@Sy\w !|9)	D"!|9+(T%(T+
Nt (TZ3(Tpe>(TpeC(Tm<	D"(Tv
aFfXS9S9+S9)S94f	S9YgS9yRS9yYS9m BS9m:S9mDfS9mGS9n2S9n		"S:;Tf#\'+#oqA#oqA#orA#u%|E%+5E%+5E%+6	D"E%+6E%+7E%+7E%+8E%+8E%+9 E$X,@xg!ZF
W	@{otrS^g\B^gc"^hK)C^hMIS^hMJQSY3@SYx@SYz	SYSY\ SYcSY@SY,9bK-MebK-MfbK-Ng
Qe.@{	D"0G Q0G [0TQ%0TQ20^y	 XHE Y5? YC< dEM	D  dEP dFQ dFW dGdT sx( #3@wT(,@c (a@P,;@{	D",?@VP,B%,-@9Q,-@B@,-We9T8a2BT=>nBA="A#["!	DOr@DQb@D	$r@D"@D$7r@D(?J@D+cJ@PG2d{	D"
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-1@v	D"%rZ3FM3$3\)73uO)=Tf)=Us	D")=Uv4{"a
4{"b 4{"b{4{"c$4{"c4{"d))=V))=V4	D")=W*)=W-)=h.)=i/)=i/77~#4{jB4{vJd4{~nq	@ 4|/b%)Bn5KJ 5"x*[	`5!@@y=c=!GZg^3%KI|	D"KP@zKoHwK}DKgKTL(BL("@{L()mpL('Y	"MPmwMPv
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wUihDWYOX@wm2t\m2w]Q^32~hz9/~hz9<~hz:7	D~hz;8~iEHvBP

[J<{<O#	D"[L<Y()	<Yej3'ZBl3's@v3'tSn3(n3(3&o4D@r	D"AmY~7\e.7\e47\f/7\f57Y%7ZB7g@87oEX	D"7m\UJ&K!7%"7&7A7b+7@e{7@ew7@go	D"7@hv7=2j7E.~Amh)'3Z.YJugV4mNhJvJTJ}cS	D"OkU1=icKM<MKY)/2F%62F-9Kg;Kn_~WP3 `	OP5Pr6r]t%uWx[Wy,WyVW{	D"W{IgDlgL|xdg
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