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CISTS is a utility program which prints out the status and configuration
of  the  CI network on a TOPS-10 system.  It must be run by a privileged
job ([1,2]).

When you run CISTS, it will first print out the status of the  paths  to
each  node  on  the CI network.  In the output, the letter "A" indicates
Path A (or 0, as it is sometimes referred to) is currently open  between
the  CPU listed in the left-hand column and the CI node indicated by the
heading above.  The letter "B" indicates the same thing for Path  B  (or
1, as it is sometimes referred to).

After the Path Status output, CISTS will next  print  information  about
each  node  on  the CI network.  This will include the software type and
version, hardware type and version, and node name.

If the conditional assembly switch "FTPOLL" is enabled  when  the  CISTS
program is compiled, the configuration information will also include the
devices which are connected to MSCP servers.  These are the HSC nodes.