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     TVAX.DOC, Document VAX-TV.                                      Page 1
     Commands.                                                    01 Mar 84

     1.0  COMMANDS.

     1.1  Conventions In This Document.

     The following conventions are noted:

         n      expression
         n,m    begin-, and end-expression
         q      one of the Q-registers
         ^A     ctrl-A, <CTRL> and "A" on keyboard

     1.2  Commands.

     @          followed by I, R, S, or :R, :S
     :          followed by K, R, S
     ;          followed by <SPACE>, E, G, H, P, S, U, X, Y
     ;Y         append input file to end buffer,
                if file too large for TV-buffer, an additional
                Y or ;Y can be used, to read next part
     1A         remaining value can be passed to possible
                next command
     Mq/nMq     new: iterative execute M
     ^J         (line-feed) on first position
     ^H         (backspace) on first position
     <SPACE>    (space) on first position
     <ESC>      (escape)
     <CR>       (carriage-return)
     Y          same as ;Y, but clears buffer first

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     TVAX.DOC, Document VAX-TV.                                      Page 2
     Commands.                                                    01 Mar 84

     1.3  Commands On VAX And DEC-20.

     Commands are only described, in case they differ from standard DEC-20.
     Refer to DEC-20 Documentation, TOPS-20 TV Editor Manual, AA-H181A-TM.

     1.4  Commands On DEC-20 Only.

        ^A              "               O
        ^B              ;C              P/nP/n,mP
        ^D              ;D              PW
        ^E              ;M              T/nT/n,mT
        ^E              ;N              V/nV/n,mV
        ^N              ;R              W
        ^S              ;T              [
        ^T              ;W              ]
        ^V              ==              \
        ^X              ?
        ^/              A
        !               N

     1.5  Commands On VAX Only.

     ;V/n;V     translate whole buffer, or n lines from
                uppercase to lowercase characters

     ;Z/n;Z     translate whole buffer, or n lines from
                lowercase to uppercase characters

     ;A/n;A     replace spaces by tabs, and discard "trailing"
                spaces in whole buffer, or n lines.

     ^X         switch between exact match, and both upper-
                and lower-case character match for
                R and S commands.

     2.0  EXPRESSION.

     On both VAX and DEC-20, expressions are handled equal.
     Expressions are composed of the following characters:

         #              OR-function
         &              AND-function

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     TVAX.DOC, Document VAX-TV.                                      Page 3
     Expressions.                                                 01 Mar 84

         .              also current buffer position

         H              special case: H is 0Z


     Terminal I/O has been  set  up  for  HP2621,  originally.   Taking  in
     account some restrictions, working with VT100 or TAB-compiler terminal
     is possible.  Mind that for HP-terminal,  c/c  flag  is  set  to  "C".
     Terminal input is logged on file TVBACK..
     The following characters have a special meaning:

         <ESC>          when given twice, end input
         <DEL>          delete a character
         ^G             once: BELL, twice: exit TV
         ^C             exit TV
         ^R             display input again
         ^U             delete last line
         ^W             delete last word

     During input of a file-name, the following also applies:

         <ESC>          if first character of file-name: give previous
                        specified file-name
         ^G             back to command-level
         <CR>           end of file-name

     Other control-characters, will be displayed as special  characters  on
     HP-2621, for as well as input as output.

     During command-execution, pre-fetching of one character  is  done,  if
     this is ^G, execution will be terminated.

     Restrictions in VT100-mode:

     1.  Control characters will not  be  displayed,  a  checkerboard-block
         will  appear.   le  With  input of more than 3 lines, whole screen
         will be rebuild at the time of output to terminal.

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     TVAX.DOC, Document VAX-TV.                                      Page 4
     Terminal Input.                                              01 Mar 84

     Depending on terminal-settings, TV will decide whether the terminal is
     a HP, or a VT100.

         VT100: SET TERM /DEC
         HP:    SET TERM /NODEC


     4.1  Buffer-size.

     Maximum buffer-size is 500,000 characters.

     4.2  Q-registers.

     Maximum size for Q-registers, is 500,000 characters.

     4.3  Terminal Input.

     Terminal input is restricted to 25 line in one  time.   In  case  this
     limit  is  exceeded,  TV executes the 25 lines first, and generates an
     extra I-command for the remaining input.

     4.4  Command File Input.

     Command-file input is restricted to 2,000 characters per command.   In
     case  this  limit  is  exceeded,  it will be handled the same way, the
     25-line-limit for terminal input is handled.


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