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                     Description of DPYPAK for 7.02

     The new copy of DPYPAK differs from the old  in  three  significant

      o  Character attributes for terminals with such display  modes  as
         reverse video, blink etc.  Use of these character attributes is
         described internally in the source code.

      o  Improved output performance by  using  the  new  .TOISO  (Image
         OUTSTR)  arguement  to  the  TRMOP.   UUO in 7.02.  Use of this
         TRMOP.  also allows output without having to reset the CRLF and
         PAGE  settings of the terminal by DPYPAK.  Caution must be used
         however if FORTRAN I/O will be  interspersed  with  DPYPAK  I/O
         since  the  FORTRAN  I/O  will  still be interfered with by the

      o  Support for  FORTRAN  version  7  chracter  strings  in  output
         section  routines.   Pre-version  7  integer  strings are still
         supported, and FORTRAN strings  have  been  made  available  to
         assembler  language programs if they use the FORTRAN v7 calling

     Several terminal types have been commented out of the code and  are
presently  unsupported because it was not possible to test them with the
new enhancements.  Support for Zenith/Heath 19 terminals has been  added
however because they were available for testing.  If anyone can test the
terminals  that  have  been  commented  out,  the  developers  would  be
interested in knowing of it.

     Further,  any  behaviour  which  is  not  upwards  compatible  from
previous  versions  should  be considered bugs, with one exception:  Any
routine which is called with extra arguements  which  previous  versions
have  ignored,  will  not  work  correctly  since  DPYPAK  now  uses the
arguement count to determine the wether a character  attribute  word  is
sent  to  it,  and  will  attempt  to  use the extra arguements for that