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 0fH	*@*

	+   @	`
	`&+ @ @,~,6@
&	b+ 	 @`iSH:
	`',~	(+Zpl 	`+ ,~ p>$p.p>& .!pP p	  b,~:,@*6@
    Char	 "acter	Action

	F	Decrease wait time ( 1 Sec min. ) "Faster Chipmunks"
	S	Increase 	 *wait time (60 Sec max. )
	R	Refresh the screen
	H	You're lookin' at it
	E	Exit (Ye	 3s James, ^Z will do it too)
	W	Write current screen to file SCREEN.nnn (Incremental 	 ;numbers)
	T	Track all data points to file TRKOUT.CPU

	+ or -	Change graphs being 	 Ddisplayed
		Follow with ID for graph affected

		U	UUOs per second
		O	Overhead
	 L		C	Context switches per second
		I	Idle time
		S	Swapping Pages per second
		J	Ca	 Uche Sweeps per second ("Jim's graph")
		H	Cache Hit Ratio
		F	Free Core Used
		D	I	 ]nter-processor Door Bell Rings per second
		Z	Cache Lost Time (why "Z", I dunno)
			 fL	Swap Lost Time

To add a graph, there must be room. Only 2 graphs on the screen a	 nt a time.
Use "-x" to remove one then "+y" to get the desired one on.@
$	"w,~+@
  "1  "1`1 7 "1`-1  7	 
+"1`=1B07""Cp000`=1/B(@Gq0@1B+3@+1`=1 07/ 1b=1"07/"2@g	 Q  ,~7@S,G p4B  ,^[ Cp4B !pl A`,>  ,^4@$	 !@) ."Bx+! !pl A` @x p  ,^4@*@) ."Bx+'	  A*,^x p  
,^ Ap  ,^.Ap  
,^ Ap  ,^.Ap  
,^ Ap	"
@*2  ,^A (@ Ap/ap,~ ,V+7_#`$" ,V+:$ '	 P;& Ap,~ p@@5B,>,> ,V+FZ."# ,^ d	"*(C3F+F  	`&+ +7@S,G p(B  .,V+l Ap  	"D(EL.,V+l Ap !.,V+l Ap !.,V+l Ap ".,V	(EQ
T+l Ap ".,V+l Ap #.,V+l Ap #.,V+l Ap	(PU(] $.,V+l Ap "P Cp p7 +k6@,m@@' $*"/ " B'	(UTe B+ pQB! B( % @	`9O@$"X Q '* g  ,~,>,>	 *En,>,>,> B, B'$"Q"X"'*"+ %	b9+~.@b&* ,@
	 vb,>,>-@b ,@
B,^,^b Ep,^,^ ,^,^,^,~	*@( ''$ +(& ' +	*
/7@S,G,>,>,>,>,> ,V+4 _#`$  @F@@F %p	  8>l$@Z,^3@&+'!(@  *
4L?4F?,Cg:=j<*b9	"E @6@,C F$ '&F+~.FF2gp p:,~ . d @T	"@
*I(@{Z@U )	`  @. (@{ @S )	b2+* +.BU=`M +,V,~	(@Q.TQ  @U,~6 7@U+,,>,>Z U[`	*Z".4B]0`+]. ,^:,^+1 @7@T+..T ,~ p %p	" bQ$A`4@f@) ."B+c,~Zp,~[p,~ pQ 	`+ ,~	(k
    Character	Action

	nnnB	Set cache size to n blocks
	E	Exit (Yes Ja	 smes, ^Z will do it too)
	H	You're lookin' at it
	I	Toggle incremental display
	M	T	 |oggle hits/misses display
	P	Toggle performance blocks/second
	R	Refresh the screen	 
	nnS	Set sleep time to n seconds
	W	Write data into CSHDPY.DAT

GF	lisRequiredLettersnotAllowedNumbers not allowed	 (Invalid CharacterEnter One of:Can't Back Up Any More@ ,V@+	 j0H	(Px008hx$x(%P	 D(&6@,C@+@PHT@@T,~		`,~:x,~6$	`
2	D"M.$M.%
O.Xk	D"O.x,l
RoZjY1	K{	L;
	D"}K	`
cM^==x y=9y=<y=?y=?y=@y=C	D"y=	Fy=
Fy;"/z,+6(TQEM(TMIG(Ty"	`0'#1
l`U	@ 
l"V1grQ]#\'+>UISS?-^@#{:	`E%w!z!g^\&~
$	@^\'
 ^}BS_Y=w S_Yl@S_Yor_5zi_5zi{fD"%	D"D"4EF
D"2I<D"i3mD"i7&D"rD"u"D#i'TD#g/pz	2x
&42}ND2~T2~jd2~	8t2~J^	`23D	`
!^	`&4*>	T	DMQX	`8%c8&f
VdC	Vds
Vd2MVd2PVdHA?'?+	D"[o*[z)\G(]o.]t-^
	D"yFyHW@:(7W@:(?0W@:x.PW@:yy0	W@IdgxW@IephW@JPW@J(0W@J*wxW@J/W@JNV8W@JP20W@JUw("WEfFA@W1W`	`r%HGg[rOWbFW[W!( /